These guys suck!


I am going to make this quick because to be honest, it’s the same shit every week. I wrote after the loss to the 49ers that the clock struck midnight on this team and that is holding up. The Bears are quickly dropping out of the playoff race.

Offense: Fuck Mike Tice and his shitty play-calling. Fuck Kellen Davis. Devin Hester has no business being on offense. Lovie Smith is a fucking idiot for continuing to throw this guy out there. Cutler sucked all game too. His first interception set up a touchdown and the second one was returned for another one. He also overthrew his receivers all game.

Defense: Adrian Peterson ran all over the Bears today. Chris Conte sucks too.

Special Teams: Robbie Gould had a hamstring injury I believe during warm-ups. The Bears didn’t need him in this game anyway.

The Bears have the Cardinals next week on the road. The only good news coming out of all of this is that we are one week closer to Phil Emery announcing the day after the regular season ends that Lovie Smith has been fired.

Correction: The Bears play the Packers next week at home. Ah fuck. That just makes things so much better.

28 Responses to “These guys suck!”

  1. chucky Says:

    This has been one of the most pathetic games they’ve played in years. I don’t even want to hear about the goddamned playoffs. The Bears won’t fucking be there. If anybody thinks they will be, break your goddamned arms so you can’t fucking type. If Smith isn’t fied at the end of this season Halas Hall should be fucking nuked. Absolute fucking bullshit. They didn’t even fucking try to win this game.

    Fro…you think that cocksucker Smith is going to take blame for this loss too?

    Well, I predicted a 26-14 loss for today. I wasn’t that far off.

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    I am sure Lovie will say something along the lines of “I didn’t have my team prepared for this game”. But then, he will shit out of his mouth by saying they are a good football team and that their mistakes will be corrected by next week. I think one “mistake” would be to stop putting Devin Hester on offense and back on kickoff returns. Seeing Eric Weems take it out for a ten-yard return makes me want punch my TV.

  3. genrebuster Says:

    I’m very happy that I didn’t watch this game.

    Until Lovie Smith is fired, I’m done. He is a LOSER.

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    Is it me or was Campbell in the game because Cutler had another concussion? It seemed like he was uncomfortable in the pocket all game. Horrible.

    I agree Genre. Lovie has been a loser since he arrived in Chicago.

  5. chucky Says:

    I missed why Cutler was pulled. I had the sound down on the TV and I was listening to Yahoo Sports Radio, which was almost as annoying today as Jeff Joniak. Maybe that was Lovies way of surrendering. But I’ll say this much: Nobody looked motivated today. Nobody looked like they wanted to play. Everybody was just going through the motions. Lovies players love to play for him? Yeah, my ass. It almost looks like the players have given up on Lovie, which would actually be fine with me.

  6. chucky Says:

    Fro…one more thing. If Cutler got another concussion his career is all but over. He cannot get another concussion. He’s already had too many as it is.

  7. Tony Cossio Says:

    Kellen Davis again. It’s just a broken record with this guy. I’m not going to even start, the same crap. Same with the show-boating Hester. Can’t catch.

    Fro Dog, one correction. They will not be playing the Cardinals next week, but the fucking Packers.

    Assuming that they lose to the Packers at home (what’s the chance of that happening *sarcasm*) They will have to win the next two games at the Cardinals then Detroit.

    They are in real trouble now. They need the game in Seatle and here. Instead of being 10-5 and locking up a playoff berth they are now in danger of missing the playoffs, a real possibility.

  8. DVXPrime Says:

    Mike Tice and Rod Marinelli, for the record, are both former failed head coaches. To think we expected them to be any help seems to be another fool’s errand.

    The entire coaching staff needs to be blown up after this season, playoffs (yeah, right) or not. Has anyone kept a count of how many times that Lovie said that “we weren’t prepared” after a loss?

    Doug brought up a good point: Bears’ record in the last quarter of the season under Lovie: 15-17.

    Phil Emery is going to have lots of late nights in the weeks to come: he needs to find a new coaching staff, and try to build talent and depth at so many positions.

    Good Lord, I hope D-Rose gets back soon…it’s gonna be a long cold winter.

  9. Fro Dog Says:

    The Seahawks are already up 17-0. So what’s our only prayer? It’s the Lions beating the Packers tonight and then, the Bears the Packers next week thus, putting them back in first place.

  10. chucky Says:

    Not going to happen. Just give up on the fucking playoffs! Goddamnit, what does anyone with two brain cells think is going to happen if they do make it. Fuck that! I hope they lose the rest of the fucking goddamned season. Then we can unload this stupid motherfucker once and for all.

  11. Fro Dog Says:

    Look, I know everyone is pissed here; myself included. I still root these fucking idiots and I know everyone else does too. But until they are eliminated, I am going to keep acting like they have a chance. We’ve all said or implied here that if the Bears win the Super Bowl under Lovie, we will all eat his shit and I’ll stick to it. I never root against any of my teams to lose even if they are, gutless pieces of shit.

  12. Nemo Says:

    Remember at the end of last season when reporters asked Smith if the Bears could get a tight end like Gronkowski? Smith said something to the effect that “We think Kellen Davis can be every bit as good as Gronkowski.” Uh-huh.

  13. chucky Says:

    I would really like to know who that “we” was. Seriously, I’m so fucking pissed right now I can’t see straight. People may riot outside of Halas hall if that cocksucker comes back next year.

  14. DVXPrime Says:

    //goes into early Jim Morrison mode…

    “People may riot outside of Halas hall if that cocksucker comes back next year…”

    If the Packer game shakes out like I think it will next week, I say let the riots start next week!

  15. montana bears fan Says:

    Im so fucking tripping I wish I was!!!!
    Fire that stupid fuck Lovie and the whole lot…..
    I live for Sundays to only be raped again. \
    I agree with 90% of the Blog this shit has got to stop.
    Fucking davis what a moron, returns have gone without full time dedication from a return specialist. DAAAA!!!\
    Sorry Urlacher is done , we need fresh meat 7.5 million NOT!
    Olsen is doing well and WTF …
    Born raised in Chicago , living in Montana and going crazy !!
    Love my home town , still love my bears ,,,,
    Please Santa all I want is a new coach!!!

  16. Spete Says:

    Brutal! They’re finished now, just going to hope they lose out so they can get a new coach next year. What a shame this was, 7-1 start and now look lol. If that old bitch can’t see the real team she owns she’s retarded then. Only hope now is to get a cowher type coach next year and hope some younger guys can fill the voids on defense. Just hope they move soon, cutler’s career is only getting shorter. The next few years are the only chance they have i think.

  17. DVD Says:

    What is important is that lovie and his staff week after week after week never have this team pumped up and ready to go! Sluggish starts every week. When is the last time the bears got their 1st possession and drove the length of the field to score a touchdown? Even against “tomatoe can” teams? Look at Green Bay. Their 1st series is always explosive. That is the one series you get against a defense where they have no time to get with the coaches on the sideline to figure out what your doing. Their coached well on offense. If we hadn’t picked up brandon Marshall this year the whole season would have been a disaster. Shame such a darn shame. Now the defense is old. Urlacher is done. Tillman. Seen his best years Briggs not far behind and how many more years can we really expect peppers to play at all pro level? We had our chance and wasted it with Lovie Smith Even if he gets fired and quite frankly with mccaskys still owning I doubt that happens this team will now become a cellar dweller Poor jay cutler! Having to play in Chicago with a team that coulda went somewhere but because of this poorly coached and no “fire” in the hearts of the team (also coaches fault ) this team will rebuild now for years. Best thing lovie at least could have done this year is lost more games so our draft could been better. Well bear fans better suck it up for 5 or 10 more years you’ll have no Super Bowl team possibilities at least for that long. And further more does anyone really think the owners of the bears really “thirst” for a championship ? I mean do they really have fire in their hearts for a championship? When’s the last time you saw one publically appear and share a love and passion for the game? It ain’t there!! it just is not there. Who knows what they want or care about or even know about? It’s their “little pet hobby team” that ol Geirge owned for years and passed down thru inheritance and it’d be like blasphemy to sell them. Please sell them Us bear fans thirst for a championship I believe cutler thirsts for a championship and Marshall too Briggs yes and I’m sure more players too. Let me ask you a question would you let your child if very gifted be tutored by a high school drop out? An underachiever ? Well that’s what you the owners did to a bears team that had some talent in 2010,11 and 2012 Please sell the team we need the “ex-bear” factor in the house oh if we could have sought Jim Harbough instead if resigning Lovie oh if we could have fired lovie and ate his contract when Jeff Fisher was available. Bears belong to Bears forever Call Ditka what you want but he was and always will be a bear and it will take that passion that drive that ” I won’t settle for anything but a Super Bowl victory” mindset in ownership and coaching before any players for the bears become THE CHICAGO BEARS once again. Until they let them know “whose wearing the crown “

  18. Kevin Hill Says:

    Thanx Jerry Angelo for giving the Bears Lovie and trading Olsen.

  19. 46 Defense Says:

    I hope Phil Emery mans up and fires this BUM Lovie Smith! Firing Lovie is something that should have been done years ago! Talk about pardons!!! Lovie Smith has a losing record against teams .500 or better and even worse a losing record against the Green Bay Packers!!! Bundle that up with making the playoffs once in the last five years and zero Superbowl wins I’d say this is more than enough proof to can this bum! If Emery does not fire him then he should be fired too!!!

  20. 46 Defense Says:

    chucky Says:
    December 9, 2012 at 4:37 pm

    Not going to happen. Just give up on the fucking playoffs! Goddamnit, what does anyone with two brain cells think is going to happen if they do make it. Fuck that! I hope they lose the rest of the fucking goddamned season. Then we can unload this stupid motherfucker once and for all.


  21. Nemo Says:

    Rosenbloom wanted Smith left in Minnesota at the Mary Tyler Moore Statue:,0,1730912.column

  22. Fro Dog Says:

    Never have I ever been so annoyed with any team that I root for in all of these years. And that’s saying something because I endure the BULLShit that plays basketball at the United Center every damn season.

  23. Bears make me say bah humbug Says:

    At this point I would rather have the Bears lose out (okay–dont ever want to lose) the rest of the season so we get a decent draft pick(offensive line, TE, WR, younger defense-all needed)and lovie gets the hell out of town but I don’t see us getting to the playoffs. Even if they do they are not a superbowl bound team. I have to always say “there’s always next year” for the Cubs. Now the Bears too!!

    No Blackhawks! No Cubs! No Bears! No Bulls(unless Noah gets 30 pts, 26 rebounds per game and D-Rose comes back healthy) makes Chicago a dull sports town.

    There is nothing much to look forward to for Chicago sports. Going to drink whiskey hardcore now and hopefully forget this day.

  24. chucky Says:

    I didn’t know this until today, but when Green Bay kicks the shit out of the Bears next Sunday they’ll win the division. Nice going Smith, you useless, goddamned sack of dog shit. Is it “must-win” time now you cocksucker? I’ll be so fucking happy when fucking, goddamned arrogant ass is kicked the fucking hell out of Chicago.

    And where the fuck are all of you stupid, useless shitstain cocksuckers who think Lovie should stay and be granted a contract extention? Huh? Where are you assholes? Did you crawl back under the rock that you had been hiding under? All of you retarded motherfuckers who support this bitch can go fuck yourselves. Seriously. I’ve fucking had it with all of you morons. I don’t care anymore. Fuck all of you Lovie lovers.

  25. Fro Dog Says:


  26. jimmy d. Says:


    Wow! Looks like you skipped a medication session today. Well, like I said a couple of days ago; me, Mac, Ernie and a few others all support Lovie getting a very long extension. However, it’s because we are Packer fans and we don’t want a real coach anywhere near Chicago…we like things just the way they are.

    For those of you who are new to this site, I should clarify something (before you start telling the retarded Packer fans to get the hell off of this site). This site began as an extension of a Cubs site which was a sounding board for all frustrations that dealt with the inept North Siders. I’ve been posting with this group for many years now. and I’m sure Chucky knows that I’m just joking with him.

    Jimmy D.

  27. DVXPrime Says:

    As long as we’re all bitching about something here, is anybody else tired of these meatball NFL players getting killed in a dumbass murder (murder-suicide last weekend, DUI manslaughter this weekend), then all of a sudden, their sorry ass teammates get magically inspired to win the game for their idiot teammate, who for all we know is burning in hell for being so damned stupid?

    KC’s dirtbad LB murders his babymomma, kills himself, and NOW the Chiefs decide to stop sucking for ONE week? Where was this inspiration for the last two months?

    The Cowboys won because they got inspired to win one for their teammate who got killed because he was stupid enough to drive with another drunk? The Cowboys couldn’t ba a consistent team if their immortal souls depended on it.

    If your teammate dies because he’s a fucking bonehead, you go out and play and do your damn job. You don’t wait for some tragedy to go out and win a damn football game, you’re not being paid minimum wage, you meatheaded fucksticks.

  28. jimmy d. Says:


    Dude! That’s poetic! Had me rollin’ on the floor. Great post!

    Jimmy D.


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