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Onward to Dallas

March 31, 2016

The main event features a two on one handicap match with J.R. and Bobby Ewing vs. Cliff Barnes.

All week, I’ve been randomly singing the “Dallas” theme song in my head. And speaking of that show, I want to give a big “fuck you” to TNT for cancelling the reboot of it after the third season. It was really the only show on that channel I enjoyed.

But anyway, I am off to Wrestlemania for the weekend. Friday, I am going to Axxess to meet some wrestlers and fans. Saturday, I will be doing some sight-seeing and going to The Hall of Fame ceremony. I am praying I have enough time to find some Southern bar skanks. I hear they’re fantastic. Sunday, of course, is the big day. For you WRASSLIN’ fans, feel free to add your thoughts on the show before or after.

The man himself and yours truly.

March 28, 2016


Genre and I had a fun time in the city Saturday night. We didn’t let the Bulls piss all over our evening. We had some great food at The Squared Circle. We ended up heading to Jack and Ginger’s off Armitage where I ran into a couple people that I knew. A great night, indeed.

Next time Genre is back in town, there is no excuse for you bastards who didn’t make it. Let’s all figure something out when the time arrives.

15 years ago – March 23rd, 2001: The day wrestling died.

March 23, 2016

It has been quite some time since I wrote about wrestling. But this was something that I planned on writing when the time came and now, it has.

March 23rd, 2001: This was the day that the World Wrestling Federation bought World Championship Wrestling from AOL-Time Warner. Just a year or two before this, Ted Turner had owned the company a good decade before merging his company with AOL. After Turner was no longer in charge, that began the downfall. I won’t discuss too much about what else went wrong during that time but more so, my personal views on this.

I am sure others out there in the wrestling world also coined the phrase, “The day wrestling died.” For me, I was a freshman in high school at the time. I knew at that time that this was a big deal because there was no longer competition. ECW had filed for bankruptcy and WCW hadn’t been relevant about two and a half years before this. I just remember going onto the computer with the dial-up internet to check the WWF website as I did on a nearly daily-basis. And the image with both the WWF and WCW Logo was on the front page with the word “purchases” in-between them. I couldn’t believe it. Storylines played out afterwards and the rest was history.

Looking back on that time, there wasn’t a better time to be a wrestling fan. Every week was just something different and exciting. I can remember racing to get home from somewhere just to catch Smackdown. On weekends, I stayed up late to catch the highlights of Raw on Shotgun Saturday Night/Jakked. That’s how it was for a good four years or so.

Now, every week is stale and it doesn’t seem to get better anytime soon. Most of the time, I set the DVR and fast forward through a third of the show. I am not a fan who screams for the same types of storylines 15 years ago. It doesn’t have to be that good and I don’t think it ever will be. That was truly, the greatest era in wrestling with two companies fighting for ratings at the same time every Monday Night. The product just needs to be less saturated with garbage storylines and less duration.

I compare those few years for wrestling fans to the 90’s Bulls. While I may still be a fan of both, many others don’t care for either anymore. Some people I know always talk about how they always use to watch wrestling but not anymore. Likewise for people who were Bulls fans. Myself, I am still watching both and next week, I am heading to Dallas for Wrestlemania. Something is wrong with me.

My letter that was sent to NBC Sports to remove Kenny Albert from their announce team

March 20, 2016

Petition to remove Kenny Albert from NBC


Well folks, it has come to this. The Blackhawks lost yet, another game with Kenny Albert announcing. That’s three in a row and three games the Blackhawks needed to try to win their division. And thanks to The Kiss of Death to Chicago sports, the Blackhawks are losing the chance to grab the division. As I have stated here numerous times, Albert announced all seven games in the 2014 Western Conference Final in which the Blackhawks lost to the Kings. Then last year, the Blackhawks found themselves down 3-2 with four of those games (three of them losses) being called by this weasel. Thankfully, NBC made the switch to have Emrick call Game Six and, what do you know? The Blackhawks win that game as well as the decisive Game Seven in Anaheim on their way to winning the Cup.

Without further ado, here is what I submitted online to NBC Sports:

My name is [name redacted] and I am a fan of some Chicago sports’ teams. I am writing to you because I have a complaint about announcer Kenny Albert.

For the last decade, Kenny Albert has called games involving teams that are from Chicago. With the Chicago Bears, most important games since 2007 have resulted in losses with Albert on the call.

The Blackhawks lost the Western Conference Final in 2014 with Albert announcing all seven games. Last year, the Blackhawks found themselves down 3-2 with Game Six at home. Albert announced four of the five games. Mike Emrick called Game Six in which, the Blackhawks won and likewise for Game Seven.

With this track record, Kenny Albert is the Kiss of Death to Chicago sports. I am tired of him announcing games involving teams from Chicago because they lose many of them, especially important ones.

Tonight, this was the tipping point. I am writing this to you on March, 20th. The Blackhawks have lost have lost their last three games on NBCSN with Kenny Albert announcing. As my proof above states, this has been a trend for the Blackhawks since 2014 in games he has called. While they have won some of those games, important ones like the last three and the last two Western Conference Final series are proof that they lose most of them. When Mike Emrick announces, the Blackhawks have a better chance of winning.

Please, I am begging whoever is in charge to please, release Kenny Albert from NBC Sports. I am already gathering a letter to Fox Sports as well to release Albert. He is bad luck and what I coin at my blog as “The Kiss of Death to Chicago sports”.

You have my email address and if someone could call me, please email back and I will reply with my phone number. I am a frustrated fan who has had it and I do not want the Chicago Blackhawks to lose their chance to repeat as Stanley Cup Champions because of Kenny Albert like they did in 2014. I have submitted evidence in this letter to prove that the Blackhawks lose many of their games with him on the call.

Thank you.

Confab w/ Fro and Genre?

March 14, 2016

el train

…long overdue, but it looks like Fro and I will meet in the city for an important confab on Saturday evening 3/26…you’re invited.

noun: confab; plural noun: confabs
  1. 1.
    an informal private conversation or discussion.
    “they wandered off to the woods for a private confab”
    • North American
      a meeting or conference of members of a particular group.
      “this year’s annual American Booksellers Association confab”
verb: confab; 3rd person present: confabs; past tense: confabbed; past participle: confabbed; gerund or present participle: confabbing
  1. 1.
    engage in informal private conversation.
    “Peter was confabbing with a curly-haired guy”

Steve Rosenbloom nails it on the head again.

March 7, 2016


“Illinois views Lovie Smith’s mediocrity and condescension as a step up”