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Just remember, Ryan Poles took four offensive linemen in last year’s draft and three didn’t even play.

April 30, 2023

Here we go again. And for those who think I’m just a party pooper, look no further than last year’s draft picks. Having only one or two decent players out of 11 picks isn’t a very good ratio. And even worse, one of those “decent” players was a punter.

If Darnell Wright ends up being great, then great, I guess? But what about the other nine players? I know it’s only the second draft, but the fact that he fucked up royally last year doesn’t give me any faith that this group will be a success.

History has shown us that most of these players will be hurt. The others? Really bad at football.


Open Thread | Draft Day Edition

April 22, 2023

The Draft is upon us. This will be the official thread for when you need to comment after every bust is selected by Ryan Poles.

Fuck this franchise.

The major sports are becoming oversaturated and micromanaged.

April 15, 2023

Play-in games, extra playoff teams, rule changes, you name it. It’s ruining our favorite sports all in the name of the almighty dollar. The quality and excitement is all but gone.

Last night, I witnessed the Chicago Bulls embarrass themselves in a game that had no business even being played. They promptly blew the game in true Bulls’ fashion and failed to make the playoffs. It was the glorious “Play-In” game.

Why is there a need to make the two worst teams after the eighth spot to play extra games? There isn’t. The NBA only gives a shit about money. They don’t care about the quality of the product. And I haven’t even delved into their idiotic ways of watering down the quality by letting teenagers who have no business being in an NBA arena, let alone putting on a uniform to play. This is the main reason why the NBA has sucked for the last decade.

Half of the players in the league shouldn’t be in the league because of how shitty they are. If you want to be a school teacher, you can’t just go to college for one year. You need to go there for four years and earn a degree. Why can’t the NBA make players stay in college for three years so they actually learn how to play the game properly? Players need to stay in college not only to learn how to play defense, but to actually grow up and learn some social skills. Sure, Kobe and LeBron went into the league after high school. But let’s be real: That’s two out of a million. Fuck Adam Silver.

It really is a close race with who is ruining their league the most. I see it with the NFL, MLB and NBA. Thankfully, the NHL only does some dumb shit and while their playoff format has been fucking trash by basically being the same matchups every year, it’s a matter of time before known fuckface Gary Bettman does more damage.

MLB has also ruined things by adding extra teams and rounds to the playoffs. Hey, things were just fine with four playoff teams. Why add one-game playoffs and getting rid of the pitcher batting? Now, there is a pitch-clock? It’s no longer baseball. The pitcher is on the field. They should fucking bat. I am so glad I don’t give a damn about this sport anymore. It’s been completely ruined. Dipshits.

In the NFL, they added the glorious 17th game and seventh seed to the playoffs. So the solution to keeping players safe is making them play an extra game of the season and extra first-round game with an extra team. It’s like how do you keep your ass clean after taking a shit? Oh, I know. Wipe your ass BEFORE you shit. That’s the solution! We saw the Bears be the last seed in 2021 and it was a disaster. The Bears had no business being there. No team that is seventh should be in the playoffs. But again, it’s all about money and never the quality. Roger Goodell can join Adam Silver in fucking himself with a rusty fishing knife.

I’ve been meaning to write about this topic for a long time. And I finally got it out. If there is anything else that annoys you about changes to the games we love, feel free to add your thoughts.

Can Ryan Poles please fuck off now? The worst quarterback in history was re-signed.

April 6, 2023

Nathan Peterwhacker is back.

How stupid is Ryan Poles? Is drafting a quarterback in the later rounds not a better option? Because 99% of fans would say it is. But instead, let’s bring back the statistically worst quarterback in NFL history!

This is fucking rotten.