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February 25, 2013

Guess what Bulls fans? Our favorite basketball team has scored less than 73 points in three of the last four games. But no worries! One of the best coaches in the NBA will shun all of the non-believers and lead the Bulls to the promised land. I am, of course, talking about Vinny Del Thibodeou. Let’s take a look a look at their last great effort against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday evening.

The entire team shot 29%. I don’t know what the record is for worst shooting night but I am guessing this percentage isn’t very far from it.

Taj Gibson:  2 for 11? Why in the world is this idiot even shooting? He’s on this team for two reasons: Defense and rebounding. Leave it to someone else to shoot like crap. “BUT HE DUNKED OVER DWYANE WADE IN DAT ONE GAME!” Yes. Then, he played like shit along with the rest of the team in that series after that game.

“Nasty” Nate Robinson: 2-14. When C.J. Watson took his “talents” to Brooklyn, I thought we were done seeing players take horrible shots numerous times and not realizing that they need to stop. Fuck this guy.

Carlos Boozer: “HEY. “GIMME DAT!” Translation: 1-5 and he’s getting paid $15 million. Sign me for the minimum and I’ll make one out of five shots a game.

I only wish changes could be made. They won’t though and that fucking sucks because Jerry Reinsdorf owns this team. If he wasn’t such a cocksucker of an owner, ThomASS, Paxson and Forman would have all been tossed. Instead, they are sticking around because Reinsdorf still doesn’t understand that this is a business. Fuck him too. It’s a damn shame because now, Thibodeou can’t even put a competitive team on the court.

Idiot head coach makes his team practice one day after the All-Star break.

February 19, 2013

First, a new article is up for you fake wrestling fans at Falls Count Anywhere.

Alright, so the day after the All-Star break and for most NBA teams, it’s a day of travel back home and rest up for the resumption of the regular season on Tuesday. Not for Thomass Thibodeou and his Chicago Bulls. One day after Joakim Noah put more wear and tear on his already troubling feet, he was back at it in practice a mere 12 hours after the conclusion of the All-Star game along with Luol Deng in Deerfield.

You see Bulls fans? The coach apparently doesn’t understand the whole “lose the battle to win the war” campaign. He thinks every game is Game 7 of a playoff series rather than, game 53 of an 82-game season. Noah should have rested at least, a full week before even getting back on the court to practice. If I were him, I’d pull a Latrell Spreewell and choke the shit out of the Dusty Baker of basketball. Instead of their arms falling off, it will be their legs. Instead of throwing 130 pitches on a 90 degree day, it’s putting in 42 minutes on a hardwood court.

Our good friend Chucky said it best last week. He basically asked what the point would be in bringing back Derrick Rose this season? In fact, why have him playing under this coach at all? Oh yeah. All of the “experts” were saying he would be back by now and he admits that he doesn’t feel the same. Just remember who’s fault that is.

Good day.

Open thread.

February 11, 2013

Since our beloved Bears are in hibernation and the Bulls continue to suck, there are a couple things we could discuss.

The Illini pulled out two wins out of their asses against Indiana and Minnesota!

Also, the Blackhawks have been kicking some ass. I’ll be at the game next Sunday against the Kings. Also, I love Jonathon Toews. Just saying.

Joakim Noah returns to the Bulls.

February 7, 2013

Yes. And in the next game or two, you can bet that “Thibs” will be playing him for 40 minutes or more. It’s just glorious how a coach doesn’t give a shit if a player is injured or coming back from an injury. Once your back, you are thrown into the mix like you haven’t missed any time. Don’t worry though. When the playoffs roll around, they’ll get bounced early again in the playoffs because Thomass is a dip shit and doesn’t know how to rest players. Remember the 2011 Eastern Conference Finals? Game 3 specifically? If not, here it is in a nutshell: Derrick Rose played the entire second half and was completely out of it down the stretch. The rest is history.

Fuck Jerry Reinsdorf. Fuck John TamPaxson and Garfunkel too. Ladies and gentleman: The Three Stooges of the Chicago Bulls.

What did I tell all of you? Also, power outage thoughts.

February 4, 2013

Preface – I am referring to this article. I know. I’m such a genius!

Ray Lewis garbage aside, congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens for winning the Super Bowl and making Colin Kaepernick look human for once. According to Dan Bernstein, apparently myself and millions of others are idiots for thinking that there might be some type of conspiracy for thinking something was odd when the lights went out. I put nothing past NFL commissioner Roger Goodell these days. That guy is a scumbag and whatever spews out his mouth is 100% bullshit. I am not saying it’s a fact that he or someone else had something to do with that situation, but did anyone else find it interesting that it happened when the game was getting out of hand?

Now onto that article that I wrote in December. It was clear now, that the Ravens made the right choice. When they weren’t producing on offensive, John Harbaugh made a gutsy move and fired his offensive coordinator in favor of Jim Caldwell who had success with Peyton Manning. Why am I writing this? Because I am still pissed off with what happened with the Bears this season. It was clear that Mike Tice wasn’t getting the job done. The fact that Lovie Lee Smith was stubborn and thought that Tice was the savior was a load of crap. I am not saying this always works but if Lovie had half of a brain, something would have changed in attempt to fix things.

Instead, the Bears offense continued to spiral into the ground. Yes. We are all happy now with how the Bears are running things because there is a new regime in place. Finally. But to think that we wanted the Bears to fail isn’t true. We all want the Bears to win. I wanted Lovie Smith to take his foot and shove it up all our collective asses by winning the Super Bowl. Instead, we’re watching two other teams fight it out for yet, another year.

I have optimism for once. It seems like Emery has the right coaches in place. If anybody knows what kind of changes Trestman made with his CFL team, then it’s even more reasons to be excited. The draft is in two and a half months and I am ready to see what will be done.