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September 30, 2013

The Bears only lost by eight but it wasn’t even that close. This team sucked in every way on Sunday. I am too lazy to talk to sit here and dissect on what all went wrong. Let me just sum it up.

Offense: Cutler sucked. But let’s be honest, it’s all or nothing with him. He can take the team to places we can only imagine of or, he can play like shit like he did Sunday and give the team zero chance. I’ll give the Bears credit however for not giving up.


Special teams: Can someone tell Robbie Gould that on onside kicks, they shouldn’t be kicked more than 15 yards for them to have a chance to recover?

The Saints are next. Let’s see how the Bears respond after this ass kicking.

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September 26, 2013

Have at it, folks.

A game of inches.

September 22, 2013

Good Lord. Can the Bears just beat the shit out of a team for an entire game for a change? Three games into the season and I already feel exhausted. The Bears were up 24-3 and almost fell into the “Lovie-ness” of pissing away a game. If anybody remembers 2010 (If you want your eyes to bleed, feel free to read those recaps in the archives.), the Bears had the reputation of building leads only to have their defense slowly let other teams back into games. This game, it happened again. A penalty on a punt completely turned the game around. But, the fourth quarter arrived. Jay Cutler, again, put his big boy pants on and made some plays. The defense was back and forth all game but prevailed in the end. The Bears win again.

Offense: Cutler wasn’t spectacular overall but the whole “showing up when needed” thing happened again. When the defense let the Steelers back into the game, Cutler and the offense was tested again. The scramble where he basically ran into Steelers’ defender Robert Golden was ballsy. I loved it. DAT JAY CUTLER IS SUCH A PUSSY. HE ISN’T CHICAGO TUFF. Yeah. That play was a middle finger to his critics. Matt Forte, before turning his ankle, was running the ball just fine. He nearly had 100 yards rushing. I am praying he is alright. Back to something good. Earl Bennett. Holy shit. What a catch that was for the touchdown. Good job by Trestman challenging it.

Alright, now time to be ANGRY. Michael Bush (by Cracky) can’t seem to get a yard to save his life. The Bears are at the goal line early in the game and nearly shit themselves. If I remember correctly (It’s late. I am probably forgetting a few things.), the Bears had first and goal at the one. Let’s see, pass, run, run and run. Here I am, screaming for the Bears to just sneak the ball in. It works every damn time and instead, Bush (by Cracky) needs three runs to get one damn yard. If the Bears don’t convert that, they probably lose this game.

Defense: It was up. It was down. They forced five turnovers on the night and two were returned for touchdowns. Bad news is, 458 total yards given up. That is very bad. What’s worse? Henry Melton getting hurt. I am not a doctor, but him going off on a cart isn’t very encouraging. Charles Tillman is nursing a sore groin too. It’s time for the Bears defense to quit fucking around. COVER YOUR DAMN RECEIVERS. The Bears cannot keep doing this shit. Yes, I know have the Bears have an offense now where they can score a lot more but in the NFL, winning shootouts doesn’t work every week. Let’s pray this shit changes fast.

Special Teams: Well, Robbie Gould had an extra point blocked for the first time in a very long time. That sucked. I mentioned this earlier in this recap, but there was a punt with the Bears up 24-3 and they were about to get the ball back until Anthony Walters just missed blocking it. He ended up colliding with punter Zolton Mesko and it resulted in a new set of downs. I am not blaming Walters one bit for that. I am going to blame the defense for not being able to stop Ben Rapistberger right after. He marched the Steelers right down the field and that lead to the Steelers getting within four late in the game.

The Lions are next with first place on the line. Since the Packers and Vikings both lost, with a win next week, the Bears guarantee themselves at least, a two-game lead on every other team in the division.

This TURD has got to go!

September 20, 2013


What a LOSER. This mediocre at best cLOSER was given a 2nd chance – and paid very well – after performing miserably in his first stint as a Cub. What a whiny and pathetic little man; a true jagoff!

Are the Cubs really serious about changing the culture of losing? baaaaaaaaaaah baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah



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September 19, 2013

Let it all out.

(Heart attack)

September 15, 2013

Frustration. That’s how I felt this entire game. The Bears, who some people thought would just roll over the Vikings, were in a fight to the end. They had numerous opportunities to take the life out of the Vikings early, but poor calls and turnovers messed those up. In addition, the feed kept going in and out and we ended up missing a touchdown by the Vikings at the end of the first half. The Bears didn’t deserve to win (How many times have I said that before?) but regardless, they pulled one of out of their asses to stun the Vikings. Before one of my arteries burst in ANGER, let’s go over this quickly.

Offense: When there is first and goal on the 1, what is the smart thing to do? RUN THE FUCKING BALL. I thought Lovie and his turds for offensive coordinators were fired for a reason? Instead, a bad call by Trestman. I am not off the Trestman bandwagon by any means, but come on, that was a horrible call. If it’s third down, I could understand it. Instead, Cutler throws in a crowd of defenders and it ends up being picked off. Before that, Cutler fumbles the ball while the Bears are mercifully driving down the field and it turns into a touchdown for the Vikings. Cutler was completely off today. He, alone had three turnovers (fumble, two interceptions). He finally put on his big boy pants in the final drive and threw the game-winning touchdown to Martellus Bennett with seconds remaining. Holy shit. A tight end who catches passes and gets touchdowns? We haven’t seen that shit since Ryan Wetnight or even DITKA. MY FRENDTS. Forte ran the ball well but fumbled it in the 4th quarter and that could have sealed the deal had the Vikings scored a touchdown on the following drive. Phew.

Defense: Tim Jennings had an interception for a touchdown. Great. The Bears defense still wasn’t all that great. This is a concern. Adrian Peterson only had 100 yards rushing so they contained him for the most part. However, the drive before halftime was terrible so I am glad we didn’t get to see the touchdown pass that Ponder threw to Kyle Rudolph. At least the Bears held the Vikings to two field goals in the second half. They could have put the game away with a touchdown in their last possession. The defense needs to get better in a hurry. One of these games, the breaks aren’t going to go their way if this doesn’t change.

Special teams: Hester is awesome. He nearly took back two or three all the way. The conditions might have had something to do with it but he gave the Bears great field position throughout the game. And before I forget, Cordarrelle Patterson took one back on the opening kickoff for the Vikings. Bad coverage by the Bears there.

The Bears don’t get style points but it’s a win. 2-0 and a meeting with the Steelers in Pittsburgh next Sunday Night.

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September 12, 2013

Fire away.

Finishing strong.

September 8, 2013

Well, that was exciting. It’s good to know that the Bengals are still morons by sealing the deal late with a dumb penalty. The Bengals dug themselves a large hole by committing quite a few dumb penalties as well as using their timeouts because they either had too many or too few men on the field on defense. Anyway, maybe it was because of the garbage we have seen the last decade (or even the last two), but you would assume that the Bears would just fold it up after being down 21-10 in the 3rd quarter.

Well ladies and gentleman, these aren’t your ordinary Bears.

Alright, that is probably a bit over-the-top but I will say that the Bears didn’t quit. The defense had their “I-Pass” moments and I will get to that eventually. The offense took a while to get into a groove but at the end of the day, the Bears came back and beat the Bengals. Let’s dissect this victory, shall we?

Offense: After the first half, the fans were booing pretty loudly. That’s because the Bears only had 97 total yards on offense at the time while the Bengals had about 250 yards. Martellus Bennett made an amazing catch for the first touchdown of the season. Then, the second half arrives and the offense wakes up big time.  Brandon Marshall made some key catches and totaled up 108 yards receiving. Five different receivers caught at least a pass in this game.

Matt Forte had a touchdown along with 50 yards rushing on 19 carries. That stat (cue Yeti) doesn’t look amazing but Forte had four catches also including one where we jumped up to get the ball. Forte is a better receiver than what the Bears have had over the last few years. Anybody remember idiots like Johnny Knox or Roy Williams. My oh my, have things changed. Back to Marshall, he had the game-winning touchdown on a catch where the ball was bobbling in his hands. Awesome. I was so much in a frenzy over how they came back that I almost forgot to mention the offensive line. Kyle Long and Jordan Mills did an excellent job in this game. One game at a time but I like what I see so far. Can you believe that the Bears didn’t give up any sacks? That’s right. Zero sacks. Yeah, I am shocked too.

Defense: It was up and down for these guys all day. Let me start off with what went shitty for them. Andy Dalton had no problem on three drives going 90+ yards on two of them and 80 on the other. The worst part of those drives was that the Bengals scored quickly on all three. I think the longest drive only went five or six minutes. There is no excuse for that. The defense has to play better than they did in this game. Yes, three turnovers resulting in ten points is great and that includes the game-winning drive but letting teams have three quick drives with them deep in their own territory isn’t good. When the fourth quarter came, the defense shut them down including a forced fumble by Tim Jennings. Charles Tillman is the player of the game in my opinion with two interceptions.

Special Teams: Robbie Gould nailed a career-long 58-yard field goal right before halftime to get the Bears to within four. Obviously, that was key as the difference in the game was a field goal. Also, why is Roger Goodell an idiot? They might as well get rid of kickoffs because just about everything was a touchback today. Player safety my ass. They should get rid of punts too. What a turd.

The Bears play the Vikings next week. Well, another “must-win” game, right guys? Win this and the Bears put the Vikings two games out of first place. Your thoughts in the thread.

Open thread.

September 5, 2013

Well, here are we are with another season about to begin for the Bears. I will be at the game Sunday along with our good friends from Fire Ron Turner. This is also another year where I will be contributing photos for their sister site and the most important one on the internet, Drunk Bear Fans. So please, take a minute to check out both of those links. You won’t will regret it. Before I forget, the recap will be Sunday night or Monday at the latest.

Anything else you guys want to talk about, feel free. Have a good weekend everybody.


Ready to go.

September 2, 2013

While I have mentioned countless times that it doesn’t matter who wins in the preseason, I cannot help but be excited about what could happen with the Bears this year. This year feels different and maybe I am drinking the Phil Emery/Marc Trestman Kool-Aid but with what we have seen so far, this team is much better on paper.

The Bears will have their first and fifth round picks in Kyle Long and Jordan Mills starting on the offensive line Sunday against the Bengals. The line will feature four new starters with the others being Jermon Bushrod (by Cracky) and Matt Slauson. I was one of the many bitching over the last few years that the reason why Cutler has been “terrible” is because he’s had less than two seconds to throw the ball after it was snapped. Other good news is that Aaron Kromer and Marc Trestman are much more efficient with calling plays, that Cutler may not have to burn timeouts early in games like he had in previous years with Lovie and whichever dumbass was the coordinator.

Then, you have the defense. The first-team guys created a lot of turnovers in the preseason and with the drafting of Jon Bostic and Khaseem Green, the depth at linebacker is being built. D.J. Williams seems to be still hurt so it looks like Bostic is starting at middle linebacker. Fine with me.

It’s important to know, however, that the depth at other positions like the secondary or even the offensive line is still a concern. Emery cannot fix the entire team in one or two drafts but rather, three, four or five. That’s how teams are built. Sure, any team can go from shitty to a playoff contender the next year, but to build a team that can contend consistently for years to come takes time. The Bears are doing it right now. As I have shown above, three draft picks from this year will probably be starting Sunday. Emery is getting rid of Jerry Angelo’s garbage in a timely manner but getting rid of most the guys he has drafted.

In two years, we have went from Angelo saying “We like our guys” and that “We believe that Devin Hester is a number one wide receiver” to Emery telling everyone that is a business and for example, he will not negotiate any contracts until after the season ends. He is showing that if a player wants to get paid, they better perform in a positive way or the team will show them the door. That’s how any business should be ran.

It’s time to be excited as a Bears fan again.