The demise of ThomASS as head coach of the Chicago Bulls is upon us.

If the dictionary had pictures, this is what would be under stupidity.

If the dictionary had pictures, this is what would be beside the word “stupidity”.

Well, it’s just as I expected. Before the playoffs even started, I said the Bulls would have dead legs, mainly Jimmy Butler and it is showing. The Wizards have ran circles around the Bulls this entire series. Any logical fan knew this was going to happen. Sunday, on broadcast television, the entire country was able to see this team. Adam Silver did his best to try to help the Bulls win by suspending Nene for a game (I agreed with the ejection but not the suspension). In the end though, the Bulls beat themselves. All series long, Nene and Marcin Gortat have made Joakim Noah their bitch. Defensive player of the year, my ass. In addition, a shitload of turnovers and missed free throws contributed to their first two losses. Sunday, it was a bunch of turnovers that lead to points.

“I tell you what. This Bulls team has so much heart. You can’t deny how hard they play for their head coach and these fans.” That’s what a lot of people have said. You know what team also has a lot of heart and passion? The Sacramento Kings. If only heart and passion (or fire and passion) could win you championships, the Bulls would win every year!

As much as I want to blame the players for turning the ball over a hundred times in this game, Tom Thibodeau will get the bulk of it. Fuck him for ruining Derrick Rose and the rest of this team. He’s careless and cares more about winning a battle than winning a war. I was right all along and all I want is to shove it in the face of the morons who have disagreed with me over the years. Everything I said during the season and before the playoffs started have come to fruition.

As far as someone who posted on this site recently asking me who else is out there for a head coach? Here’s three coaches for you that are a million times better than the dip shit the Bulls have now and this goes in order of who I would want.

1. John Lithgow (George Karl)

2. Jeff Van Gundy

3. Jerry Sloan

So, of course, the Bulls COULD come back and win this series. And then what? Lose in the second round? How about make it to the Eastern Conference Finals, win the first game and then promptly, lose the next four? It’s time for The Three Stooges of Bulls management in Jerry Reinsdorf, Gar Forman and John Paxson to show us they give a fuck and tell ThomASS to take a hike after this season. Let him go to New York so he can run those players into the ground. I am sick of this shit.

Come on Bulls. Come back and win this series not just for the fans, but for your awesome head coach. The one that you love all so much and want to play for. Morons.

For you idiot basketball fans out there who thought I was stupid for wanting this guy fired all of these years, what do you all have to say now? That’s right. Nothing.

I have something to say you guys, however.

Kiss my ass.

11 Responses to “The demise of ThomASS as head coach of the Chicago Bulls is upon us.”

  1. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    Even though I agree with you on allot of those points, I don’t think he is going anywhere. I guess we will see.

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    I pray you are wrong. And the traffic on this site has skyrocketed since the playoffs so we’re not the only ones who are pissed off. I am posting new threads after every loss to try to put gasoline on the fire (no pun intended).

  3. Dan from Madison Says:

    Damn Fro, this is a quality rant.

  4. chucky Says:

    Unfortunately Fro, I think CBSS is right. As much as Thibodeau should be and NEEDS to be shitcanned, too many misguided assbags think he’s some kind of great coach. Especially the assbags hosting radio shows.

  5. Fro Dog Says:


  6. genrebuster Says:


  7. dvxprime Says:

    Thank you all for NOT bringing Donald Sterling into this discussion. I am fucking sick of that shit. Deadspin has posted ten (TEN) goddamned posts on Sterling over the weekend.

    Two Things:

    Thing One: Everybody is soooo hypersensitive about race/gender/religion/whateverthefuck that you can’t say boo to a goose w/o somebody losing their shit.

    Thing Two: The last time I checked, it was some scumbag from TMZ who just happened to have a tape and just happened to be within earshot of old fuckface. And wouldn’t you know it, the Clippers just happened to be in the middle of a tight playoff series. Timing is everything.

    Sterling has been a sorry ass owner for decades, and the NAACP just gave him an award a year or so ago.

    Fine the dumb SOB so everybody can shut the fuck up and move on. It’s not like hasn’t overpaying any black players during his tenure.


    I know they’re doomed anyway, but go dammit Bulls, show some sack and win a game or two. I’m sick of everybody in Chicago just giving the fuck up (hello Cubs and White Sux!)

  8. Fro Dog Says:

    Yeah. ESPN is completely all over this story. He should be slammed for it. He has been known a racist for years but it wasn’t ever documented in something such as being recorded. I agree though. He is an old fuck face. A bigot.

    On a lighter note, asking the Bulls to show some sack is like asking me to stop driving my car to work. Don’t worry. When the Bulls need to score points at the end of games, just keep one of the only scorers in Carlos Boozer on the bench. It’s not like he’s a career 15-20 point guy a game or anything.

  9. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Sterling is banned.

  10. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    Racism is always going to be a fucked up subject. I think is is wrong to hate someone because they are a different race but is it racist to laugh at the Chapelle Show?
    What the guy said was stupid, but the bigger picture (and by no means am I defending him) is his privacy was invaded and made public. I guess we have to expect that in this day in age but every single one of us are guilty of saying stupid shit to a friend in a private setting. Might not not be that stupid shit but stupid shit none the less.
    So now what? He pays his $2,5mil fine, pocket change to that rich fuck. Sell his team , maybe make a profit? Then fade away…

  11. dvxprime Says:

    Just saw a picture of Adam Silver on Dear God, when the fuck did we let dumbs man-children run the world? Holy fuck, maybe I missed the email chain or the conference call, but who gave Bronies and Pajama Boys the keys to the kingdom?


    ‘Merica needs Marine boot camp or Fight Club…preferably one right after the other.


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