Saturday was a shitty day to watch basketball.


Here is one of the few threads I will write about basketball so that means that something must have really pissed me off. On Saturday, two things concerning basketball really made me want throw my TV out the window.

1. On Saturday afternoon, I tuned in to watch my beloved Illinois Fighting Illini play the UIC Flames at the United Center. Knowing that UIC probably has never played in the NCAA tournament, you would figure the #12 ranked team in the country would be able to win this one with ease right? Well, the Illini lead briefly for a time late in the second half before the Flames reigned three point shots and drained free throws when it mattered the most. The Illini missed five three throws which was a problem. How in the hell does Illinois lose to these bums?

2. Later in the evening, the Chicago Bulls took over the United Center to face the Los Angeles Clippers. I was thinking to myself that this day cannot get any shittier but then again, the Bulls this season had the tendency to play down to their competition. Now I will give the Clippers some credit. Blake Griffin is a monster and Eric Gordon as much as a ass clown that he is, is pretty damn good as well. The Bulls like the Illini lead briefly but this time it was late in the first quarter. That was the last the Bulls saw the lead as they played like pansies the rest of the way until late in the 4th. The Bulls were down 10 but managed to make a comeback. It was 100-98 when Derrick Rose was fouled right before time expired. Rose makes the first free throw and as I am holding my breath on the second, he misses. Bulls lose to the FUCKING Clippers 100-99. Since Derrick Rose is basically the team, I am not going to get on him for that last missed free throw. Instead, I am going to blame the loss on the rest of the team for missing six other free throw attempts that could have been the difference in the game.

So the theme of these two games? Free throws. I have been bitching about this for years and I don’t even think the “experts” take it into consideration. But had the Illini and Bulls both made them, they both win. In fact, the last few years, both teams have lost a large amount of games because they have missed a shitload of free throws. It’s the easiest thing to do in basketball and in the NBA, players get paid a shit load of money to make those damn things and they can’t. PATHETIC.

On another subject, I will have a Bears recap late Monday night or Tuesday morning. For Sunday, lady Fro and I will be in the seventh row to watch the Blackhawks against the Kings. If I get some cool pictures, I will post them up later in the week.

5 Responses to “Saturday was a shitty day to watch basketball.”

  1. robert Says:

    fro on a and e today they are showing the unreal story of pro wrestling plus an biography of andre

  2. chucky Says:

    Frodog….I just listened to the podcast of you calling in to the score and talking to Dan Bernstein. Man, what the fuck has this guy become? Even the people on the blog were saying that Bernstein was just trying to be difficult. If I were you, I’d never call in again.

    That station has really gone down the shitter in recent years. Management doesn’t give a goddamn about the fans or it’s listeners. They’ve changed the website twice this year, the hosts suck balls, and the webstream blows. I’ve written e-mails about 4 or 5 times, and received no response back. Not one time did they answer me back. And you know me, I laced a few of my e-mails with some real juicy language. Fuck them, I don’t give a shit who I insult there. Hell, I hope I have.

    Corporate America has taken over this radio station it seems. And it’s not done a fucking thing to make the product better.

    As for Bernstein, I don’t know where he got this attitude that makes him think he’s better or smarter than the rest of us. But I’ll tell you this, he can stick that attitude right up his ass. He’s not any better than anyone else, and every time he opens his mouth he proves what an idiot he his. It might be painful for him to hear, but he’s no intellectual.

  3. Fro Dog Says:


    I have been calling The Score for years. I have had numerous conversations with Boers and Bernstein. With the exception of my first call ever about five years ago, that was the only time he was being difficult with me. I do get frustrated with how technical he gets when listeners call in. To be honest, some who call are idiots and some are smart.

    I’ll say this, I don’t listen as much as I use to. I like Mully and Hanley but by the time I get to work, their show is done. I was probably one of the few people who liked Murph but after hearing all the stories about him putting everybody else who worked with him through hell, not so much. Dan McNeil has taken his spot as being annoying. And I agree about the website. It looked fine about a year ago but now, you would need a map to navigate that site.

  4. chucky Says:

    Fro…Mully and Hanley are pretty good. They’re are on too early though. You’re right about that. McNeil has sucked balls for years now. I think he got ruined by working with Harry Teinowitz. Speigel is nothing more than Dan McNeils bitch. Plain and simple. Terry Boers schtick is getting old and stale, and Bernstein has turned into a know-it-all asshole. I can still listen to Terry, but sometimes he sounds like either a lackey for Bernstein, or a complete doofus. And that “daily crosstalk segment” needs to end. It’s degenerated into four big-mouthed egomaniacs trying to talk over each other. It’s a fucking trainwreck.

    They have a few guys who really should be given a chance. I’d like to see Jason Goff and Lawrence Holmes get a shot. I enjoy listening to Steve Rosenbloom on Saturday mornings. Hub Arkush and Dan Hampton have been good together, too. These guys need to get a much bigger chance than they are getting.

    The bottom line with me is that this station has been taken over by corporate shitstains that have no clue about anything and don’t give a fuck about any of us.

    A little note of trivia for you too to illustrate my point. Doug and OB were all set to move on from the score. They were going on that clusterfuck that Mike North had before it got shut down. I wonder how much hate mail the station received when it was announced they were leaving. They dodged a huge bullet by getting them to come back. My guess is that it will be only a matter of time until they fuck that up too.

  5. Nemo Says:

    We saw UIC vs Illinois State last weekend and UIC lost to a mediocre ISU team by 10. So seeing UIC beat Illinois this weekend was just a shocker.

    I listen to Boers and Bernstein when I am in the Chicago area (I could listen to podcasts, but I usually don’t). One thing I always liked about them was their willingness to go against groupthink. However, Bernstein’s refusal to break out a thesaurus instead of using “weird” all the time struck me as weird and weird.


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