Every commissioner in every major sport is an idiot.


Something that we as sports fans have been accustomed to in the last two years has been a lockout of some sort. We had a lockout in football, basketball and now, hockey. It’s so damn frustrating and I honestly believe that it would be best if every commissioner resigned because that’s where nearly every problem lies.

Gary Bettman –  NHL: This dumbass is now responsible for the fourth lockout in 20 years and one of the reasons why I decided to write this post in the first place. Stat time: That’s one lockout every five years. The entire 2004-2005 season was canceled and this year, it could very well be headed for another season of cancellation. This all rests on Bettman. He has continued to low-ball the players by trying to take more than half of the league’s earnings and give to the already rich owners.

In a perfect world, both owners and players would get half of the earnings but Bettman, had the owners propose a 57% percent share while the players would only get 43%?. What a damn scumbag. Apparently, $5 million a year isn’t enough for his pocket. Hey Gary. Quit being a douche and just resign. In addition to this disaster, the TV coverage is still terrible even after all of the improvements. So most of the playoff games are still on cable and to make matters worse, games 3 and 4 of the Stanley Cup Final are on cable as well instead of broadcast TV like every other major sport. Nice job Beavis!

David Stern – NBA: Where to start with this moron? Well, let’s start off with, of course, the lockout last year. He’s been responsible for two of them in 12 years. The one thing that pisses me off the most was the scandal many years back with former referee Tim Donaghy. The conspiracy proved to be true since the early 1990’s when some of the referees were fixing games in order for financial gains. I will go even further and say that David Stern knew about this crap and didn’t do a damn thing about it. To this day, I still believe there are refs fixing games. I wrote this article in 2009 describing a playoff games between the Bulls and the Celtics. There were quite a few plays down the stretch in which Derrick Rose was fouled and everyone knew it and yet, the refs never blew the whistle. The Bulls lost that game and eventually, the series. Fuck David Stern. He looks like a damn weasel also. That’s another reason why he should resign.

Bud Selig – MLB: A strike. Some steroids. He didn’t seem to give a shit about either. Enough said.

Roger Goodell – NFL: Where do I start with this ass rash? We all know about the Saints and their bounties. We all know it happened. But this guy continues to ignore what happens on the field. As long as this fuck face gets his money, he doesn’t give a damn who the referees are. He is basically pulling people off the streets and asking them to officiate a game. One thing I find embarrassing is that this past Sunday, they pulled a referee hours before a game that involved the Saints and Panthers because one of the refs was a Saints fan. The Monday night game with the Broncos and Falcons was an insult to the league and the fans. Hey dumbass. Pay your referees. The NFL pulls in billions of dollars each season. Goodell can afford to throw an extra few million their way. Joe Flacco of the Ravens said it best on Sunday: The replacement refs are affecting the integrity of the game.

Along with all of this, is the garbage that is Thursday Night Football. Games should be played on Sundays and Mondays only. I understand Thanksgiving games and that’s an exception. When I was a kid, they use to have some games on Saturdays towards the end of the season and that’s fine too. But Goodell bitches about player safety and yet, he signs on to throw some of the players out there four days later for now, the first 13 weeks of the season? Roger Goodell, who are you crappin’?


Rahm Emanuel – Mayor of Chicago: Yes. I know he’s not a commissioner but I am sure he would make a great one!  I try not to bring my political beliefs to this site but I cannot help it in this case. With the teachers’ strike just ending, I saw an article the other day with Emanuel telling the union “See you in court”. So the teachers are getting fucked over and they want job security and benefits. He also tries to make the school days longer as well as the school year. The teachers feel they should be compensated for the extra time.

But instead, he threatens to take them to court and force them to do their job? They are a union. They are under contract and have the right to strike if they feel they are being treated unfairly. This is just another reason why Chicago is the most corrupt city in the most corrupt state in the country. Let’s not forget all of those extra and privately-owned parking meters in the city. Rahm is just another dip shit running the show.

That’s all.

6 Responses to “Every commissioner in every major sport is an idiot.”

  1. chucky Says:

    Fro….isn’t Goodell the guy who wants to expand the season to 18 games by way of dropping two preseason games? I’m pretty sure he was the shitstain that was in favor of that half-assed idea. Tell me something Rog, just how does THAT reduce the players chances of getting whacked in the fucking head? And yeah, that Thursday night football idea is just outright DUMB. Didn’t he say that every team must have one Thursday nighter? Equal opportunity for each team to get scrambled brains.

    You’re right in your assessment of that assbag Emanuel too. He’s bitching and pissing and moaning about how the city has no money, the state has no money, blah, blah, blah, yet you watch. He’ll cut a check to Fanboy to rebuild Wrigley shithouse, despite what his old man said before. I know this isn’t a political forum, but I’ll say this much: I hate both sides. Republicans make the mafia look like Julie Andrews clones, and the Democrats have all the spine of a jellyfish. The only person who has kept my sanity(?) in check has been the late George Carlin. As he once said, “When you’re born into the world, you’re given a ticket to the freak show. When you’re born in America, you get a front row seat.”

  2. Pie In The Sky Says:

    I’m concerned about player safety with these officials. One of my team’s quarterbacks (Jake Locker) got a separated shoulder because the officials didn’t blow their whistle on what was an obvious incomplete pass (and helmet to helmet hit).

    I saw another quarterback take a big shot on a play that was a false start. The ref never blew his whistle. WTF?

    If someone gets seriously injured because of stupid officiating…

  3. Fro Dog Says:


    This article was right on cue because last night, I was watching the news and heard that the great mayor of Chicago wants to raise taxes in sports tickets in the city and, you guessed it, tobacco as well! Keep in mind that the turd that is the governor of the state raised tobacco taxes in late June.

    I think this is the theory in Illinois: When you are millions in debt, don’t try to take any new approaches. Just keep taxing the same things over and over again until you get even. That’s helped for the last ten years!

  4. chucky Says:

    Jesus fucking Christ!!!!!!!!!!


    He pitched for 15 years, 2 of which weren’t even for the Cubs. He won a lousy 86 games. TOTAL!!!!!!!!! 6 of those with Cleveland and the Yankees. The only closer worse than him is Marmol.

    Who or what will be next? Does Dennis Lamp get a fucking statue too? How about Steve Swisher? Mike Vail? I know what we should do. Let’s retire #22 and run a flag up the right field foul pole to honor Paul Popovich! After all, he was a member of the 69 team that completely choked in September. Right?

    Just when I thought I ran out of reasons to kick Fanboy in the goddamn nutsack. This fucking organization gets more embarrassing by the fucking day.

  5. Robert Says:

    What about a night to honor Curtis Wilkerson les Lancaster Paul kilgus Damon berry hill or what about the starting 2nd baseman before ryno the great bump wills

  6. chucky Says:

    Hell, for that matter, how about the guy who had the greatest opening day in major league history?

    The legendary…….TUFFY RHODES!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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