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Exclamation point.

April 29, 2014


So can someone tell me how the Wizards had at least five offensive rebounds in the last two minutes of this game? How about morons like Jimmy Butler and Mr. Defensive Player of the year missing point-blank layups? Oh, what’s that? They’re tired? What you mean, they’re tired? Don’t they ever get a break?

I didn’t think so.

The countdown to the firing of Tom Thibodeau begins. Please God, let it be soon. Like this week.

The demise of ThomASS as head coach of the Chicago Bulls is upon us.

April 28, 2014
If the dictionary had pictures, this is what would be under stupidity.

If the dictionary had pictures, this is what would be beside the word “stupidity”.

Well, it’s just as I expected. Before the playoffs even started, I said the Bulls would have dead legs, mainly Jimmy Butler and it is showing. The Wizards have ran circles around the Bulls this entire series. Any logical fan knew this was going to happen. Sunday, on broadcast television, the entire country was able to see this team. Adam Silver did his best to try to help the Bulls win by suspending Nene for a game (I agreed with the ejection but not the suspension). In the end though, the Bulls beat themselves. All series long, Nene and Marcin Gortat have made Joakim Noah their bitch. Defensive player of the year, my ass. In addition, a shitload of turnovers and missed free throws contributed to their first two losses. Sunday, it was a bunch of turnovers that lead to points.

“I tell you what. This Bulls team has so much heart. You can’t deny how hard they play for their head coach and these fans.” That’s what a lot of people have said. You know what team also has a lot of heart and passion? The Sacramento Kings. If only heart and passion (or fire and passion) could win you championships, the Bulls would win every year!

As much as I want to blame the players for turning the ball over a hundred times in this game, Tom Thibodeau will get the bulk of it. Fuck him for ruining Derrick Rose and the rest of this team. He’s careless and cares more about winning a battle than winning a war. I was right all along and all I want is to shove it in the face of the morons who have disagreed with me over the years. Everything I said during the season and before the playoffs started have come to fruition.

As far as someone who posted on this site recently asking me who else is out there for a head coach? Here’s three coaches for you that are a million times better than the dip shit the Bulls have now and this goes in order of who I would want.

1. John Lithgow (George Karl)

2. Jeff Van Gundy

3. Jerry Sloan

So, of course, the Bulls COULD come back and win this series. And then what? Lose in the second round? How about make it to the Eastern Conference Finals, win the first game and then promptly, lose the next four? It’s time for The Three Stooges of Bulls management in Jerry Reinsdorf, Gar Forman and John Paxson to show us they give a fuck and tell ThomASS to take a hike after this season. Let him go to New York so he can run those players into the ground. I am sick of this shit.

Come on Bulls. Come back and win this series not just for the fans, but for your awesome head coach. The one that you love all so much and want to play for. Morons.

For you idiot basketball fans out there who thought I was stupid for wanting this guy fired all of these years, what do you all have to say now? That’s right. Nothing.

I have something to say you guys, however.

Kiss my ass.

Thoughts on WWE House Show in Rockford and a few notes.

April 28, 2014
The one, the only, Brock Lesnar Guy.

The one, the only, Brock Lesnar Guy. (I was not ready for that picture.)

It was a great time on Saturday at the Metro Centre in Rockford. I have said this before that the crowd in Rockford at every event is pretty damn good. Bell to bell, it’s a very rowdy crowd. Chicago still has the best crowd but if you are looking at tops in the country, Rockford has to be in the discussion. Brock Lesnar Guy along with Frank The Clown were also at the event sitting right down from us. You can always expect them at these shows since Chicago isn’t too far away and they will be in St. Louis for Raw this week.

WWE split the roster with shows on Saturday (the other being in Louisville) so we didn’t get to see Cena or the Wyatts but the show was still very solid. The main event was The Shield against Randy Orton, Ryback and Curtis Axel. Chucky said it best and The Shield can really wrestle, Reigns and Rollins especially. With Ambrose, he was actually the most talked about guy in the minors about two years ago. When all three were called up in late 2012, you could tell these guys were ready to go. Reigns and Rollins should be main eventing in singles matches in the next two years. That would be something to see. I feel bad for guys like Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, Jack Swagger and Damien Sandow because I thought all five were going to be in those positions years ago, but it seems like management thinks otherwise.

During this show also, it was a women’s tag team match with Natalya and Paige going up against Tamina Snuka and Rosa Mendes. Mendes had no business being in the ring but I will say this, the women’s division is starting to get better. It’s been very painful to watch a lot of the women the last four or five years but I am glad these younger ones are getting a chance. I still they gave the belt too early to Paige. For sure, I thought Tamina should have won it from A.J. Lee after Wrestlemania. With Emma and Paige on the main roster now, Charlotte Flair will be called up in the next year so things will only get better. I know Triple H has received a lot of criticism over the years (some fair, some unfair), but he’s doing the right thing here so far.

We also saw minor league guys Bo Dallas and Adam Rose. Bo is the Bray Wyatt’s brother and the son of I.R.S. I am not really sold on Adam Rose just because I think his character sucks but at least some new guys are getting the call-up.

I still think the roster is too saturated with talent. This has proven to be a bad problem because only so many get a chance with others getting put to the side. I mentioned above the guys such as Ziggler, Barrett and the rest. It sucks to see that happen because they were deserving first. I don’t want another roster split with WWE because the ratings will take an even further fall. I don’t know what the easiest solution will be. I would say to cut a chunk of the roster but after reading all of these stories lately of how Vince McMahon goes out of his way to make people happy, it seems like he wants all of these guys to have a job. So good for him in that aspect but to say that a saturated roster isn’t hurting the company, is an understatement.

The last think I will say is that WWE has too much programming. I have said this before but it needs to repeated. Along with the roster being overflown, so is the programming. This isn’t 1998 where fans are just starving for wrestling four nights a week. I cannot tell you the last time I watched Raw from start to finish. I usually watch it on the DVR halfway through so I can fast forward through the terrible spots (There’s a bunch of those too.). Give me two hours of Raw and Smackdown! respectively and I am good. If they want to put a one-hour show on the weekends featuring the low and mid-carders, fine.

They have the Network now where they may go balls out with the schedule. And with their new TV deal that is imminent, it’s going to be one of the biggest TV deals in history for sports. In the last two years, WWE has made the USA Network over $1 billion. I pray they make the right choices though because even though they are going to get their money, they don’t want to piss off the sponsors with poor ratings.

Do I make myself loud and clear?

April 22, 2014

Bulls blow another double-digit lead.

Kirk Hinrich misses free throws that would have tied the game and sent it to a second overtime. They missed six overall.

Let’s see what the idiots think now. The Bulls have proven me right again.

Down 2-0.

Guess what everybody? ThomASS is getting out coached by a nobody. Elite coach? Yeah. I guess Flip Saunders is one too.

That’s two games closer to Tom Thibodeau being let go as head coach of the Chicago Bulls.

Hey ThomASS, is it stinking yet?

April 20, 2014

The Bulls, continue to prove me right by getting off to a bad start in the playoffs. For the 239th time in the last few years, they blew a double-digit lead and lost. To my memory, the Bulls have only won once against the Wizards in the last few years with their only win coming just over two weeks ago against them and Nene wasn’t even playing.

The Bulls are not as good as the Wizards. It’s a match-up thing. They cannot beat these guys in a seven-game series, much less ever. What a shame. The Bulls are a poorly coached team and as I mentioned last week, they are hurt and tired. Who’s fault is that? Look no further than the impostor for a head coach. Jimmy Butler can’t feel his legs. Joakim Noah has two bad feet. Derrick Rose has two bad knees and isn’t even playing. Not good.

So let’s just enjoy this last week of Bulls basketball. Tom Thibadeou’s tenure as head coach of the Chicago Bulls will be ending soon.

Going for the record?

April 18, 2014

Just wondering, what is major league record for consecutive games getting shut out? The fucking Scrubs seem to trying to go for it. If I were Samardzjia I would demand to be traded today. I don’t think they’ve scored one fucking run for him. And they want us to get all excited about celebrating 100 years of futility in a goddamned urinal? Fuck you Ricketts! – chucky

Many thanks to our good friend chucky, for saving me the trouble of composing a new thread.,35749/

Time for the playoffs.

April 17, 2014

1. The Blackhawks begin the playoffs against the Blues. Toews and Kane are healthy and ready to go. Injuries are never a good thing but for this case, the two stars were able to rest which is what they needed going in. The Blues are a MASH unit right now but without a doubt, they will still be a tough team to beat in a series. There hasn’t been a repeat champion since the Red Wings did it in 1998 so that just goes to show how hard it is to do so. The Blackhawks, if healthy, have the chance to do it.

2. The Bulls start Sunday night against the Wizards. As we all know, the Bulls may get lucky and get to the second round but waiting for them will be the Pacers. If, by some sort of miracle, they win that series, the Heat will be next in line. Let me guess, play the Heat, win the first game and promptly, lose the next four. While that is possible, here are the reasons why that could happen: Derrick Rose has two bad knees and won’t be playing. Joakim Noah, while playing, has two bad feet. Jimmy Butler’s legs are dead. Really, he can’t feel them. This entire team still can’t make free throws. Last, but not least, Tom Thibodeau is still the head coach.

Who gives a crap about the Cubs?

April 15, 2014

Flock of sheep, New Zealand, Pacific

Raise your hand, or just say “baaaaah”.

Open thread.

April 10, 2014

While I was also on Bourbon Street, I met this guy who was going to Wrestlemania as well. He, just like us, wants Roger Goodell to take a hike. I know that the fans, on draft day, will continue to boo the shit out the idiot known as commissioner of the NFL.


I just don’t believe this.

April 9, 2014


Days after being inducted into the Hall of Fame, the Ultimate Warrior has left us all.

This past weekend, was probably the best one times I’ve had if not in a long time, than ever. I finally had time to actually take a vacation. Wrestlemania weekend was unbelievable and hanging out with over 75,000 of my closest friends was a great experience. I arrived home late Monday night and went into work Tuesday still feeling great. Then, this happens.

I was at the Hall of Fame ceremony and took the picture above as Ultimate Warrior about to speak. I saw him both at the ceremony and of course, on the stage Sunday. I actually wanted to go to Raw the next night but had to get back for work. I wish I had now because as he did on Saturday, the Warrior made another great speech on Monday. After finding out the news of him going away, he must have known something was happening to him.

One thing he said in his speech on Saturday that made me really smile was talking about how many athletes portray pro wrestlers with their gimmicks but, you never see a wrestler do something that a football player does, for example. He mentioned an example as Ray Lewis with his face paint. It didn’t make sense until he brought it up but Lewis always had the face paint similar to the Ultimate Warrior and he admitted, it was him paying homage.

Even though I am not an athlete, I do the same thing as well. I even had my chops (by cracky) as an homage for CM Punk before finally shaving them a few weeks back. I guess the thing I find funny about it is that not many people, such as customers or family members know why I did that. If you explained to them why, they still wouldn’t understand. It’s a wrestling-thing.

It’s because we’re wrestling fans and that’s what we do. We drive 12-13 hours for Wrestlemania. Some of us fly from other countries for a show and most of those people, dress up as one of their favorite wrestlers. From the outside, it’s geeky and some may think we’re morons. But that’s fine. We, as fans shouldn’t give a shit what people think of us. It’s what we love and that’s all that matters. The Ultimate Warrior felt the same way. He told us both on Saturday and on Monday that it was us, who made him.

Nobody becomes a legend on their own.