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December 30, 2010

What’s worse than ugly?

December 26, 2010

How about atrocious? That’s how the Bears’ defense played Sunday against the Jets. Luckily (There’s that word again), Jay Cutler and the boys on offense took control with some big plays and the Bears won 38-34.

Offense: What a day for the offense. I do have to say Cutler made only a couple stupid throws and one of them was taken back for a touchdown in the second quarter. But after that, he turned it up another gear. In the third quarter, he threw three huge passes which resulted in two touchdowns. For the third score in that quarter, he ran it in. He was only 13/25 for 215 yards but he made throws when they were needed. Matt Forte had a great game. He rushed for over 100 yards and a touchdown along with 56 yards receiving. We once again saw a balanced offense of 27 rushes and 25 passes which led to success this game and the six wins before that.

Defense: How shitty was the defense today? Only the Jets defense was worse and that proved to be the difference. Mark Sanchez had his way with the Bears’ secondary. Tim Jennings and Charles Tillman (Fuck you) were caught wandering all over the damn field. Teams who play the Bears know that all they have to do is either throw slant passes against the corners or go long. How fucking hard is it for Jennings or Tillman (Fuck you) to keep an eye on the receiver they are suppose to cover? I do not give a shit if this is “Cover Two”. There is no excuse for the corners and secondary to act lost every fucking game. Even on the interception by Chris Harris, Jennings was beat with ease. Santonio Holmes, Braylon Edwards and Jerricho Cotchery were open all damn game. When the Bears forced a third down, it was almost all but certain that the Jets were going to get a first down. This shit needs to stop or the only difference between the Bears and Lions this year will be that the Bears played one extra game.

Special Teams: Let’s first talk about Robbie Gould. The Bears are up four early in the fourth quarter. Cutler drives the Bears down to around the 25 yard line when it ends up being fourth down. The highest paid kicker in the league misses a huge field goal wide left. Unacceptable. That could have cost the Bears the game. Moving on to Devin Hester, how great is he? Even when teams don’t kick to him, the Bears are still guaranteed good field position at the very least. The last thing I want to mention is the play of Corey Graham. We all know that in the past, this guy sucked major ass on defense. On special teams however, he has played very well. On one of the punts by Brad Maynard in the fourth, he made a big play not allowing the returner to get any yards.

The Bears take on the Packers next week in Green Bay. If the Bears win, they secure a first-round bye. If they lose, the will need help.

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December 23, 2010

Happy holidays to everybody here and their families. As it is everytime around this year, I want to say thanks for supporting this site.

I will have a Bears recap Sunday evening.

One picture is worth a thousand words.

December 20, 2010

I am going to keep this recap short because it’s late. The Bears disposed of the Vikings Monday night to take the division and hold the tiebreaker for the second seed and a first round bye in the playoffs. They did what they were suppose to. For the first time all season, the Bears did not play down to their competition. And that asshole Brett Favre was knocked out of the game. All is good for now.

Offense: Cutler made some great throws and and he limited his stupid ones. I actually thought if those dumb plays were not made, the Bears could have put up 50 points but I digress. Forte almost had 100 yards and seven different receivers had at least a catch. Rushing plays outnumbering passing plays is always nice. More of this please.

Defense: The Bears defense forced five turnovers. With the exception of the first drive by the Vikings, the defense played like it should play. Urlacher and the boys stepped on the Vikings’ throats. Julius Peppers has been the best player on defense all year. I do not give a damn if he is overpaid or not. He has earned every penny. What I saw the last few weeks was horseshit by the defense. Once again, take advantage of a team that is down and good stuff will happen.

Special teams: Robbie Gould nailed four field goals in bad conditions. Nice to see him do that. Oh and that Devin Hester guy. He’s pretty good.

Next up are the Jets at home. The Packers take on the Giants at Lambeau and the Vikings face the Eagles in Philadelphia. If the Bears can take care of themselves, then no problem but it would be nice to see both the Packers and Vikings rid of the Giants and Eagles respectively.

Saturday was a shitty day to watch basketball.

December 18, 2010

Here is one of the few threads I will write about basketball so that means that something must have really pissed me off. On Saturday, two things concerning basketball really made me want throw my TV out the window.

1. On Saturday afternoon, I tuned in to watch my beloved Illinois Fighting Illini play the UIC Flames at the United Center. Knowing that UIC probably has never played in the NCAA tournament, you would figure the #12 ranked team in the country would be able to win this one with ease right? Well, the Illini lead briefly for a time late in the second half before the Flames reigned three point shots and drained free throws when it mattered the most. The Illini missed five three throws which was a problem. How in the hell does Illinois lose to these bums?

2. Later in the evening, the Chicago Bulls took over the United Center to face the Los Angeles Clippers. I was thinking to myself that this day cannot get any shittier but then again, the Bulls this season had the tendency to play down to their competition. Now I will give the Clippers some credit. Blake Griffin is a monster and Eric Gordon as much as a ass clown that he is, is pretty damn good as well. The Bulls like the Illini lead briefly but this time it was late in the first quarter. That was the last the Bulls saw the lead as they played like pansies the rest of the way until late in the 4th. The Bulls were down 10 but managed to make a comeback. It was 100-98 when Derrick Rose was fouled right before time expired. Rose makes the first free throw and as I am holding my breath on the second, he misses. Bulls lose to the FUCKING Clippers 100-99. Since Derrick Rose is basically the team, I am not going to get on him for that last missed free throw. Instead, I am going to blame the loss on the rest of the team for missing six other free throw attempts that could have been the difference in the game.

So the theme of these two games? Free throws. I have been bitching about this for years and I don’t even think the “experts” take it into consideration. But had the Illini and Bulls both made them, they both win. In fact, the last few years, both teams have lost a large amount of games because they have missed a shitload of free throws. It’s the easiest thing to do in basketball and in the NBA, players get paid a shit load of money to make those damn things and they can’t. PATHETIC.

On another subject, I will have a Bears recap late Monday night or Tuesday morning. For Sunday, lady Fro and I will be in the seventh row to watch the Blackhawks against the Kings. If I get some cool pictures, I will post them up later in the week.

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December 16, 2010

Who is angry here?

David Haugh is living proof that you can get paid to be a dumbass writer.

December 13, 2010

It is not a myth that I write shitty article on this site. I do. It’s not a myth that I write these shitty articles for free. That is a fact.

However, if any of you read David Haugh’s articles in the Chicago Tribune without having your eyes bleed, I applaud you. This guy gets paid to write articles dumber than mine. That is not a joke. I will go as far as saying that every writer in the Chicago Tribune Sports department except for K.C. Johnson, is a dumbass. That includes the likes of Paul Sullivan, David K(r)aplan and Phil Rogers.

Here is some background on Mr. Haugh: He once wrote an article claiming that the Blackhawks were stupid for getting rid of half of their team in the summer. What David later learned is that the Blackhawks had to make changes due to the salary cap. What did Haugh do? Write another article complaining about the Blackhawks making changes to to their roster. That is like going to Ticketmaster to purchase tickets for a game only to be told that the game has been sold out then returning five minutes to try again. Pointless, right? He is mainly a Chicago Bears reporter but from time to time, you can find him writing articles on other Chicago sports teams. The problem with that is he lacks knowledge in every other sport he follows. The difference between David Haugh and myself is that he thinks he is an expert.

After seeing this article Monday night while watching the Blackhawks painfully blow a game late, my eyes were bleeding even more after reading this. He thinks that if the Bears make the playoffs, the season is a success.

Now, as the great Dan Bernstein of 670 The Score always said, “If a team does not win a championship, the season is a failure”. I do not always agree with Dan but on this, I do. What’s the point of playing a season in professional sports if you are not trying to win a championship? Forget professional sports, how about all sports on all levels? The goal is to win a championship.

Here is one quote that shows Haugh is a dipshit:

“So at least be fair in acknowledging what an NFC playoff berth would represent for a Bears team that was winless and witless during exhibitions. It would equal an accomplishment worthy of more than the likely scorn and skepticism from some football observers impossible to please.”

David, meatball and bandwagon fans believe that just going to the playoffs is good enough. Real fans want the Bears to win the Super Bowl. Anything less is a disappointment.

“I’ve always maintained the Bears handle failure better than success.”

You idiot. While Lovie has a winning record as Bears coach, the Bears still suck. The record may not tell you that but knowledgeable fans know. How about when Jerry Angelo drafts another bust? Failure? Yes. When Smith is questioned about plays or challenges he made, he gets very defensive when answering them. Did you forget to mention that when Brian Griese lead the Bears to a game-winning drive in 2007 against the Eagles, Lovie Smith and Ron Turner wanted him to apologize for saying he called all the plays on that drive? That’s right. Lovie and MoRon were pissed because Griese told the truth about calling all the plays by himself in that drive. That is proof that this coaching in the past has sucked so you’re quote of the Bears handling failure better than success is way off.

Any team with a secondary of Charles Tillman (Fuck you), Chris Harris, Danieal Manning and Major Wright Wrong is a bad team. Any team that has an offensive line that could not protect a quarterback with their lives on the line is a bad team. If Lovie Smith finds a way to lead the Bears to a Super Bowl victory, then I will gladly eat all my words.

“Whatever, the same standard I vowed to hold the Bears to in training camp still applies: playoffs or else. Logic tells me to put more stock in the past three months than three hours against a team that may not lose again.”

Mr. Haugh, you need to raise your standards. As far as your logic goes, mine says you should look for a new career. And please, stop going on Chicago Tribune Live. You sound dumber on TV than you do in your articles.

Thank God the Lions won.

December 12, 2010

The Bears are already down 21-0 so it’s safe to say the game is over. There will not be a recap. Since the Bears cannot even compete with the Patriots, they are NOT a contending team. If someone wants to bring up that the weather was a factor, eat shit. The Patriots are playing in the same damn conditions. If you can’t beat the best, there is no chance you can be the best. I want to say thanks to¬†Charles Tillman (Fuck you) for wandering around on a 3rd down play which later lead to the Patriots first touchdown. Thanks to the rest of the defense too for returning to their old self today. The “I-Pass” defense lives on.

Since the Lions beat the Packers earlier, the Bears remain in first place by one game and maintain the tie-breaker. The Vikings are up next but no one is sure where the game will be played due to the Metrodome roof collapsing.

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December 9, 2010

Review: The Biography Channel’s program “The Unreal Story Of Pro Wrestling”

December 7, 2010

While browsing through the old tube Tuesday night, I was going through the guide of channels and ended up noticing a program on The Biography Channel. It was called the “The Unreal Story of Pro Wrestling”. Being the fan that I am, I decided to watch to check it out and it was well worth it. It is a two hour documentary on how professional wrestling was started and how it has become today. This is a great documentary to see. There was a lot of information that I was not aware of like pro wrestling being started in the 1800’s, revolution of the sport when the TV era began with interviews from a bunch of past and present wrestlers.

There was a lot discussed in this documentary so I will only bring up a few certain topics. The first one would be how some of the rivalries influenced crowds starting in the 50’s up to the 70’s. While fans knew it was staged (IT’S STILL REAL TO ME DAMNIT!), they were still into it and treated it like an actual sporting event rather than entertainment. Fans were more into it than we as fans are now. Except for the NWO era, fans often trashed the ring when the bad guy would win. These interviews by wrestlers were of course done 15, 20 or even 25 years ago. Some of the interviews included Classie Freddie Blassie, Verne Gane and Lou Thesz.

Hulk Hogan was discussed on how he put pro wrestling on the map in the 80’s which became the second golden age of pro wrestling. We all are aware of what Hogan did for pro wrestling. What was surprising though is when Lou Thesz discussed Hogan and his effect. He said his charisma was through the roof but his ability was as good as some young kid’s grandmother. Couldn’t be farther from the truth. While most of us grew to love Hulk, looking back all of these years later, he had zero athleticism. But as always, if someone can put fans in the seats and make a lot of others tune in, they will be big.

Jerry Lawler was interviewed on the discussion of wrestling character and ability. As we have learned as fans today, usually the ones that can both wrestler and have character should go far in their careers while the wrestlers with only one ability or none at all, don’t really get far. Too bad that doesn’t work in today’s wrestling. These days, people who cannot wrestler nor act (Points finger at Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton, etc.) for some odd reason become main eventers. Shawn Michaels said in this documentary that along with the character/wrestling ability, us fans decide who they want as a face and heel.

With all the interviews that were done, the one thing I did find a bit humorous was when Gorilla Monsoon was interviewed, they said he was the WWE President. I think the Biography Channel needs to do more updated research…

Here are a couple things I found very interesting. Fabolous Moolah said she received her nickname because she defeated 13 women in one night. Lou Thesz vs. Verne Gagne wrestler six matches with each other in a span of a few months. Four of those matches lasted 90 minute WITHOUT one fall. Talk about endurance. If anybody wants to say that Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels went through hell wrestling a one-hour iron man match at WrestleMania 12, Thesz and Gagne would probably reply with “What a couple of wimps”.

Fun fact: When Ted Turner purchased WCW, he called Vince McMahon to announce that he was “getting into the wrasslin’ business”. McMahon said he replied with “Well I am in the entertainment industry. Big difference!”

One last fact that I found very interesting is the type of crowds that have attended wrestling events throughout time. One wrestling historian (Really. They exist) showed old footage of fans sitting in crowds starting from the 20’s all the way to the 60’s. Just about every one of the fans there were people dressed up in suits and dresses. In the 70’s and when wrestling started to be televised more often, the next generation of kids began to attend. As it stands today, adults to children in crowds are about half and half. The wrestling business profited greatly because of the expansion of fans to a new generation.

That’s it for now. There was a lot more but I basically just put the stuff that I thought was most important. Til next time.