A game of inches.


Good Lord. Can the Bears just beat the shit out of a team for an entire game for a change? Three games into the season and I already feel exhausted. The Bears were up 24-3 and almost fell into the “Lovie-ness” of pissing away a game. If anybody remembers 2010 (If you want your eyes to bleed, feel free to read those recaps in the archives.), the Bears had the reputation of building leads only to have their defense slowly let other teams back into games. This game, it happened again. A penalty on a punt completely turned the game around. But, the fourth quarter arrived. Jay Cutler, again, put his big boy pants on and made some plays. The defense was back and forth all game but prevailed in the end. The Bears win again.

Offense: Cutler wasn’t spectacular overall but the whole “showing up when needed” thing happened again. When the defense let the Steelers back into the game, Cutler and the offense was tested again. The scramble where he basically ran into Steelers’ defender Robert Golden was ballsy. I loved it. DAT JAY CUTLER IS SUCH A PUSSY. HE ISN’T CHICAGO TUFF. Yeah. That play was a middle finger to his critics. Matt Forte, before turning his ankle, was running the ball just fine. He nearly had 100 yards rushing. I am praying he is alright. Back to something good. Earl Bennett. Holy shit. What a catch that was for the touchdown. Good job by Trestman challenging it.

Alright, now time to be ANGRY. Michael Bush (by Cracky) can’t seem to get a yard to save his life. The Bears are at the goal line early in the game and nearly shit themselves. If I remember correctly (It’s late. I am probably forgetting a few things.), the Bears had first and goal at the one. Let’s see, pass, run, run and run. Here I am, screaming for the Bears to just sneak the ball in. It works every damn time and instead, Bush (by Cracky) needs three runs to get one damn yard. If the Bears don’t convert that, they probably lose this game.

Defense: It was up. It was down. They forced five turnovers on the night and two were returned for touchdowns. Bad news is, 458 total yards given up. That is very bad. What’s worse? Henry Melton getting hurt. I am not a doctor, but him going off on a cart isn’t very encouraging. Charles Tillman is nursing a sore groin too. It’s time for the Bears defense to quit fucking around. COVER YOUR DAMN RECEIVERS. The Bears cannot keep doing this shit. Yes, I know have the Bears have an offense now where they can score a lot more but in the NFL, winning shootouts doesn’t work every week. Let’s pray this shit changes fast.

Special Teams: Well, Robbie Gould had an extra point blocked for the first time in a very long time. That sucked. I mentioned this earlier in this recap, but there was a punt with the Bears up 24-3 and they were about to get the ball back until Anthony Walters just missed blocking it. He ended up colliding with punter Zolton Mesko and it resulted in a new set of downs. I am not blaming Walters one bit for that. I am going to blame the defense for not being able to stop Ben Rapistberger right after. He marched the Steelers right down the field and that lead to the Steelers getting within four late in the game.

The Lions are next with first place on the line. Since the Packers and Vikings both lost, with a win next week, the Bears guarantee themselves at least, a two-game lead on every other team in the division.

4 Responses to “A game of inches.”

  1. Fro Dog Says:

    Reports say that Melton has a torn ACL. Great.

    Amobi Okoye for a backup anyone? Stephen Paea will probably be starting.

  2. chucky Says:

    Fro….are you listening to Boers and Bernstein right now? Oh my fucking GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! Some of these “Bears fans” are fucking retards. I swear, if you ran a drinking contest where Bernstein blows up at some moron caller with a totally stupid question that isn’t even worthy of being asked, I swear you’d die from alcohol poisoning! Don’t these dumb bastards think these questions through? I hope the bleeding I have in both of my ears will stop soon.

  3. Cubs Suck Says:

    I personally have called the score for a couple of conversations and I know for a fact you get screened by a producer. So either the producer is letting any idiot through or they are having actors call in for ratings. I know they are winning but its hard to get excited for the Bears for the reasons Fro mentioned, Pretenders or Contenders? Right now I would say pretenders, this team would get sent home in the first round of the playoffs if they started today. There is plenty of time left I know but we will see, Sucks Henry Melton tore the ACL. Now Julius Peppers will have to earn his paycheck…. other then that tipped ball that landed in his hands for a TD where has that guy been?

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    I didn’t listen to much of it until I got on the road which was around 5:00. I did, however, listen to Mully and Hanley before going to work and it seems like Buffone and O’Bradovich were yelling at each other over the way the defense played. The caller did have a point about the defense giving up over 450 yards. That does worry me and it should for everyone else.

    The Bears just need to keep the pedal to the medal on offense. The defense needs to figure shit out soon. I think we are all in full support of Trestman but some of the calls in the second half weren’t good ones. Regardless, we all would agree that Lovie would have this team at 0-3, maybe 1-2 if he’s coaching. With Trestman in charge, the Bears have a chance to grab the division by the balls with a win on Sunday and it’s only the fourth week.


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