Open thread.


I will be at the Bears game Sunday and will have a recap later that evening. Until then, enjoy the weekend. Unless you’re one of the idiots below who haven’t showered in a week because you camped outside waiting for a phone that will probably stop working after a week.

Words cannot describe how useless society has become. Just look at the picture and see for yourselves.

19 Responses to “Open thread.”

  1. chucky Says:

    Useless isn’t the word. Fucking brain-dead is more accurate. The only thing I find more offensive than that is the stampede at Best Buy the day after Thanksgiving at 4 in the morning. George Carlin said it best.

    “Everybody now has a cellphone that can make pancakes and rub his balls.”

    Have fun at the game. The “experts” are saying the Bears should bounce back and beat the Rams. My prediction: Bears 17-Rams 14. Bears win, but it will be hardly a “bounce back” performance.

  2. Yeti Says:

    Are they useless because 2 of them are wearing Sanchez jerseys?

  3. Fro Dog Says:

    Yeti is mad because he couldn’t get his new phone this morning like everyone else. So he will be stuck taking new pictures of himself wearing his sweater vest in the mirror and then, sending them to his minions with his old one.

  4. chucky Says:

    Fro…are you saying that Yeti is actually Rick Santorum in drag?

    Yeti…no, they’re useless because they think Kevin Gregg is serviceable.

  5. Yeti Says:

    Sorry, android guy here.

  6. chucky Says:

    Yeah, you’re sorry alright. But are you Santorum in drag?

  7. MadCityMac Says:

    I’ve completely given up on society in general. These fucking idiots have probably never done an honest day’s work in they’re useless lives. Chucky, spot on about black Friday. Every year, I piss off at least one or two female friends with my sniping about the idiocy of getting in line overnight just to fucking shop. And don’t even get me going about these failed abortions such as the Kardashians, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Logan, etc. They can all die in a fire for all I care. Society sucks goat balls.

  8. MadCityMac Says:

    Lohan, not Logan. Fucking “auto correct “…

  9. chucky Says:

    Fucking goddamned Marmol is back to his old shitty self. Are you paying attention Yeti? This is the goddamned piece of shit you so ignorantly tried to defend to the rest of us.


  10. Pie In The Sky Says:


    You know damn well that STL will win the second WC by one game, run the table and win the WS.

  11. genrebuster Says:

    man…. for some reason this thread is cracking me up! Mac and Chucky on fire!

    George Carlin knew what he was talking about…my man!

    I’m an Android guy, too.


  12. MadCityMac Says:

    Scott, Android here as well. I must have po’d a huge part of society yesterday, most notably the state of Nebraska and some of my “friends” who lean to the right politically. It was a good day in the Mad City!

  13. Yeti Says:

    Seriously, why do you still care if the Cubs win or lose? It’s Sept 23, they’re terrible and a shitton games out.

  14. DVXPrime Says:

    Not to kiss Apple’s asses or anything…but I have an old-school iPod nano that lasted three years longer than the iPod mini that I bought (and lasted three months). My four-and-a half year old Gateway tower died on me last month, and I am seriously aiming for a refurbished iMac ($200 less than new).

    That being said, my LG smartphone is a good phone for talking and internet use…when it has the 3G coverage. The Google maps feature is spot-on accurate. I have two games apps. One day, when I switchfrom Sprint, I MAY buy an iPhone…but I will NOT be like the sheep waiting in line at oh-dark-thirty for a week for it.

    MadCityMac, you’re right…society is going to hell. I’ll stop there, for now.

    I missed the chance to comment on the Commish thread. Chucky, if you really had to expand on Bud the Used Car Salesman, your fingers would be bloody from all the anger that fueled your typing. Well done! I can’t believe the owners haven’t fired Bettman by now; FOUR WORK STOPPAGES IN 20 YEARS? That’s like every five years that the NHL loses billions of dollars. Why is he still Commish?

    I wonder if Cutty and Cambpell have seen the J Webb Nation video series on YouTube. I wonder if Lovie and Tice have taken a peek or two. That’s your staring left tackle gents. What prescription sleeping pills do y’all take, again?

    I live an hour plus away each from the Nationals and the Orioles. Last year they were two of the worst run teams in baseball…now they’re both in the 2012 pennant race. I wonder if I’m missing anything by sitting on blogs bitching about the Beras and the Cubs instead of taking in one of their games…oh, wait, seeing the Nationals would mean driving around in DC. Never mind: I’ve been tagged by the speeding cams THREE times in the last year driving up there.

    Go Bears…dammit, JWebb, block somebody you fat fuck.

  15. chucky Says:

    Why do I care Yeti? For the same fucking reason you think Marmol is any good, or that Kevin Gregg was “serviceable”.

    I’m completely insane. The difference is that I know it, and I embrace it. You, on the hand, think you’re completely sane and rational.

    DVX….My fingers are STILL bleeding! Maybe I should go the same anger management class as Kane and Daniel Bryan?

  16. Jimmy D. Says:


    Where are you in proximity to D.C.? I used to live in Richmond, VA and spent many a weekend up in the Georgetown area…God, I hated the traffic and crime there.

    I needed to get a computer for my two sons to have for school work, so I decided to give them my old PC and upgrade myself. They each have an iPod Touch and I’ve been fighting the “Apple” mystique long enough. So, I broke down about a month ago and bought an iPad for the entire family and I bought an iMac for my home office. I love it all. The learning curve for system operation is a bit more than I was prepared for, but the Apple platform is very intuitive and functionality is terrific. Don’t hesitate in making the jump.

    Jimmy D.

  17. DVXPrime Says:

    Hey, JimmyD…I am in Lexington Park, about an hour ten from DC and an hour and twenty from Baltimore. I go to DC on the occasional long weekend or DC United trip. I stay wherever Hilton has a hotel, usually somewhere where there are some good night spots. Traffic has not only got worse, but the District now treats their drivers like ATMs. Greedy fuckers.

    Thanks for the gouge on the iMac. I’m getting one as soon as I can string together some cash.

    BTW…yeah the Bears won, but talk about torture porn football.

    Just a thought…If you read through all the NFL previews for this year, you’d guesstimate that one out of every four NFL teams have issues with their O-line. What the hell? Do we not teach linemen how to block and tackle any more? WTF is up with the o-line skills nowadays?

    Go Bears! You got a long way to go, Lovie…

  18. Fro Dog Says:


    The reason why the owners don’t try to get rid of Bettman is because he helps them make even more money and in return, they pay his salary. The way the owners see it, they can afford to lose a season of hockey as they feel confident that they can make up for the losses in the seasons to follow by raising prices for tickets, food, merchandise, etc. In addition, teams can lay off employees during the lockout which saves them quite a few bucks.

  19. genrebuster Says:

    Mac….maybe those friends of yours will keep leaning, fall over, hit their heads and wake up with a brighter (in all ways) perspective ….but probably not! BAAAAAAAAA


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