What’s worse than ugly?


How about atrocious? That’s how the Bears’ defense played Sunday against the Jets. Luckily (There’s that word again), Jay Cutler and the boys on offense took control with some big plays and the Bears won 38-34.

Offense: What a day for the offense. I do have to say Cutler made only a couple stupid throws and one of them was taken back for a touchdown in the second quarter. But after that, he turned it up another gear. In the third quarter, he threw three huge passes which resulted in two touchdowns. For the third score in that quarter, he ran it in. He was only 13/25 for 215 yards but he made throws when they were needed. Matt Forte had a great game. He rushed for over 100 yards and a touchdown along with 56 yards receiving. We once again saw a balanced offense of 27 rushes and 25 passes which led to success this game and the six wins before that.

Defense: How shitty was the defense today? Only the Jets defense was worse and that proved to be the difference. Mark Sanchez had his way with the Bears’ secondary. Tim Jennings and Charles Tillman (Fuck you) were caught wandering all over the damn field. Teams who play the Bears know that all they have to do is either throw slant passes against the corners or go long. How fucking hard is it for Jennings or Tillman (Fuck you) to keep an eye on the receiver they are suppose to cover? I do not give a shit if this is “Cover Two”. There is no excuse for the corners and secondary to act lost every fucking game. Even on the interception by Chris Harris, Jennings was beat with ease. Santonio Holmes, Braylon Edwards and Jerricho Cotchery were open all damn game. When the Bears forced a third down, it was almost all but certain that the Jets were going to get a first down. This shit needs to stop or the only difference between the Bears and Lions this year will be that the Bears played one extra game.

Special Teams: Let’s first talk about Robbie Gould. The Bears are up four early in the fourth quarter. Cutler drives the Bears down to around the 25 yard line when it ends up being fourth down. The highest paid kicker in the league misses a huge field goal wide left. Unacceptable. That could have cost the Bears the game. Moving on to Devin Hester, how great is he? Even when teams don’t kick to him, the Bears are still guaranteed good field position at the very least. The last thing I want to mention is the play of Corey Graham. We all know that in the past, this guy sucked major ass on defense. On special teams however, he has played very well. On one of the punts by Brad Maynard in the fourth, he made a big play not allowing the returner to get any yards.

The Bears take on the Packers next week in Green Bay. If the Bears win, they secure a first-round bye. If they lose, the will need help.

4 Responses to “What’s worse than ugly?”

  1. Carl from Chicago Says:

    I agree with you on #21 Graham. He kicked ass on special teams.

    The other thing about the defense is that they put no pressure on dirty Sanchez. They touched him like twice in the whole game.

    Part of it is the type of short routes that they run (probably intentional, from an actual coach) where he can get the ball off quickly

  2. genrebuster Says:


    I think we’ll have a better idea where the Bears are at after the Packers game. Green Bay looked really good yesterday….or, did the Giants look really bad?

    Perhaps Vick did a number on their psyche (NY) last week…that said, it won’t be 102 years before they win another title.

  3. chucky Says:

    The sad thing in your statement genre is that it took 16 games + 4 preseason bombs to figure out this team. And quite honestly, I still can’t figure them out. It’s beyond frustrating to me. Dingbat Lovie still doesn’t impress me. Martz seems to have become more balanced. Marinelli must be on vacation. I still have zero confidence that this team can do anything in the playoffs. It wouldn’t surprise me if we see a repeat of the performance they put in against New England.

    And I still want to punch Jeff Joniak right in the goddamn nuts!

  4. genrebuster Says:

    I’m not sold on Lovie, either. But then again, I’m not sold on Jim Hendry….so, what the hell do I know?

    I think New England is the team to beat.


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