A Gallery of Mediocrity…


This is for Yeti…and anybody else who feels the need to defend any grossly overpaid underachievers… BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH

10 Responses to “A Gallery of Mediocrity…”

  1. chucky Says:

    Damn genre! That’s a rogues gallery of losers if I ever saw one. The only one that’s missing is the picture of Yeti.

  2. genrebuster Says:

    I think we should add to the gallery as possible…”no one here gets out alive”… HA HA HA

  3. Yeti Says:

    Yes, me saying “Shouldn’t Sveum get credit for Marmol’s turnaround this year when he gets yelled at for him being shitty” is apparently me accepting mediocrity. That makes sense. This team is terrible, and I know that but I’m not angry, because it’s a rebuilding process that Theo and Jed are working on. They are throwing a bunch of minor leaguers up to the majors to see if they have any potential. I’d venture to guess that 90% of these guys they didn’t feel good about anyway, but why not just have them come up and see if they perform well when the season is a waste. Sveum has had no chance to win with these guys, nor does Cubs Sr. Management think so. The only younger guys with promise are Castro, Barney, and Rizzo, thusfar. The rest have been terrible players. Soriano has had a great season, so that can maybe get him traded this offseason, but time will tell on that.

    Marmol: You won’t be happy with his numbers unless they came in the heat of a pennant race? Well, the last time the Cubs were in a pennant race, it was 2008. His numbers for the last two months of the season: 29IP, 1.55ERA, .104 Opp BA, 10.86 K/9. Those are pretty fucking good numbers in the “heat — and the PRESSURE — of a pennant race”. Or in 2007 when the Cubs fought their way into the playoffs: 30.2IP, 1.17ERA, .127 Opp BA, 12.65 K/9. Good numbers as well. The guy has shown he can pitch in those situations. However, the rest of the team (and him for the first couple of months) was bad this year, so he hasn’t had a chance to show any of that.

    Jimmy, I didn’t pick that year, as I pointed out in the beginning of the post. A friend of mine did the research. Obtaining stats for coaches like that is quite the difficult task. So, using 250 games worth of stats is pretty indicative of the commonplace of teams losing the game after trailing at the half.

  4. Yeti's Stats Says:


  5. DVXPrime Says:

    We interrupt Yeti’s inane ramblings to demonstrate what a REAL winning team looks like during a playoff race:

    …and here is where the Fire won their 200th regular season game in team history:

    Chicago Fire…WINNING.

    DVXPrime out.

  6. chucky Says:

    Thanks for proving my point Yeti. Marmol is a goddamn headcase, which means at this point in time HE’S FUCKING USELESS!!!! What part of that don’t you fucking understand? Screw the pressure. Why did he suck goat balls earlier THIS season? No pennant race, no massive amounts of pressure, he just sucked. Because he had dogshit between his dumbo ears, and still does.

    It may wind up being that way with Castro as well. He is showing signs of future headcase with the lapses he has had. Not paying attention, offensive slump and all that. Yeah, sure, players get into slumps. Happens all the time, right? Castros numbers have been steady in their decline all year. He’s 22, so either he’ll mature and grow out of it, or we’ll be talking about what could have been. He also needs to curb his night life some too.

    Barney HAS been fun to watch at second. His defense has been outstanding, no question. I have no problem on agreeing with you about that.

    I like Rizzo and what he has done this year. I hope he maintains it too. He seems to have a good head, and seems like a real good guy too.

    I don’t think they can trade Soriano, not without eating a very large portion of his contract. And even then, they are limited to dealing him to an AL team. I would not take him if I had to play him in the field. Thanks Moe, you rat bastard! I hope you goddamn fucking choke!

  7. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    You guys have to check this out…


    Oh my.

  8. Robert Says:

    Who gave up the home run in ge 1 after Lou pulled z to save him for game 5

  9. Yeti Says:

    Yes, Robert, that one inning is clear indication of his shittiness, as long as you ignore the 60 innings of data I presented.

  10. genrebuster Says:

    I remember that HR….and that’s the problem with stats, Yeti…they don’t tell the whole story. “Headcase” is about right…and it’s fair, until proven otherwise.

    We all know that the Cubs are “rebuilding”. But if Marmol is as good as Yeti believes, then I hope that the Cubs can unload him for somebody with potential. Clean house.

    Yes, I’m ok with Castro, Barney and Rizzo…for now.

    We’ll know more next year…tick tock.


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