David Haugh is living proof that you can get paid to be a dumbass writer.


It is not a myth that I write shitty article on this site. I do. It’s not a myth that I write these shitty articles for free. That is a fact.

However, if any of you read David Haugh’s articles in the Chicago Tribune without having your eyes bleed, I applaud you. This guy gets paid to write articles dumber than mine. That is not a joke. I will go as far as saying that every writer in the Chicago Tribune Sports department except for K.C. Johnson, is a dumbass. That includes the likes of Paul Sullivan, David K(r)aplan and Phil Rogers.

Here is some background on Mr. Haugh: He once wrote an article claiming that the Blackhawks were stupid for getting rid of half of their team in the summer. What David later learned is that the Blackhawks had to make changes due to the salary cap. What did Haugh do? Write another article complaining about the Blackhawks making changes to to their roster. That is like going to Ticketmaster to purchase tickets for a game only to be told that the game has been sold out then returning five minutes to try again. Pointless, right? He is mainly a Chicago Bears reporter but from time to time, you can find him writing articles on other Chicago sports teams. The problem with that is he lacks knowledge in every other sport he follows. The difference between David Haugh and myself is that he thinks he is an expert.

After seeing this article Monday night while watching the Blackhawks painfully blow a game late, my eyes were bleeding even more after reading this. He thinks that if the Bears make the playoffs, the season is a success.

Now, as the great Dan Bernstein of 670 The Score always said, “If a team does not win a championship, the season is a failure”. I do not always agree with Dan but on this, I do. What’s the point of playing a season in professional sports if you are not trying to win a championship? Forget professional sports, how about all sports on all levels? The goal is to win a championship.

Here is one quote that shows Haugh is a dipshit:

“So at least be fair in acknowledging what an NFC playoff berth would represent for a Bears team that was winless and witless during exhibitions. It would equal an accomplishment worthy of more than the likely scorn and skepticism from some football observers impossible to please.”

David, meatball and bandwagon fans believe that just going to the playoffs is good enough. Real fans want the Bears to win the Super Bowl. Anything less is a disappointment.

“I’ve always maintained the Bears handle failure better than success.”

You idiot. While Lovie has a winning record as Bears coach, the Bears still suck. The record may not tell you that but knowledgeable fans know. How about when Jerry Angelo drafts another bust? Failure? Yes. When Smith is questioned about plays or challenges he made, he gets very defensive when answering them. Did you forget to mention that when Brian Griese lead the Bears to a game-winning drive in 2007 against the Eagles, Lovie Smith and Ron Turner wanted him to apologize for saying he called all the plays on that drive? That’s right. Lovie and MoRon were pissed because Griese told the truth about calling all the plays by himself in that drive. That is proof that this coaching in the past has sucked so you’re quote of the Bears handling failure better than success is way off.

Any team with a secondary of Charles Tillman (Fuck you), Chris Harris, Danieal Manning and Major Wright Wrong is a bad team. Any team that has an offensive line that could not protect a quarterback with their lives on the line is a bad team. If Lovie Smith finds a way to lead the Bears to a Super Bowl victory, then I will gladly eat all my words.

“Whatever, the same standard I vowed to hold the Bears to in training camp still applies: playoffs or else. Logic tells me to put more stock in the past three months than three hours against a team that may not lose again.”

Mr. Haugh, you need to raise your standards. As far as your logic goes, mine says you should look for a new career. And please, stop going on Chicago Tribune Live. You sound dumber on TV than you do in your articles.

17 Responses to “David Haugh is living proof that you can get paid to be a dumbass writer.”

  1. genrebuster Says:

    Wonder what he thinks about the Cubs?

  2. chucky Says:

    Frodog…Is that a picture of David Haugh…..or Alberto Del Rio?

  3. Fro Dog Says:

    Haha. You seriously think that looks like Del Rio? Maybe a little bit in the hair but not close anywhere else. By the way, how is your hate level of The Miz doing lately? After watching RAW last night, I came to the conclusion that there was not a worse champion than David Arquette.

  4. MadCityMac Says:

    Fro, advantage Bears this Monday night. Outdoor football in Minneapolis; those pussy Vikings can’t handle outdoor football anymore! I’ve never read Haugh, but the guy sounds like a complete assbag. On another lighter note, the Yankees have reached desparation mode-they signed Mark Pryor!

  5. genrebuster Says:

    Mac, I guess Pryor was the “backup plan” if they didn’t sign Cliff Lee!


    Time for Captain Kirk to weigh in!

    I suppose Pryor could do better than expected w/o being under Dusty’s thumb. Of course, Rothschild will be his pitching coach (again). More towels, please. Seriously, it will be interesting to see how Pryor does in NY…Girardi understands pitchers much better than Dusty and likely won’t burn him out if he pitches well…hmmmm.

    On 2nd thought….more towels, please (again)!!

  6. genrebuster Says:

    Of course, we are talking about Mark PRIOR, the so-called pitcher….NOT Mark PRYOR the Democratic Senator from Arkansas 😉

    Sorry Mitch, please forgive us.

  7. robert Says:

    since they lost lee and will be looking for pitching can they get z to waive his no trade clause and come to ny

  8. chucky Says:

    Fro….Yeah, I seriously think he looks like Del Rio. I don’t know why, maybe it’s just me.

    My hatred for Mizanin is as high as ever. I have noticed one thing though. He seems to be bokked in a lot of gimmick match title defenses. A ladder match against Lawler on Raw, and advertised house shows, he’s in a lot of 3-ways with Orton and someones else. That tells me that they may not too confident in him. I could be wrong, because I read somewhere that WWE was going to push him to the moon. But if what I read is accurate, why don’t they put in more one on one matches with a viable opponent. Many times titles are put on people in order to get them over more with their fanbase. The problem with putting the title on someone like Miz is that he just doesn’t make for a very credible champion. Arn Anderson said best: When they crack open the time capsule 1000 years from now and lokk at the list of WWE champions and see guys like Bruno, Morales, Graham, Hogan, Yoko, Austin, Rock, Orton, and then…….The Miz? Tell me whats wrong with that picture.

    Speaking of Superstar Billy Graham, I came across this 2 weeks ago. It’s pretty sad, and the end of an era is coming soon.

    -Former WWF champion Superstar Graham issued the following statement via his agent Scott Epstein today

    Last Friday nite Nov. 26 I was admitted to the Mayo clinic hospital here in Phoenix Az. at 12 midnite with my feet, ankles and calves extremely swollen and beet red. The liver is getting more scared with each passing day and the spleen is swelling. fluid is trying to escape so sitting at my computer and also painting kicked in gravity and pulled the excess fluid down to my lower legs, knees down the beet red was from small blood vessels filling with blood looking for an exit from internally. I had an infection in one toe and was given IV antibiotics and water pills, lasics.

    This is officially my last ever personal appearance at a wresting event in LA, or anywhere, its still 8 weeks away. The only reason I am risking going to the event is the fact I will be riding in Bill Anderson’s car and there is the AZ / CA border town of Blyth with hospital accommodations 100 miles from Phoenix and then 100 miles to Indio and Palm Springs, then about 75 miles to San Bernardino. So I have reasonable hospital access all the way over. I will start having nose bleeds and bleeding from the esophagus as small blood vessels begin to burst as pressure builds.

    James [Legends of the Ring] has invited me for his May show in New Jersey but I will not be going. I cannot have a nose bleed at 35,000 feet in the air, or a vein in my esophagus burst, you can bleed out in 20 minutes and die on the spot, My liver doctor told me on Tues 23 that it would be an unacceptable risk to fly across the country from Phoenix to the Newark airport, it could be a death trip with a sudden bleed at 35,000 feet up.

    This is officially my last public wrestling related autograph signing event, not a work, please, I don’t work the real possibility of death in an airplane some where over Kansas or Texas on my way to Newark. Things are getting interesting now, I could easily have a bleed at the event in LA sitting there signing autographs, If you want my autograph and a chance to meet me, you will only get it in LA at the wrestling reunion event, unless you knock on my door here in Phoenix. I am looking forward with extremely high anticipation of attending the wrestling reunion event and again not a work.

    I am ending my run on this earth and have reserved a plot next to Eddie G. at Green Acers cemetery in Phoenix AZ. I have chosen music and selecting certain paintings of mine and photos that I will want displayed. One of the minister from my church, Joe Jackson, a dear friend, will be conducting the service. He is not the Sr. pastor but a traveling evangelist who played pro ball with the Jets and Vikings, his wife Terill will be handling all emails, phone calls and hotel etc, Dave Meltzer and Scott Ephstein will be releasing her phone number and email address in the coming weeks.

    I am very excited about the LA event and looking forward to meeting fine wrestling fans and seeing some wrestlers that I have not seen in many years.

    Best regards and live life with zest, you only get one run,

    Billy Graham

    This is really sad news for me. Graham was the first of the really cool heels, and he paved the way for guys like Hogan, Scott Steiner (I know you hate him, it’s cool) and even Ric Flair very early in his career. He’ll be missed when he goes.

  9. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:


    Rumor has it also that New York is also looking to resign Wood!

    Wood and Prior reunited…With Rothschild and Big Z possibly on the way with a trade?

    Tirades, towel drills, Rothschild…2004 rerun anybody?

  10. chucky Says:

    Matt…the only thing left to do is sign Dipshit Baker to mismanage, and Moises Alou to play left.

    How the hell did that team win anything?

  11. robert Says:

    chucky thanks for that post

  12. genrebuster Says:

    I’m all for sending Zambrano to the Yankees…just get somebody — or a lot of cash — in return. Z is damaged goods, my guess is he’ll meltdown again…wait and see.

    Blow it up and start over. Fanboy Ricketts’ strange attraction & allegiance to Jimbo Hendry makes me sick.

  13. Fro Dog Says:


    That doesn’t seem too good for Graham. Never saw him wrestle but from what everyone says, he was a force in wrestling and sort of put the industry on the map.

    I remember him being on CNN/Fox News/MSNBC a few years ago discussing the Chris Benoit tragedy. I do not remember him saying if he did steroids or not but he did discuss that he would have been in better health if he was given benefits when wrestling.

    I know that’s an issue still being discussed today and from the article I wrote many months back, wrestlers should be able to afford their own insurance and retirement funds. I think the minimum for a wrestler in WWE is still in the six figure range. Some of us don’t even make half of that and we still find ways to work it into our budgets. It’s unfortunate to see all these guys go away.

  14. chucky Says:

    Graham did steroids like they going out of style. He did them from around 1965 through 1990, I think. His wife was really upset about it too. But the roids just ravaged his body. If you can, see his DVD “20 Years Too Soon”. It’s really good. Too bad it’s only one disk. He did a lot of other shit too. Real bad shit. But he did turn his life around and stop. The DVD says it all.

    Anyway, the steroids really did the damage.

  15. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:


    Haven’t we already been through this shit before?

    Chucky…You asked the question how the hell did this team win anything? the answer to that is that they didn’t win shit, no thanks to Dusty and and the damn whiny bitches like Alou and Mercker.

  16. chucky Says:

    Agreed Matt. And thanks for that link. I just threw up on my keyboard.

  17. CK Cox Says:

    How can writer who’s job it is to write interesting things be completely devoid of anything remotely resembling a personality?

    He’s an incredibly boring guy on Kap and Haugh-


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