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OK, time for an OPEN Cubs thread (since the Bears suck….).

September 26, 2016


PATHETIC: Cowboys 17 Bears 0

September 25, 2016

I am done with this shit. It’s not even funny how this season has started. The Bears look like a high school team going up against the #1 ranked college team in the country.

I already was going to go with this recap before the Cowboys scored the last touchdown. This is fucking atrocious. The Bears went three and out on their two drives while the Cowboys were a shitty non-call away from being up 21-0.


Open thread

September 22, 2016

“Two thumbs” down; I’ve had enough: Eagles 29 Bears 14

September 20, 2016


I am sure I will forget some things. If I do, feel free to add it in the comments section.

First, I present this:

2011- Cutler broken thumb against Chargers – Out for season

2015 – Cutler hurts hamstring against Cardinals

2016 – Cutler sprains thumb against Eagles – Out for a while

I was at all three of these games. This is fucked up. I still will argue that no one else is better out there. At the same time, I just feel like it’s time to let go. This isn’t working. Former general manager Jerry Angelo gets a lot of crap and rightfully so for his years of futility. The trade with Cutler in 2009 was one of his best ones. If it happened again, I’d be just as excited as I was then for it. It wasn’t just all of these injuries that has pissed me off. The fact that most of the crap that happens on the field is from his receivers not running proper routes or linemen not protecting him.

Fact: Jay Cutler has been knocked on his ass more than any quarterback since he came to Chicago. That is a FACT. I don’t have the exact stats in front of me (Cue Yeti), but when the “experts” presented those stats last night and today, that’s all I need.

You cannot expect him to succeed when the idiots on his team aren’t protecting him or running the proper routes. Does he do some of this dumb shit on his own? Yes. But, come on. Him not getting any support isn’t helping.

Next up: Injuries. Lamarr Houston has another torn ACL. Surprisingly, it wasn’t from him sacking a backup quarterback with his team down 137 and deciding to do a dance afterwards. He actually did it trying to help his team win a game. Danny Trevathan is out for a while as well with a thumb sprain. If I had to list everyone else that was injured last night, I will be typing their names out for the next hour. I’ll save it.

Connor Barth: Fuck this guy to the ninth degree. And why blame him? Let’s blame Ryan Pace and John Fox. And for the record, I don’t want Robbie Gould back. That was the absolute right move. Now, when the team doesn’t replace him with someone better (that is the point, right?), then I have a problem with it. Fuck this organization.

Speaking of organization, this is all on Virginia and George McCaskey. They are the ones that are hiring idiots like Angelo, Emery and Pace. They are the ones that are allowing those general managers to hire idiot head coaches like Lovie, Trestman and Fox. They are the ones who let the general managers and coaches sign and draft shitty players who have no business being in the NFL (Brian Hoyer). This is the fucking problem and everyone knows it. It’s one step forward, two steps back.

Do you all see a pattern here? Yes, it’s being repeated. It’s been that way since the Bears fired Ditka. And no, I am not a meatball. But the fact that they have had a revolving door of general managers, coaches and players is fucking PATHETIC. Ryan Pace has no idea what the fuck he is doing with his team. There is no fucking plan. You think this 0-2 start is bad? I must say, it will only get worse.

It sucks. We have fans all over the country and even the world. Bears fans are everywhere. Every road game, tons of Bears fans travel or live in the cities of where they’re playing. This coming Sunday, the Bears are playing on the National stage again against the Cowboys in Dallas. I am sure there will be a ton of fans from Chicago there and ones who live in Dallas. You can tell how loyal we all are. I know a bunch of you guys reading all live in different parts of the country/world and have posted on here saying so. It just fucking sucks that we have no prayers for this franchise. They have embarrassed us. Every team in the NFL has a better chance to win the Super Bowl right now than the Bears do.

I am ashamed. I am pissed off. And I am sure it’s safe to say all of you are pissed off as well. This team doesn’t have any sense of where they want to go and when they want to do it. Yet, they want to continue raising ticket prices? For the love of God, why? How about, win a fucking Super Bowl first? My parking, that was once $15-$25 for all of these years was all of a sudden, $35 last night at McCormick Place. Even those fucking turds are getting in on all of this. I’d take a bus, but the amount of time to get out of Soldier Field is so damn time consuming, it wouldn’t be worth saving $20. But, I digress.

In closing, fuck this entire franchise. It is a collective effort to being the laughingstock of the NFL. I am sure Virginia, George and Ted are happy money is being deposited in their bank accounts by the second. I am sure Pace is going to continue to tell the media that everything is fine and they are playing the process out. I am sure Fox is telling everyone his team will “fix this problem” as soon as they can in time for the next game.

This all sounds familiar from previous regimes. And with that, I will repeat what I said years ago with one of the other regimes (it’s so bad, I forgot which one): Flush the toilet.

“Some important changes from last season and not sucking may finally bring the Cubs to the promised land….”

September 16, 2016

I’ve only glanced at this for now, but I’m thinking that some of you will have an interesting response…(?)

This is fucking stupid: Texans 23 Bears 14

September 11, 2016

What a waste of time. I mean, the Bears start off well. Porter gets an interception and the Bears march down the field with ease. The Bears get the ball back after the Texans punt. A 4th and inches is up and Whitehair or Cutler fuck up the snap. How fucking difficult is this shit? The wheels completely fell off in the second half.

John Fox – Fuck this guy. Today, he channeled his inner-Lovie by challenging an obvious catch in the 4th quarter. That timeout was meaningless at the end of this game, but still. When they are supposed to run the ball, they pass. Shitty play-calling and bad game management. Sound familiar? If your team is the Bears, yes.

Vic Fangio – Oh, this defensive genius! Oh, he looked like one in the first quarter. The rest of the game? Not so much. Sure, the offensive couldn’t do shit and maybe, it tired out the defense. But, Osweiler was doing his thing for the last three quarters.

Jay Cutler – There isn’t anybody better out there. The Bears are stuck with him. He was sacked five fucking times. That’s fucking bullshit. I’ll give credit to the Texans. That defense is good, but the fact that the Bears can’t find some kind of stability on this line pisses me off. Alshon Jeffery dropped a first down pass, but other than that, he did his job. And what’s with receivers always running the wrong routes when Cutler is the quarterback? It’s been happening for years.

It’s going to be a long season. Next week, the Eagles are in town on Monday Night Football. I want a refund for my shitty seat in the North end zone. Thanks, Ted Phillips.

“Bears vs. Texans: Do The Bears Stand A Chance?” – Chicago Tribune

September 9, 2016

I’ll let you all fill in your thoughts.

Win or lose, there will be a recap of the game after.

It was just time to go.

September 5, 2016

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Chicago Bears

I am going to try to not sound like a complete asshole in this article. There will be plenty of “Fro Dog is ANGRY” for the next 17 weeks. But, I am going to say my peace and will do my best to move on.

This caught me by surprise Sunday evening and I am certain others were caught off-guard as well. Robbie Gould has been mercifully released by the Bears. Now, I feel that this was three years too late. Gould was not himself since the 2013 season. I can remember the game in Minnesota that year that he missed a game-winning field goal. The Vikings marched down the field and won in overtime. That pretty much set the tone for what had occurred yesterday.

Robbie Gould was signed in 2005 after free agent Doug Brien, who had played with Jets before that, was released for being shitty. Gould took over and was good. In fact, he was damn good. As the next few years went on, he came up big. I can’t forget the NFC Divisional Playoffs in 2007 where he nailed not only the game-tying field goal late, but the game-winner in overtime. That was a very stressful game and he kicked ass. As years went on, he was the only consistent player on the team. He was still nailing field goals and even though the Bears sucked, he was a guy they could count on to do his job.

Then, the 2013 season commenced with training camp. Marc Trestman has taken over for what looked to be a promising next few years for the Bears. I know, that sounds stupid now. At the time, though, it appeared to be very exciting. Robbie Gould was looking for a new contract. The dreaded “I’m playing to feed my family” line hit a nerve with just not me, but many other fans. I am sure people in the media were even saying: “Is this guy serious?”

Yes, he was serious. And that’s when my strong dislike for Robbie Gould began. So, not only does Phil Emery and the Bears give this guy what he wants (more money than any other kicker), this guy begins to tail off. Lack of clutch-kicking, asinine comments and just not looking the same after that. I think it’s absolutely bullshit that any major sports athlete says something stupid as needing to feed their families. I know some idiots may call me an idiot for that. These athletes make millions of dollars, even after taxes and most of us don’t make that much money in 15 years. I call that a load of bullshit. I don’t think any of these players should be asking for more on the Bears. Win the Super Bowl first and then, bitch about new money. At least that way, it shows it was earned.

So there he was, missing big field goals over the course of the last three years. In the preseason, he just didn’t look like he had improved. Is it age? Or was it him just turning into an asshole because of all the money he was making? It seems like some athletes (many being in Chicago) just turn into different people once they get paid. That’s the pathetic part of sports. Players get big time contracts for moderate success. I look at the Blackhawks and I see that Towes and Kane are the highest paid players in the entire league. Do they deserve it? Well, winning three Cups since they started playing together in 2007 is enough for me to be okay with that. I am sure others feel the same.

But Robbie Gould or any other player on the Bears? No, thanks.

It’s time to move on. The Bears have signed Connor Barth to replace Gould. I can already see it now: Connor BARF. Do I want to call him that? No. But, if he sucks, that’s what will happen. In other moves, the Bears signed Pro Bowler Josh Sitton after the Packers released him.