It was just time to go.


NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Chicago Bears

I am going to try to not sound like a complete asshole in this article. There will be plenty of “Fro Dog is ANGRY” for the next 17 weeks. But, I am going to say my peace and will do my best to move on.

This caught me by surprise Sunday evening and I am certain others were caught off-guard as well. Robbie Gould has been mercifully released by the Bears. Now, I feel that this was three years too late. Gould was not himself since the 2013 season. I can remember the game in Minnesota that year that he missed a game-winning field goal. The Vikings marched down the field and won in overtime. That pretty much set the tone for what had occurred yesterday.

Robbie Gould was signed in 2005 after free agent Doug Brien, who had played with Jets before that, was released for being shitty. Gould took over and was good. In fact, he was damn good. As the next few years went on, he came up big. I can’t forget the NFC Divisional Playoffs in 2007 where he nailed not only the game-tying field goal late, but the game-winner in overtime. That was a very stressful game and he kicked ass. As years went on, he was the only consistent player on the team. He was still nailing field goals and even though the Bears sucked, he was a guy they could count on to do his job.

Then, the 2013 season commenced with training camp. Marc Trestman has taken over for what looked to be a promising next few years for the Bears. I know, that sounds stupid now. At the time, though, it appeared to be very exciting. Robbie Gould was looking for a new contract. The dreaded “I’m playing to feed my family” line hit a nerve with just not me, but many other fans. I am sure people in the media were even saying: “Is this guy serious?”

Yes, he was serious. And that’s when my strong dislike for Robbie Gould began. So, not only does Phil Emery and the Bears give this guy what he wants (more money than any other kicker), this guy begins to tail off. Lack of clutch-kicking, asinine comments and just not looking the same after that. I think it’s absolutely bullshit that any major sports athlete says something stupid as needing to feed their families. I know some idiots may call me an idiot for that. These athletes make millions of dollars, even after taxes and most of us don’t make that much money in 15 years. I call that a load of bullshit. I don’t think any of these players should be asking for more on the Bears. Win the Super Bowl first and then, bitch about new money. At least that way, it shows it was earned.

So there he was, missing big field goals over the course of the last three years. In the preseason, he just didn’t look like he had improved. Is it age? Or was it him just turning into an asshole because of all the money he was making? It seems like some athletes (many being in Chicago) just turn into different people once they get paid. That’s the pathetic part of sports. Players get big time contracts for moderate success. I look at the Blackhawks and I see that Towes and Kane are the highest paid players in the entire league. Do they deserve it? Well, winning three Cups since they started playing together in 2007 is enough for me to be okay with that. I am sure others feel the same.

But Robbie Gould or any other player on the Bears? No, thanks.

It’s time to move on. The Bears have signed Connor Barth to replace Gould. I can already see it now: Connor BARF. Do I want to call him that? No. But, if he sucks, that’s what will happen. In other moves, the Bears signed Pro Bowler Josh Sitton after the Packers released him.

6 Responses to “It was just time to go.”

  1. genrebuster Says:

    I’ve had it with ALL the over-inflated salaries and the fucking jagoff athletes who cry poor-mouth. I’ve been working very hard for many years and I’d like to see one of them survive on what I make. If I made the minimum NFL salary for a year — I think it’s app. 435k — my life would be completely changed, I’d be thrilled and make that money last/grow.

    Robbie Gould is very fortunate to have done so well. But good riddance.

    When Ted Phillips is gone, I might start to give a shit about the Bears….but maybe not. When Roger Goodell is gone, I might actually care about the NFL for more than a NY minute.


  2. erniesarmy Says:

    And, as a Packer fan, I am still scratching my skull trying to figure out what in the world is on the mind of Ted Thompson cutting their starting Pro Bowl Guard!

    He’d better have some sort of serious health problem, or Thompson should be fired.

    Good pick up by the Bears.

  3. Fro Dog Says:


    I finished the season on Madden yesterday. The Bears went 19-0, beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl. But, the thing that made me laugh was this storyline report that popped up on the screen at the main menu. Click on the picture to enlarge.

  4. Fro Dog Says:


    Reports had Sitton being frustrated with the team for giving out extensions to other players before him. This move also makes rookie Cody Whitehair (by Cracky) the starting center.

    While this signing is good, it’s not going to matter much with Kyle Long playing with a labrum injury. Long is too valuable to risk playing with an injury that will end up being much worse if he doesn’t have surgery now. His season would end, but with a new four-year contract extension, it’s not worth it. He will be playing at 60-70% the entire season.

    The way I see it, when the Bears are eliminated from playoff contention after Week 3, they should shut him down.

  5. genrebuster Says:

    Bears win, Bears win, Bears win!!!! 😉

  6. Fro Dog Says:

    Hey, if Madden says it will happen, then it will come to fruition.


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