Thank God the Lions won.


The Bears are already down 21-0 so it’s safe to say the game is over. There will not be a recap. Since the Bears cannot even compete with the Patriots, they are NOT a contending team. If someone wants to bring up that the weather was a factor, eat shit. The Patriots are playing in the same damn conditions. If you can’t beat the best, there is no chance you can be the best. I want to say thanks to Charles Tillman (Fuck you) for wandering around on a 3rd down play which later lead to the Patriots first touchdown. Thanks to the rest of the defense too for returning to their old self today. The “I-Pass” defense lives on.

Since the Lions beat the Packers earlier, the Bears remain in first place by one game and maintain the tie-breaker. The Vikings are up next but no one is sure where the game will be played due to the Metrodome roof collapsing.

11 Responses to “Thank God the Lions won.”

  1. chucky Says:

    I guess the Metrodome roof wasn’t the only collapse today. This was bound to happen. This is the real Bears, not what we have seen since the bye. The only thing good to come from this is the post game show should be good. But if ANYBODY thinks that the Bears are going to Super Bowl, think again. Unless they already bought tickets.

    Fro…I heard next weeks game against Minnesota might be played in Detroit.

    And did you read Bernsteins blog on Friday? He hates bad weather games. He doesn’t like games where the weather has some influence on performance. I don’t know. New England looked pretty goddamn good out there in that shit. And the Bears returned to their old shitty selves.


  2. chucky Says:

    One more thing. A word of advice to anybody who wants to come here and criticize me or Frodog about our opinions….DON’T. Don’t even bother. I won’t speak for Frodog, but I’ll cut you up (on this blog) so fucking bad you’ll wish you never came here. Save your bullshit “Bears will bounce back”, or “It’s only one game” for someone who gives a fuck.

    Fuck this team, and fuck you if you support this shit.

  3. Fro Dog Says:


    The Bears could have played the Patriots in a hurricane. It does not fucking matter because the Patriots have to play in that hurricane too. The Bears didn’t show up. Even if they made it competitive, I could think that they MIGHT contend. They won’t. I wonder if the Bears actually make the playoffs and they perhaps play a game in the same conditions, what will it be like. It would probably be the same result.

    I heard Bernstein talk about it. My opinion is just leave the stadiums the way they are. If a certain team wants to build a new field, then let them. It shouldn’t be mandatory. Football is an outdoor sport and if the weather happens to be shitty like today’s, so be it.

    You said it perfectly. The Patriots played just fine and the Bears didn’t. I can’t wait to see the Charles Tillman (Fuck you) defenders enter this site. You would figure a cornerback’s job is to play cornerback. You know, line up on a receiver and defend to make sure he doesn’t get open. I still cannot figure out he is still in the NFL all these years. I don’t want to hear about the stupid “Cover two defensee”. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. Charles Tillman (Fuck you) is still a mediocre “cornerback” at best.

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    With this loss, the Bears really put themselves in a position with little room for error. Since the Eagles beat the Cowboys, they are 9-4. It’s likely the Giants will take care of the Vikings Monday night so that gives them the same record as well. We can assume the Falcons are going to run the table for the first seed so this will make the last spot for a bye even tougher. Since those teams are not in the Bears’ division, if a tiebreaker was to happen, conference records will be put into place. Eagles are 5-3 and the Giants are 6-2. The Bears are 7-3.

    Not to get ahead of myself with the scenarios above since the Bears still have not clinched a playoff spot. If the Packers lose next Sunday night against the Patriots and the Bears find a way to beat the Vikings on Monday night, they win the division.

  5. Nemo Says:

    I knew this was over after it was 14-0-so many 3rd down conversions and 80 yard drives. Again, the Bears fall asleep before the half-guess they don’t learn from mistakes.

    Still, I think this team could make the Super Bowl. They are in a much better position to win the division than Green Bay. We thought they were done after the Giants game and were proven wrong. Certainly, Atlanta has to be considered the favorite, but no one from the NFC impresses me all that much. Of course, if the Bears made the Super Bowl, I think they would probably be facing another demolition at the hands of the Patriots. This is a decent team-but the Patriots are a great time. Not in the same class at all.

    I can’t believe that some dumb fucks before the game were excited about “Bear weather”! Where do they think New England plays?! In a dome or in the tropics? Besides the “Bear weather” myth was crushed over 20 years ago when the sissy “finesse team” 49er kicked the ever-lovin’ shit out of the Bears 28-3 in the NFC Championship game.

  6. genrebuster Says:

    Nothing about this game surprised me…that said, I am not an expert.

    Maybe Lovie can get a job doing Bill Belichick’s laundry when he is eventually fired. Or, he and Hendry can run a taco stand together.

    The Patriots are a well coached team. They don’t beat themselves.

  7. chucky Says:

    Genre…think about what you just said and answer this question for me: Would you buy and eat a taco that Lovie Smith or Moe Hendry sold you?

    I wouldn’t.

  8. Nemo Says:

    Congratulations to former Bear Leslie Frazier for having the balls to stand up to Queen Favre and end the streak! No starting just to get a handoff-made him inactive! Great job!! I suppose for the next few days all the media will be licking his balls and ass, but after that we can stop the weekly drama of “will he or won’t he?”. Now, just retire at the end of the season and STAY RETIRED!!!

  9. genrebuster Says:

    chucky. The answer is “NO”.

    Nemo. AGREED.

  10. Yeti Says:

    Fuck me for supporting a 9 win team that we all thought was going to be shit this year? Awesome.

    Also, typing “(Fuck You)” after a person’s name is something a 13 year old would do.

  11. CKBears90 Says:

    All Boston sports cheat. Except maybe the Bruins.


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