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Open thread.

July 31, 2011

Your thoughts on anything sports including the Bears signing around ten significant players with nine of them being former busts. Jerry Angelo really loves players like that. In the meantime, teams like the Eagles are actually doing something great by getting secondary players who actually know how to play defense. This is going to be a really fun season…

Comments on the WWE House Show in Rockford.

July 31, 2011

To put it bluntly, Rockford, Illinois is a dump. There are only two reasons why I go to Rockford these days: Eat with the lady at the Olive Garden or go to the Metro Centre to watch wrestling and that’s exactly what we did on Saturday. I can see why WWE only comes here for a house show or Smackdown! just once a year. The crowd, is pretty much the opposite of one that attends events at the AllState Arena but I think that’s what makes being a wrestling fan unique. In different towns, the crowds react in different ways. We were sitting in the fourth row and as always, we seem to get an annoying person sitting near us. More on this douche later (It WAS NOT Irish Yeti). Before the show started, Stacey and I both picked up C.M. Punk’s new t-shirt.

We arrived there around 4:30 to try to meet some wrestlers and get autographs. This year was very different from the others. Metro Centre security guaurds blocked off the entire parking lot where the wrestlers usually go so most of us that were there were a long distance away from the street where the wrestlers ended up parking. And unlike in years past, we only saw about six or seven wrestlers park rather than 15-20. R-Truth was driving with Jack Swagger riding shotgun and he missed the turn to the street not once but twice until security finally directed him where to go. I found that a bit humorous. The only wrestlers to get out and sign a few autographs were Chris Masters, Evan Bourne and Tyler Reks. Now on to the matches…

First match of the night was Chris Masters against Jack Swagger. It seems like the Rockford fans always cheer the loudest for the first match and this one was no different. Masters ended up beating Swagger and it was actually a pretty good match. Next up was The Miz and R-Truth versus Zack Ryder and Alex Riley. I am not much of an R-Truth fan and likewise for Ryder or Riley. That’s why I was pretty happy that Miz gained the pinfall. Before the match, Truth and Miz had a good promo though.

Next match was Primo and Tyler Reks. At every event, there is the “piss match” meaning I went to facilities during it. As soon as I sat back down, Primo won. Next up: Alberto Del Rio and Kofi Kingston. Really good match in my opinion. What I found funny before it was that Del Rio talked about his destiny and he ended up making ring announcer Justin Roberts wear one of his t-shirts during the match. Eve Torres came out next and picked four people out of the crowd to have a dance contest with the winner being able to go backstage and meet some wrestlers. It was pretty cool. Some 10 year old ended up doing the worm and a one-hand stand and won the contest after the other three couldn’t do any kind of dancing which was fun to see. After that, a divas match between Kelly Kelly and Brie Bella. Kelly Kelly won in a not great, but not terrible match either. She’s getting better.

Santino and Kozlov defeated Jennifer Hudson’s husband and Mr. Perfect’s kid. Santino brought out the cobra finisher which he wore a piece of clothing on his hand similar to “Mr. Socko” except it was green. Santino is hilarious on the mic and in the ring. I really wish he would get more TV time. Next up was the U.S. Title match between Evan Bourne and Dolph Ziggler. Stacey and I were a bit dissipointed that Vickie Guerrero did not show up. She was excited to see her yell “Excuse me” in person. Ziggler ended up winning the match. Now on to that douche. This 40-something year old guy chanted “boring” during the match which a bunch of us looked at him with a “Are you an idiot?” look. That was the icing on the cake as he had something to yell during every other match.

The last match of the night was Cena against Punk. This is how unique the Rockford crowd is compared to other places. The place was about 70% full so a good crowd was there. Nearly all fans cheered for Cena unlike the Allstate Arena where all the fans would be against him. There were very few “Cena sucks!” chants. The match was a draw as R-Truth and The Miz attacked both Punk and Cena. Punk and Cena ended up hitting both of their finishers at the same time. Both wrestlers also held up their titles in the air as the show ended. This is probably the first time since 2006 that I am actually excited as a wrestling fan with the current storyline and all.

So all in all, a fun time. I wish we had a chance to meet some wrestlers like we had in years past but it’s all good. The fans were really into it and that’s what I love about these events. I have been to venues for wrestling like Ford Field in Detroit, the Bradley Center in Milwaukee and of course, the Allstate Arena which is my favorite but the Metro Centre is also a fun place to watch wrestling. There isn’t a bad seat in the house. We took some pictures but they didn’t come out all that well due to the lighting but I will try to get some up soon.

Open thread.

July 29, 2011

Discuss whatever is on your mind. This Saturday, I will be at the WWE Raw House Show in Rockford. And for those wondering, I will have the belt on me (the real one). If I get any good pictures, I will put them up sometime next week.

Have a good weekend ladies and gentleman.

Why are the leaders of the Bears idiots?

July 29, 2011

Well, the lockout has finally ended. So that means it’s time for Jerry Angelo to once again, publicly display his stupidity. It’s also time for me to discuss the upcoming season for our beloved Chicago Bears. Even though the Bears won the division and nearly won the NFC Championship game, I didn’t feel good about the team at all and with good reason. Their deficiencies came back to haunt them when it mattered the most. This upcoming season, I see more problems arising.

First off, I am aware of the team getting rid of Brad Maynard, Greg Olsen and Brandon Manumaleuseless. The only one I find a bit frustrating was Olsen. I thought he could have been a lot better if used wisely. After moRon Turner was mercifully let go, I had a little glimpse of confidence that Mike Martz would be better. I was wrong on that too. Mike Martz has been nothing short of awful. That also goes on Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo but more on those clowns later. Mike Martz is just a piece of what is going to ruin this team’s chances. I can’t even explain all of the garbage he has done wrong and what Smith and Mike Tice had to do to get him to run the ball more. But the way I see it, he will return to his old-self and it’s going to be trouble for Jay Cutler. Mike Martz’s idiocy can be summed up in two words: Todd Collins. If that asshole thought Todd Collins was better than Caleb Hanie last year, then I have zero faith in this upcoming Bears’ team.

Then there is the inept Jerry Angelo and the delusional Lovie Smith. Angelo on one hand is the guy responsible for signing off on all decisions made by Smith and Martz to make this team better. He also has proven to be shitty by making draft picks and also screwing over other teams during the draft. On the other hand, Lovie will continue to spew out his “thoughts” on the Bears during every press conference. Once again, zero faith in these guys.

If the Bears want to get better, they should make the right choice and try to get some better players in free agency. It seems like Olin Kruetz is out the door so a center and another guard is important for the line. If those two problems don’t get solved, Cutler will be in a wheelchair by week three. It would be nice if they could get a wide receiver who can actually jump up and grab a ball along with knowing how to run a route properly. On the defensive side, well, you know what’s coming here. Can we please get a cornerback who knows how to cover a receiver? Is that too much to ask for? Nnamdi Asomougha is out there and I don’t give a damn how much he is going to get overpaid. I do not want to see the dynamic duo of Tim Jennings and Charles Tillman (Fuck you) out there ever again. That’s why the Bears lost in the NFC Championship game last year. That is as shitty as it can get. This “Cover Two (Who?)” defense is about as worthless as a used diaper.

Sure, there’s still time for the Bears to get better but I am not banking on it. The way I see it though, the Bears aren’t going to be good as their 11-5 record last year.

If anybody else has any thoughts, feel free to add them. If Irish Yeti is reading this, put your stats on another site.

Open thread.

July 19, 2011

C.M. Punk! C.M. Punk!

July 17, 2011


Sunday night felt like 1998 all over again. WWE finally did something great for the first time in many years. I only wished I was at the Allstate Arena rather than streaming it online.

What a show.

Open thread

July 11, 2011

Question for the Blackhawks fans: Can someone tell me why they re-signed Viktor Stalberg? To say he is useless is an understatement.

Whatever else is on your mind, feel free to discuss it.

The lockouts are everywhere.

July 5, 2011

Really? I wonder what I am going to do without football, basketball and ballet. What’s next?