“My knee will never be the same again.” – Brian Urlacher


If this upcoming season for the Bears doesn’t already look shitty, what Brian Urlacher said on Sunday in an interview will probably seal the deal for you. Even if Urlacher plays every game this season, it will not be at 100%. The Bears, historically, have sucked when Urlacher doesn’t play or plays at a limited level. That’s what we are going to get this season. The defense sucks as it is and it will be worse with Urlacher not playing at a top level. He is one of the best linebackers in franchise history and in the last two years, he played really well after having some injury problems before that.

Urlacher also said in the interview that he felt he could have played three or four more years at a high level. We all can thank Lovie Lee Smith for cutting his career short. There was no point in playing him with the Bears losing their previous five games before that and being eliminated from playoff contention the week before. Here I am with the pessimism again but rightfully so. Urlacher may only play this year and maybe the next before calling it quits. If someone wants to say that the Bears have a great offense and that’s what could put them over the top, you are a moron. Teams win Super Bowls because of good defenses. If you want to know what a great offense with a shitty defense can do, ask the Packers how they did last year. They put up video game numbers on offense in the regular season but when the playoffs rolled around, that didn’t get them anywhere.

This also can be blamed on one, Jerry Angelo. I wrote a few months back that even after he is long gone, Angelo is still screwing the Bears.   Angelo should have tried to get a linebacker for the future and instead, ignored the situation. No. Nick Roach doesn’t count and neither does some other bum he drafted. I am already going to be looking forward to next year’s draft where linebackers and offensive lineman will be priorities. Let’s not forget about Lance Briggs who is getting older as well. The windows is a crack away from being closed. This is not only Lovie’s last shot, but this team as well before rebuilding begins for good. I will be at the game Sunday as well as the guys from Fire Ron Turner. We’ll both have recaps of the game.

Buckle up Bears fans. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

20 Responses to ““My knee will never be the same again.” – Brian Urlacher”

  1. DVXPrime Says:

    …and while we’re at it, let’s not forget a secondary featuring Peanut Tillman (who played like shit this preseason) and Major Wright, plus JaMarcus Webb and Chris Williams on an offensive line that needed to be rebuilt two years ago.

    This whole team is being held together by duct tape and The Force, and I think George Lucas just killed Luke Skywalker.

    Gonna be one long ugly fall…

  2. Pie In The Sky Says:

    Cubs fans:

    What do you think about another year of Chris Volstad in the starting rotation?


    Right-hander Chris Volstad started Wednesday’s game against the Nationals, and despite the 6.06 ERA he brought into the outing, manager Dale Sveum said both he and left-hander Travis Wood could be members of the Cubs’ Opening Day rotation next season.

    “I don’t see why not,” Sveum said. “There’s going to be a lot of things that happen this winter with the roster, I’m sure. You’re talking about guys that can pitch, pitch innings who a lot of teams would like. They’re fourth and fifth starters and hopefully trying to get better to get into a bigger role to be starters, too. I definitely think they’re in the mix.”

  3. chucky Says:

    Whoever the fuck tought Sveum how to think needs to be kicked in the goddamn nuts.

  4. DVXPrime Says:

    I’m going to take a wild-ass guess at Sveum’s quote and say that the Cubs STILL don’t have any decent pitching prospects in their farm system, so he will trot out Volstad for another attempt at a twent-loss (for Volstad) season.

  5. genrebuster Says:

    I’m still hoping Sveum is gone. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……….

  6. jimmyd Says:


    You put it quite well when you stated that the Packers put up “video game” numbers last year and it didn’t result in a Super Bowl. I’m going to the game tomorrow and it’ll be real interesting to see how we stack up against the Super Bowl frontrunning SF 49’ers. I’m also going to the game next Thursday against your team of choice. These two games are going to tell a great deal about what this Green Bay team brings to the table. Let’s get it on!!!

    Jimmy D.

  7. DVXPrime Says:

    Whilst waiting for the college football torture porn that will be Illinois vs. Arizona State, I found this on Deadspin:


    The Cubs can’t even get into a proper bench clearing brawl. Good lord this team is doomed…

  8. Pie In The Sky Says:

    From the sounds of it, the brawl started because one of our stupid coaches thought the Nats were “Running up the score” when it was 7-2 in the 4th. Same sh-t that we had with Mike Quade.

  9. chucky Says:

    Pie and DVX….You what is ironic about this? Look at the box score of yesterdays win in Pittsburgh. They go to the seventh inning leading 7-2. Then they “run the score up” to 12-2!

    I guess Jaime Quirk is a bit of a hypocritical assbag. He didn’t mouth off about that, did he?

  10. genrebuster Says:

    Clean house. Sveum, the coaches…all the garbage. PATHETIC.

  11. chucky Says:

    Jesus fucking Christ! Great way to start the fucking season. First play of the game and Cutler gets sacked for a loss of 12 yards. 2nd and 22. Then a false start. 2nd and 24. A run for 3 yards. 3rd and 21. Incomplete pass. 4th and 21.

    Bumpy ride Fro? Shit, it’s already gotten fucking ugly. And Andrew Luck just completed his first NFL pass. Made it look easy.


  12. DVXPrime Says:

    Lemme guess: Ja Marcus Webb was responsible for both the sack and the false start. Wouldn’t surprise me.

  13. Fro Dog Says:

    The I-Pass defense is back!

  14. Yeti Says:

    ” Jesus fucking Christ! Great way to start the fucking season. First play of the game and Cutler gets sacked for a loss of 12 yards. 2nd and 22. Then a false start. 2nd and 24. A run for 3 yards. 3rd and 21. Incomplete pass. 4th and 21.

    Bumpy ride Fro? Shit, it’s already gotten fucking ugly. And Andrew Luck just completed his first NFL pass. Made it look easy.



  15. chucky Says:

    Yeah Yeti, i knew you’d be around you useless sack of shit. I’d ask you for more of your opinion….if I gave a goddamn about it. Or you, you dumb bastard.

  16. Pie In The Sky Says:

    Well, GB coaching staff is getting outcoached by SF coaching staff. No idea what they were doing in that final minute. On another note, these replacement refs are horrible.

  17. jimmyd Says:


    I’m not going to pin the Packer loss on the refs. But, that being said, they are an awful bunch of idiots who looked like deer in the headlights!!! Holy Shit, this has got to end soon.

    Jimmy D.

  18. Pie In The Sky Says:


    Seriously. I just wrote something saying that the officiating job from that game was the worst that I have ever seen in any sport (excluding boxing). My friend (packers fan) who watched this game said they had four consecutive false start penalties at one point. Still though, 49ers were getting shafted too. Secondary SUCKED.

    I’m starting to lose faith in Dom Capers. We’ll see. 49ers are a damn fine team. Love watching that D. Harbaugh is so damn intense.

  19. jimmyd Says:


    That SF defense is fast and it hits really fucking hard…all the time. You’re right; one has to wonder if it’s time for Dom Capers to move on.

    Jimmy D.

  20. genrebuster Says:

    Dom Capers…they loved him in Carolina…for a minute.


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