The Bears only lost by eight but it wasn’t even that close. This team sucked in every way on Sunday. I am too lazy to talk to sit here and dissect on what all went wrong. Let me just sum it up.

Offense: Cutler sucked. But let’s be honest, it’s all or nothing with him. He can take the team to places we can only imagine of or, he can play like shit like he did Sunday and give the team zero chance. I’ll give the Bears credit however for not giving up.


Special teams: Can someone tell Robbie Gould that on onside kicks, they shouldn’t be kicked more than 15 yards for them to have a chance to recover?

The Saints are next. Let’s see how the Bears respond after this ass kicking.

15 Responses to “Eh.”

  1. chucky Says:

    Yeah, that was at best a pathetic effort, especially by Cutler. I don’t have words to describe it, it was that bad. Everything they did sucked ass. And it really pisses me off because I absolutely fucking HATE Jim Schwartz. And I hate Ndamukong Suh even more. I wouldn’t lose sleep if that rat bastard got hit in the face with a 57 Buick.

  2. Tailfin Says:

    Are you saying that if it was a ’57 Chevy you might be concerned about the condition of the car?

  3. chucky Says:

    No. I actually like both cars.

  4. Cubs Suck Says:

    I say if Girardi gets the job we should just go ahead and put him in Dales place in the banner.

  5. Nemo Says:

    I say your nuts, Cubs Suck.

    Girardi is a former manager of the year in the NL, learned from Joe Torre, and managed a World Series Champion-in the fishbowl that is New York. He’s a former Cub respected by fans and players alike. He doesn’t tolerate bullshit-he was the one rumored to have destroyed Sammy Sosa’s annoying boombox. You could disagree that he’s the absolute best choice, but to advocate firing such a well-qualified person before he’s even been hired is ridicuolous.

    Who do you want to manage the team?

  6. Nemo Says:

    * “you’re” nuts *

  7. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Actually, Girardi was off the team after 2002. Wood destroyed his boombox in 2004 – which was one of the reasons Sosa left before the game even started on the final day of the regular season. But I get what you’re saying…I wanted either Girardi or Brenly after Dust-muffin was let go in 2006. I’ll take Girardi if there isn’t someone better.

  8. chucky Says:

    The names I’ve heard thrown out to replace Sveum is Girardi, Mike Maddux, and Ron Gardenhire. There might have been more, but I haven’t heard them. Now…..

    1) Gardenhire just signed a new two year deal to stay with the Twins.

    2) Maddux is, in my view a crap shoot. I honestly don’t know what you would get with him. I personally wouldn’t not want to commit to that.

    3) That leaves Girardi. I’d take him in a minute.

    One guy I’d love to see, even though I know it’ll NEVER happen is Joe Maddon. Look at what that guy has done in Tampa. IF, IF, IF he was available, he would be my first choice.

  9. Cubs Suck Says:

    I’m not sold on Girardi because his major accomplishments are with a team that was handed to him just about anyone could win with, Thats like saying hire Bob Brenley because of his Dbacks ring. What has he done lately? Miss the playoffs coaching the friggin Yankees!! Im with Chucky Joe Maddon would be the 1st choice if avaialble, but I dont see that happening

  10. Nemo Says:

    Girardi won Manager of the Year with the Fucklins-ultimately they had a losing record that year, but were in the wild card hunt for quite a long time on a $15 million payroll-$15 million!

    True, he inherited a strong team with the Yankees, but they have to compete against the Red Sox every year-who are usually very good. This year, the AL East had 4 of 5 teams win 85 games-certainly the best division in baseball (and usually so).

    Epstein rolled his crapshoot on Sveum, so I am not willing to do that again on Maddux-I want someone proven.

    Joe Maddon would be a good choice, too. But, he doesn’t have all the ties to the Chicago area that Girardi does. Not sure what his contract status anyway.

  11. genrebuster Says:

    Girardi would be worth a try…period. It’s not as easy to win in NY as many think….

  12. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Honestly, it doesn’t make much difference who the skipper is unless management starts bringing in better players than Kevin Gregg. No one could win with what’s currently on the roster. Maybe more games than Sveum but they’d still be below .500.

  13. dvxprime Says:

    As long as we’re talking about managers, guess who’s fucking up in the playoffs again?

  14. chucky Says:

    DVX….that isn’t surprising. But I want to point something out here. Rosenthal raised a question about manager Dusty Baker’s leadership. His non-existant “leadership” skills should never be doubted. Keep in mind that the ONLY way he ever managed to be successful in San Francisco and Chicago was to have roided out freaks like Bonds and Sosa in his lineups. I’m not surprised Vottos number have declined. Baker wore his ass out too by playing him in all 162 games this year. Don’t bother giving a day or two off. I am surprised he hasn’t torn up any more pitchers like he did here. Wood and Prior can thank that ignorant bastard for prematurely ending their careers by putting both of their arms through a goddamned meat grinder. I’ll never understand why Cincinnati hired this prick, knowing what he’s done to pitchers in the past. Yeah, Dusty, I can’t stand the fucking sight of you. And it has nothing to do with your race either. It’s because as far as managers are concerned, you are the biggest hack walking the fucking planet!

  15. chucky Says:

    Things are looking good in Pittsburgh right now! It might actually be possible that I hate the Reds even more than the St. Louis Cardinals, just because of what I call the “Dusty Factor”.


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