The Ravens and Colts get it. The Bears don’t.


Now that we have proved all of the idiots wrong in the last few weeks by witnessing the Bears flush the season down the drain (again), I wanted to give more reasons why the McCaskey family isn’t doing what it should be with this franchise. When the Bears were 8-3, you figured that with the five games remaining, that they just need to win two of them to get into the playoffs. Now with three games left, it would probably be certain that they would need to win the next two games, if not all three, to just get in.

Even though I want Lovie gone, the players should be held accountable too. Receivers are dropping passes, the defense is falling apart and Jay Cutler nearly had his neck ripped off on Sunday. I hate to say this, but it’s only a matter of time before his career ends because the offensive line can’t protect him. For all of this crap to stop, changes need to be made. I am about to give two prime examples of teams that are making changes and why it pisses me off that the Bears don’t take notice.

Baltimore Ravens: They fired offensive coordinator Cam Cameron today and that is what gave me the idea to write this post in the first place. The Ravens realize that what they have right now calling the plays isn’t working so they replace him with someone else. Their loss on Sunday was the first time, they lost two in a row since 2009.  This isn’t a guarantee to work but that isn’t the point. They know if it isn’t going to work now, something needs to be done differently. Well, when it’s the Bears you are talking about losing a few games in a row or a big game, you’re rewarded with a raise and/or contract extension.

Indianapolis Colts: They are 9-4. You read that? 9-4. Why? Because they cleaned house after a two-win season. Did owner Jim Irsay give a shit about whether or not Peyton Manning was there? No. Injuries are never an excuse. Good teams have players ready to go. If not, a franchise should do something about it. They fired their general manager and coach. And even though it was a money situation, they declined to keep the greatest quarterback of the last 15 years. They draft Andrew Luck, they protect him with a good offensive line and they bring in the right players to surround him. Now, they are on their way to the playoffs. How far they go is yet to be determined but I’ll say this, they are in much better position to win a championship than the Bears.

Of course, the Bears organization isn’t going to do anything similar to the examples I have provided. I mean, they did fire Jerry Angelo but getting rid of some players that have sucked for a while? Not a chance. Fire Lovie? That would be insane!

11 Responses to “The Ravens and Colts get it. The Bears don’t.”

  1. Shanon, Morrison Says:

    I agree totally!!!

  2. chucky Says:

    Fro… mentioned holding the players accountable for the dropped passes and bad play. Isn’t that part of the job of the coaching staff? They have all different types of coaches to coach various positions, like a QB coaches, receivers coach, etc. Why don’t any of the coaches hold these players accountable? Who hired these coaches in the first place?

    Oh yeah, I forgot. Lovie did. Never mind.

  3. genrebuster Says:

    Repeat after me: The Bears are going NOWHERE as long as Lovie Smith is the head coach. Lovie = PATHETIC.

    Carry on…..

  4. Spete Says:

    Anyone know what the health of our old bag owner is? Tell me she’s not going to live till 115. Until she croaks this teams just gunna coast like they’ve done for the last 28 years. Lovie needs to go but this ugly fuckin bitch likes him for some fucking reason. I just hope she dies soon and we can get a results driven owner. Everybody’s got a dream. Btw just listening to waddle and silvy. Anyone know why the fuck football analysts believe lovie smith is a good coach? These guys on crack? They must know him personaly and don’t want to hurt his feelings.

  5. chucky Says:

    It just gets worse. Robbie Gould, safety Craig Steltz and cornerback Sherrick McManis all just went on IR.

    On the bright side of all this is that should do it for Lovie coaching in Chicago. At least I fucking hope so.

  6. Fro Dog Says:

    The injuries continue to pile up. They signed Olindo Mare today who, I believe hasn’t been any good for about ten years. They couldn’t bring in anyone younger?

    The day to keep in mind is December 31st which is the day after the regular season finale and it’s “Black Monday” in the NFL. It’s the last day of the year and possibly, the last day Lovie Smith is head coach of the Chicago Bears. We’re counting down.

  7. Fro Dog Says:

    Lovie Smith told reporters on Wednesday that his team is in good shape with their 8-5 record.

    Is this guy an idiot? You seriously cannot make this shit up.

  8. Spete Says:

    He’s retarded with his stupid comments like that. 8-5 but can’t seem to get the fact that they haven’t beaten a good team yet this year. They’re all above average in the playoffs so what’s the point of getting excited to make it in, they’ll be one and done anyway. Fuckoff lovie!

  9. Robert Says:

    Annabel sanchez

  10. Spete Says:

    Anyone know of in the last 9 years how many games the bears won as underdogs? I’d love to know that stat

  11. Kevin Hill Says:

    Lovie doesn`t coach the games he watches them, then get rid of him so he can buy season`s tickets, Angelo gives the guy 5 million to coach this is not an upper echelon coach and why why did they pick up Tice who was fired in Minnesota, his play calling is awful.


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