Open thread.


Have at it, folks.

14 Responses to “Open thread.”

  1. Cubs Suck Says:

    Rumor has it the Cubs will make a move for Joe Girardi. I have to admit I am not very excited. He is not the guy. Looks like a few more years of watching little league for my baseball fix. I boycotted the Cubs until they win a playoff game. Was fun using my Cubs bobble heads as target practice after I couldn’t even give them away lol

  2. Cubs Suck Says:

    I am however excited for PUD Selig to retire!

  3. dvxprime Says:

    Selig couldn’t just go away this year? Damn.

    If you take out baseball, life seems pretty sweet IRT Chicago sports. The Bears are winning, the Black Hawks start their Cup defense next week, the Bulls open training camp in another week or so, and even the Fire and Passion are fighting for a playoff berth.

    Hopefully this all doesn’t go south by Thanksgiving…

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    I will be at the game on Tuesday when the Blackhawks raise the banner. It should be dandy.

  5. Nemo Says:

    So, I was less than a mile from Busch Stadium when the Cardinals clinched last night-we were headed there for a concert.

    However, my first encounter with Cardinal fans was at a rest area in Illinois-2 dumb looking “Larry the Cable Guy” fucks drinking beer outside the pissers. One has an anti-Cubs shirt on that says “Completely Useless By September” on the front-never mind the Cubs are normally useless by June. On the back of the shirt, he had the even more original “Cuck the Fubs”. I’m there thinking how can a Cardinal fan legitimately hate the Cubs so much to break out that gear for a 90+ loss team? When have the Cubs ever gotten in the Cardinals way for anything?! It’s like Team Usa basketball fans HATING Team Angola. Why?! It’s like kicking blind puppies.

    Now, I like defending puppies, so I REALLY want to kick the shit out of these inbreds-2 on 1 doesn’t scare me-they appear drunk anyway. However, my wife would be pissed for all eternity if I messed up the concert to deal with these yahoos (and I have to live with her) so I have to settle with giving them my look of death and then moving on.

    The music venue is only like 3/4 a mile from Busch. However, having been to Busch in 2005, I figure there is enough parking near the Stadum for it not to be a problem at the club-WRONG! The lot across the club (which was free last week) was charging $15 because of stupid Cardinal fans-FUCK THAT!! We found a lot that was only $5 and stood in line to wait for the club to open.

    While in line outside,every couple minutes someone clad in Cardinal red took some very determined strides to the club-walking right past us in line (like we were stupid) and yanking on the locked door. I took a very perverse pleasure in informing them that the club wasn’t open yet and they would have to find somewhere else to go to the bathroom.

    Fortunately, there were several bands and the shows lasted longer than the game, so we didn’t hear any celebrating and the area was almost entirely cleared out when we were ready to go home.

    We had a good night in spite of the unfortunate coincidence with the baseball game, but damn, I wish we lived closer to Chicago than St. Louis!

  6. chucky Says:

    Goddamn, the Bears game has sure turned ugly in a hurry. What the fuck is this anyway?

  7. Cubs Suck Says:

    That’s Cutler being Cutler.

  8. chucky Says:

    Nemo….there is one team with fans that even worse than Cardinal fans. I’m referring to fans of the Chicago White Sox. These people are dumber than a box of rocks. Want proof? Just listen to the post game show on the score after every game. Good god, I’m amazed these morons remember how to breathe! The team sucks ass on a daily basis, and these freaks sit there and call Rongey with bullshit suggestions and bullshit solutions to the teams woes. Ken Harrelson is far and away THE worst play by play man in sports. All sports. Nobody is even close to him. I’ve emailed the score many times, begging them to drop their coverage of their games and let another station sink with them. Of course, nobody there has the balls to even respond. But their fans are the worst. Every one of them are just knuckledragging neanderthals who don’t know the difference between their asses and third base. Dumb as a fucking stump.

  9. Nemo Says:

    Chucky, I grew up in the SW Burbs, so I know Sox fans can be dumbasses-and general assholes in particular. Harrelson is a fucking idiot – “can of corn”?! are you fucking kidding me?! He makes Harry Caray sound like a Rhodes scholar. I’ve never really understood how anyone could like the Sox. Cardinals? I at least get that.

    But, Chicago is at least contested territory-St. Louis is enemy territory. And with their stadium downtown pretty much right as you cross the river, their games are guaranteed to mess up traffic wherever you are going and you are going to run into droves of fans if your destination is within a mile of downtown. It really seems that the Illinois-based Cardinal fans from small towns are the most obnoxious-perhaps because there are some Cubs fans there as opposed to none in St. Louis proper.

    Anyhow, hopefully the Pirates or Reds can take care of those jism jockeys in short order!

  10. Nemo Says:

    Have fun at the Hawks game, Fro. Hockey season always sneaks up on me-off season is so damn short when you win!

    I was thinking of Stubhubbing the Toronto game when Dave Bolland comes back to town, but it’s such a production for us. Might just go to St. Louis instead.

  11. Yeti Says:

    “Every one of them are just knuckledragging neanderthals who don’t know the difference between their asses and third base. Dumb as a fucking stump.”

    Can I get an irony ruling?

  12. chucky Says:

    If you did, you’d lose. Again.

  13. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    The Trib says Sveum is fired! WOO HOO!

  14. chucky Says:

    Mark that as confirmed Matt. He’s done. Pretty obvious that it was going to happen. Far too many players regressing(Castro, Samardjiza, Rizzo, Barney,etc.), and too many players bitching to coaches and/or managers. And of course you have Kevin Gregg making a complete jack off out of himself to the media. Actually, the Kevin Gregg situation could be hung on Hoyer and Epstein, considering the fact that the worthless fucking hack shouldn’t have been brought back in to begin with.


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