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Hello Guv’nor!! Welcome to Dusty’s “new horse”, Homer!

September 28, 2012

Just stirring the pot, gentlemen and ladies. Feel free to take aim and RANT.

Open thread.

September 27, 2012

How appropriate that after the debacle on Monday Night Football, the lockout of the referees ended late Wednesday. Keep in mind that most of the reports before the week were saying that the sides were far apart with no end in the sight.

Our good friend MadCityMac pretty much implied this in the last thread but this whole fiasco doesn’t happen if morons like Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder have control of these situations.

A win is a win, I suppose.

September 23, 2012

I am glad the Bears won just like any other fan. They beat a team they were suppose to beat and while it was a bit ugly on the offensive side, I saw some good things. The Bears guarantee themselves another week on top of the division. This game was all about turnovers and stupid penalties on both teams. By penalties, let’s just say that the Rams would do something stupid and the Bears tried to do them one better. We’ll get to that and much more below.

Offense: I thought the play-calling was a bit better by Tice this week. I still felt that they should have ran the ball some more in this game but they did just enough to score points. Michael Bush had a good game and was able to score a touchdown. Cutler made some terrible throws in this game. He was only sacked twice and he did have some plays where he had time to throw but damn. He was picked off once and was nearly picked off at least two more times. That being said, the receivers like Marshall and Jeffery dropped some easy passes. So about those penalties, some false start penalties hurt the Bears. The Rams had a roughing the kicker that lead to the Bears scoring first. Then, there was a roughing the passer penalty by the Rams that lead to the Bears first touchdown to make 10-0. Point being, thanks to the stupidity of the Rams, the Bears were able to cash in.

Defense: They played really well in this game. There was the last drive before halftime that pissed me off because that’s usually what they  do. It’s the garbage “prevent” defense that in reality, prevents the Bears from stopping the other team. I had a feeling that Bradford was going to figure things out in the second half but they decided to go for it on fourth down at the start of the half only to fail. What sucked is that the Bears should have been up much more in this game as it was only 10-6 heading to the last quarter. But the Bears front four forced a lot of pressure on Bradford resulting in six sacks. I must say that one guy who needs to be recognized for his play is Amobi Okoye. He had three tackles, a sack and could have had at least one or two more. Israel Idonije was awesome in this game as well. A shout out goes to Tim Jennings. He had another stellar game. Along with his interception was a deflection by him that turned into the Major Wright interception return for a touchdown. You see what happens when the secondary covers receivers?

Getting back to stupid penalties, Julius Peppers made one that could have fucked the Bears in the second half. The Bears made a stop on third down to get the ball back and Peppers pushed Stephen Jackson during a scuffle and gave the Rams a new set of downs. Luckily, the made the stop and got the ball back. Play a better team and you probably pay for that decision.

Special Teams: I thought Hester had a couple nice returns and was a broken tackle or two away from taking one all the way back. But just to tell you how he affects field position, the punter for the Rams kicked the ball out of bounds for most of his punts and with the others, he still tried to pin him into the corner. Eventually, Hester will be able to capitalize off of them. Robbie Gould nailed three field goals including one from 54 yards. Good work.

Next up are the Cowboys on Monday night. It’s a must-win.

Open thread.

September 21, 2012

I will be at the Bears game Sunday and will have a recap later that evening. Until then, enjoy the weekend. Unless you’re one of the idiots below who haven’t showered in a week because you camped outside waiting for a phone that will probably stop working after a week.

Words cannot describe how useless society has become. Just look at the picture and see for yourselves.

Every commissioner in every major sport is an idiot.

September 18, 2012

Something that we as sports fans have been accustomed to in the last two years has been a lockout of some sort. We had a lockout in football, basketball and now, hockey. It’s so damn frustrating and I honestly believe that it would be best if every commissioner resigned because that’s where nearly every problem lies.

Gary Bettman –  NHL: This dumbass is now responsible for the fourth lockout in 20 years and one of the reasons why I decided to write this post in the first place. Stat time: That’s one lockout every five years. The entire 2004-2005 season was canceled and this year, it could very well be headed for another season of cancellation. This all rests on Bettman. He has continued to low-ball the players by trying to take more than half of the league’s earnings and give to the already rich owners.

In a perfect world, both owners and players would get half of the earnings but Bettman, had the owners propose a 57% percent share while the players would only get 43%?. What a damn scumbag. Apparently, $5 million a year isn’t enough for his pocket. Hey Gary. Quit being a douche and just resign. In addition to this disaster, the TV coverage is still terrible even after all of the improvements. So most of the playoff games are still on cable and to make matters worse, games 3 and 4 of the Stanley Cup Final are on cable as well instead of broadcast TV like every other major sport. Nice job Beavis!

David Stern – NBA: Where to start with this moron? Well, let’s start off with, of course, the lockout last year. He’s been responsible for two of them in 12 years. The one thing that pisses me off the most was the scandal many years back with former referee Tim Donaghy. The conspiracy proved to be true since the early 1990’s when some of the referees were fixing games in order for financial gains. I will go even further and say that David Stern knew about this crap and didn’t do a damn thing about it. To this day, I still believe there are refs fixing games. I wrote this article in 2009 describing a playoff games between the Bulls and the Celtics. There were quite a few plays down the stretch in which Derrick Rose was fouled and everyone knew it and yet, the refs never blew the whistle. The Bulls lost that game and eventually, the series. Fuck David Stern. He looks like a damn weasel also. That’s another reason why he should resign.

Bud Selig – MLB: A strike. Some steroids. He didn’t seem to give a shit about either. Enough said.

Roger Goodell – NFL: Where do I start with this ass rash? We all know about the Saints and their bounties. We all know it happened. But this guy continues to ignore what happens on the field. As long as this fuck face gets his money, he doesn’t give a damn who the referees are. He is basically pulling people off the streets and asking them to officiate a game. One thing I find embarrassing is that this past Sunday, they pulled a referee hours before a game that involved the Saints and Panthers because one of the refs was a Saints fan. The Monday night game with the Broncos and Falcons was an insult to the league and the fans. Hey dumbass. Pay your referees. The NFL pulls in billions of dollars each season. Goodell can afford to throw an extra few million their way. Joe Flacco of the Ravens said it best on Sunday: The replacement refs are affecting the integrity of the game.

Along with all of this, is the garbage that is Thursday Night Football. Games should be played on Sundays and Mondays only. I understand Thanksgiving games and that’s an exception. When I was a kid, they use to have some games on Saturdays towards the end of the season and that’s fine too. But Goodell bitches about player safety and yet, he signs on to throw some of the players out there four days later for now, the first 13 weeks of the season? Roger Goodell, who are you crappin’?


Rahm Emanuel – Mayor of Chicago: Yes. I know he’s not a commissioner but I am sure he would make a great one!  I try not to bring my political beliefs to this site but I cannot help it in this case. With the teachers’ strike just ending, I saw an article the other day with Emanuel telling the union “See you in court”. So the teachers are getting fucked over and they want job security and benefits. He also tries to make the school days longer as well as the school year. The teachers feel they should be compensated for the extra time.

But instead, he threatens to take them to court and force them to do their job? They are a union. They are under contract and have the right to strike if they feel they are being treated unfairly. This is just another reason why Chicago is the most corrupt city in the most corrupt state in the country. Let’s not forget all of those extra and privately-owned parking meters in the city. Rahm is just another dip shit running the show.

That’s all.

A Gallery of Mediocrity…

September 17, 2012

This is for Yeti…and anybody else who feels the need to defend any grossly overpaid underachievers… BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH

My eyes hurt.

September 13, 2012

There wasn’t anything good about this game. The Bears faced a much better team than they did on Sunday. I am writing this as the Bears have just went down 20 points in the fourth. I am sure that I will forget a few things in this short recap but feel free to add what I missed in the comments section.

Offense: Cutler sucked. Marshall dropped a touchdown pass. Other receivers dropped passes. J’Marcus Webb sucks. Gabe Carimi is an idiot. Forte got hurt. The Packers defense made Jay Cutler their bitch.

Defense: They actually didn’t play all that bad. However, Rodgers did just enough to get the job done and that’s what great quarterbacks do. What started the scoring for the Packers was Nick Roach not getting off the field in time in which it would have been fourth down when it was still scoreless. The Packers challenged that play and it paid off.

Special teams: Well, the Bears did an excellent job of letting the Packers score a touchdown on the fake field goal as the guy ran down the field untouched. Mason Crosby nailed three field goals. That guy never seems to miss.

The Bears are 1-9 in their last ten games against the Packers. So needless to say, it’s just like the 90’s all over again for this rivalry. Isn’t the other team actually suppose to win games in a rivalry? Well, at least they have one in those ten.

(I just wanted to throw in that the one win the Bears have had against in the Packers in the last ten games was that Monday night game in 2010. If it wasn’t for some penalties that weren’t suppose to be called in favor of the Bears and a blocked field goal, the Bears easily lose that game. Take that for what it’s worth.)

Open thread.

September 11, 2012

Lovie Smith: We’re now 2-0 if you count last year’s final regular season game!

September 9, 2012

The Bears played the season opener just like I thought they were going to. It was a bit chilly sitting in the 300 level just under the shade but it was a good day regardless. The offense, as expected, kicked ass after a slow start. The defense, as expected, wasn’t great. I’ll get to that in just a bit but it was a game that Bears were suppose to win and they did it. The Bears needed some good fortune to win this.

Offense: You know what makes me happy? Wide receivers who actually know how to run a route properly and at the same time, catch the ball. For the most part, we saw that in this game. Cutler was only sacked twice and it didn’t come back to haunt the team and he was able to throw to six different receivers. Brandon Marshall had a great game with nine catches for 119 yards and a touchdown. I am already getting a bit of a man-crush on Alshon Jeffery. He had a sweet touchdown catch and three catches total for 80 yards. I stressed this a lot in the last two seasons but the Bears, once again, almost had an even amount of carries to passes. If this continues, the offense will continue to be successful. Matt Forte nearly had 82 yards rushing with a touchdown and Michael Bush (by cracky), contributed in a fine way by getting two touchdowns.

Defense: I wrote this last week, but the offense can’t realistically score 40 points a game. It was great today but the defense has to get better. Urlacher left the game early because it was out of reach so that was nice to see. With 45 seconds to go in the first half, Luck drives the Colts down the field because the defense still cannot figure out how to cover a receiver. Luckily (no pun intended), he ran out of time to get a touchdown and Vinatieri missed a field goal. In the other three legitimate scoring chances, he drove his team down the field but threw for three interceptions. The first interception was by Jennings and that was the wind basically knocking it down right into his hands. It was a good pass though. Jennings did get another interception but the second one was tipped by him in Conte’s hands in the endzone. Let’s be nice and say the Colts had the potential to score 21 more points if it wasn’t for those fortunate bounces. The defense let Luck pass for over 300 yards. They can get away with this garbage in this game but in the future, it will come back to bite them in the ass.

Special Teams: Robbie Gould hit two field goals and Devin Hester had a good return or two to help the Bears with good field position. I give them an A.

Next up are the Packers at Lambeau. You can bet that Aaron Rodgers is pissed off with the loss against the 49ers. I have a bad feeling he is going to take it out on the Bears. He did the same thing last year on Christmas night.

“My knee will never be the same again.” – Brian Urlacher

September 6, 2012

If this upcoming season for the Bears doesn’t already look shitty, what Brian Urlacher said on Sunday in an interview will probably seal the deal for you. Even if Urlacher plays every game this season, it will not be at 100%. The Bears, historically, have sucked when Urlacher doesn’t play or plays at a limited level. That’s what we are going to get this season. The defense sucks as it is and it will be worse with Urlacher not playing at a top level. He is one of the best linebackers in franchise history and in the last two years, he played really well after having some injury problems before that.

Urlacher also said in the interview that he felt he could have played three or four more years at a high level. We all can thank Lovie Lee Smith for cutting his career short. There was no point in playing him with the Bears losing their previous five games before that and being eliminated from playoff contention the week before. Here I am with the pessimism again but rightfully so. Urlacher may only play this year and maybe the next before calling it quits. If someone wants to say that the Bears have a great offense and that’s what could put them over the top, you are a moron. Teams win Super Bowls because of good defenses. If you want to know what a great offense with a shitty defense can do, ask the Packers how they did last year. They put up video game numbers on offense in the regular season but when the playoffs rolled around, that didn’t get them anywhere.

This also can be blamed on one, Jerry Angelo. I wrote a few months back that even after he is long gone, Angelo is still screwing the Bears.   Angelo should have tried to get a linebacker for the future and instead, ignored the situation. No. Nick Roach doesn’t count and neither does some other bum he drafted. I am already going to be looking forward to next year’s draft where linebackers and offensive lineman will be priorities. Let’s not forget about Lance Briggs who is getting older as well. The windows is a crack away from being closed. This is not only Lovie’s last shot, but this team as well before rebuilding begins for good. I will be at the game Sunday as well as the guys from Fire Ron Turner. We’ll both have recaps of the game.

Buckle up Bears fans. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.