My letter that was sent to NBC Sports to remove Kenny Albert from their announce team


Petition to remove Kenny Albert from NBC


Well folks, it has come to this. The Blackhawks lost yet, another game with Kenny Albert announcing. That’s three in a row and three games the Blackhawks needed to try to win their division. And thanks to The Kiss of Death to Chicago sports, the Blackhawks are losing the chance to grab the division. As I have stated here numerous times, Albert announced all seven games in the 2014 Western Conference Final in which the Blackhawks lost to the Kings. Then last year, the Blackhawks found themselves down 3-2 with four of those games (three of them losses) being called by this weasel. Thankfully, NBC made the switch to have Emrick call Game Six and, what do you know? The Blackhawks win that game as well as the decisive Game Seven in Anaheim on their way to winning the Cup.

Without further ado, here is what I submitted online to NBC Sports:

My name is [name redacted] and I am a fan of some Chicago sports’ teams. I am writing to you because I have a complaint about announcer Kenny Albert.

For the last decade, Kenny Albert has called games involving teams that are from Chicago. With the Chicago Bears, most important games since 2007 have resulted in losses with Albert on the call.

The Blackhawks lost the Western Conference Final in 2014 with Albert announcing all seven games. Last year, the Blackhawks found themselves down 3-2 with Game Six at home. Albert announced four of the five games. Mike Emrick called Game Six in which, the Blackhawks won and likewise for Game Seven.

With this track record, Kenny Albert is the Kiss of Death to Chicago sports. I am tired of him announcing games involving teams from Chicago because they lose many of them, especially important ones.

Tonight, this was the tipping point. I am writing this to you on March, 20th. The Blackhawks have lost have lost their last three games on NBCSN with Kenny Albert announcing. As my proof above states, this has been a trend for the Blackhawks since 2014 in games he has called. While they have won some of those games, important ones like the last three and the last two Western Conference Final series are proof that they lose most of them. When Mike Emrick announces, the Blackhawks have a better chance of winning.

Please, I am begging whoever is in charge to please, release Kenny Albert from NBC Sports. I am already gathering a letter to Fox Sports as well to release Albert. He is bad luck and what I coin at my blog as “The Kiss of Death to Chicago sports”.

You have my email address and if someone could call me, please email back and I will reply with my phone number. I am a frustrated fan who has had it and I do not want the Chicago Blackhawks to lose their chance to repeat as Stanley Cup Champions because of Kenny Albert like they did in 2014. I have submitted evidence in this letter to prove that the Blackhawks lose many of their games with him on the call.

Thank you.

6 Responses to “My letter that was sent to NBC Sports to remove Kenny Albert from their announce team”

  1. Fro Dog Says:

    I don’t know if this would ever work but the only way to know is to try. Sign the petition and see what happens.

  2. chucky Says:

    I like it. That’s was good. Unfortunately, they’ll never even answer you. I’ve done this myself before. I emailed WGN last year when a has-met situation occurred, and three people died inside the house they were investigating. Supplesa and that beast Micah Materre started discussing it with Troll Skilling for reasons I’ll never understand. Then that insensitive prick Skilling said,:” And a deadly agent was present. That’s so interesting” Three people were dead, and that goddamned son of a bitch found it interesting!!!!! I complained to WGN, and demanded that they discipline him somehow. Their response? Crickets. I sent at least six emails, demanding they do something, each getting more vulgar. They finally replied. Here’s their reply.

    Cease and desist.

    Your complaint e-mails were received.

    It is not necessary to continue writing offensive notes to the news department.

    Your voice was heard.

    WGN News Department

    Can you believe this bullshit? Is it any wonder why I hate WGN as much as I do, and want to see wholesale changes to their news department? WGN and NBC are huge corporations that do what they want, operate by their own set of rules, and regard it’s viewers as smelly little proles.

    I thought about creating my very own “Tournament of Bad”, using a WGN themed format. My only problem would be seeding the brackets. WGN has so many #1’s it would extremely difficult to place the rest. Fro, what do you think?

  3. Fro Dog Says:

    Damn dude, six times? That’s a bit too much, even for me. Well, at least you have DA FIRE AND PASSION.

    Once is enough for me. I was just so pissed last night after that game. I just cannot stand his fucking voice.

    If NBC won’t get rid of him, just have him call golf. That way, nobody has to hear him at all.

  4. dvxprime Says:

    Signed the petition and posted to Facebook!


  5. Fro Dog Says:


    You are a good man. Thank you. And hey, I doubt any of this will get steam, but I damn sure feel good about at least trying it.

  6. chucky Says:

    Fro….I did it 6 times because I got zero response from those idiots. I was determined to get one.

    Fire and Passion, maybe.

    ANGER, definitely yes.


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