September is upon us.



Ooops, so sorry!


Buckle up, fitness frendts…and the rest of you.

23 Responses to “September is upon us.”

  1. chucky Says:

    Genre, where did you find that picture of Uncle Leo? That was pretty damn cool.

    Off topic a bit, but I just have to. I just checked the Score’s on air schedule. Tonight, after the Cubs/Pirates game, will be…….are you guys ready for this shit? THE LOVIE SMITH SHOW!!!!!! I read that and I swear I damn near had a burst head artery from laughing so hard.

  2. genrebuster Says:

    HA HA HA HA…word on the street: THE DUSTY BAKER SHOW is next in line when Lovie fails (again).

  3. genrebuster Says:

    “Rex is our quarterback”…”Rex is our quarterback”…”Rex is our quarterback”…”Rex is our quarterback”…”Rex is our quarterback”…

    …and now, back to our regularly scheduled Chicago Cubs programming!

  4. dvxprime Says:

    Outslugged at Colorad, out pitched at El Lay.

    I swear, if the Cubs blow a 13 game lead in this division, don’t be surprised if you turn on the news and see a black man in a Clockwork orange getup, playing the Knockout Game at Hals Hall or the Cubs’ offices.

    If the Bears finish their preseason at 0-4, I want somebody to ask, in the post-game presser: “Coach Fox, do you know what the hell you’re doing?”

  5. erniesarmy Says:

    Ah, yes, good ole Cubbies … build a nice little 3-1 lead with their “Ace” on the mound and in control … starts to wobble a little in the sixth, no biggie, right? Then kapow! 4-3 Pirates!

    Yes, DVX, if there is one team in all of professional sports that could possibly blow a 13 game lead going into September, it is the Cubs.

    Too many mental mistakes, too many stupid pitches in that band box called Wrigley Field, too many guys left on base, and too many blown leads by the bullpen lead to only one thing …. this team is still not ready to compete for the championship.

  6. erniesarmy Says:

    “4-9 in the last 13 games against the Cards, Dodgers and Pirates (not counting tonight’s game) … these are the teams you’re going to face in the playoffs folks” – posted on CCO blog.

    And those are the teams you will have to beat. And Arrietta? Same money as Kershaw? Don’t make me laugh! Offer him a decent salary for a decent starter. If he doesn’t like it show him the door. He’s no ace!

  7. genrebuster Says:

    Arrieta…wonder what’s going on with him?

    This just in: Soler has homered and tied the game.

    The Cubs pitching has me worried…..

  8. genrebuster Says:

    So they swept the Pirates…but Chapman throws 30+ pitches and gives up a run in a 1 inning save.

  9. erniesarmy Says:

    Yep, Chapman got the save, but look what it took for him to finally nail it down. Way too much drama. The Pirates scored in every inning from the seventh on. A nice 6-2 lead went south in a hurry.
    Those pitchers should be taking Russell and the rest of the outfield out for dinner. They saved their bacon more than once!
    Maybe when Rondon and Strop come back it will be better, or maybe it won’t. But that bullpen is still a huge problem.

    Who here is going to feel comfortable in October having a 2-1 or 3-2 lead going into the seventh, eighth, or ninth inning with that bullpen? They have the division wrapped up, but they don’t look good enough for October baseball to me.

  10. erniesarmy Says:

    Cubs beat the Giants, 5-4, with a clutch hit by Russell, and a great job by the pen – for once.

    As a 52 year Cub fan, I can testify that I have never seen them this good this late in the season. 86-47? I have never seen them down this road before. They are flirting with dominant territory now, and are starting to remind me of the 84 Tigers, and we know how that ended; a World Series Championship.

    Still got to get guys healthy, get guys rested, and come out ready for the playoffs with blood in their eyes. They are showing me they have all the tools (“horses” for Dusty fans) to go all the way. No question in my mind this is the best Cub team I have ever seen.

    But, do they have the mental toughness for the long playoff grind. That is what I am anxious to see.

  11. genrebuster Says:

    ernie, I’m with you. Addison Russell is really playing well and that is a bonus on an already loaded roster…this Cubs team is uncharted territory for me, too….given “the history” I’m not overly confident…but their confidence seems to be growing.

  12. erniesarmy Says:

    Genre: “this Cubs team is uncharted territory.”

    I’m right there with you, my friend. I am getting a little bit excited. But, like you, I have to temper it. Too much history getting in my way to be there yet.

    But, as things stand now, this Cub team is a legit powerhouse.

  13. genrebuster Says:

    OK, so we’ve all ragged on Lester…it’s good to see him performing so well at this time/this year.

  14. Pie in the Sky Says:

    The problem is that the Cubs were playing very well last year too. Then they ran into a buzzsaw (Mets). October is largely about who has the hottest team. Or sometimes, the hottest pitcher (e.g. Giants couple years ago with Bumgarner). Look at recent history of NL teams with home-field advantage. It’s pretty bad. Or just look at those Braves teams.

    I’m most concerned about a series with Washington. Wouldn’t it be like the Cubs to lose a series (especially NLCS) to Dusty Baker? The Nats are probably the most balanced team outside of Chicago.

    That’s what I hate about baseball. 162 games can go down the drain with a one-week slump. And it often does.

  15. genrebuster Says:

    Pie. That’s exactly why I’m not getting too excited….you know what I mean.

    You’re right about baseball. Like it or not, the points you bring up contribute to it being such an interesting game (at least for me).

  16. genrebuster Says:

    …also, losing a NLCS to the toothpick chomping idiot would be a fucking nightmare.

  17. Dave Says:

    I think Dustdick will be dustdick and burn out his aces. If facing the Nats earlier this year is anything like an NLCS against them in October, we may just be able to take them down in 5-6 games should we make it that far. We did not let Murphy or Harper do much against us during the regular season, I think other players did more to beat us in the two losses we had against them. I can’t help but be excited about this Cubs team. Once the Cubs win the division title in another week or two, it will be time to play the kids and rest the big dogs. Hell some of the kids are just as badass as the regulars, Theo has’em stockpiled in the lower leagues like WMDs, haha. Lets wrap this up and get ready for October.

  18. erniesarmy Says:

    Pie, you are right. The Cubs ended last season with about eight or nine wins in a row. They then took care of Pittsburgh and St. Louis in fairly easy fashion. But, then came the dreaded NLCS and disaster.

    However, their starting pitching is much better than last years, and, believe it or not, their bullpen is starting to develop a mean streak. They shut down the Giants this afternoon, and the last three games, like the Kansas City Royals dominant bullpen last year.

    Heyward is starting to show life (huge clutch hit in the 12th today), and Zobrist is an improvement over Starlin Castro by a long ways. He’s one of those guys you have to have to win; an Eric Hosmer or Brandon Crawford type. Their lineup really has no weaknesses like last years.

    And, for the first time in my fifty two years of following this team, they have the pitching to get the job done in October.

    Now they have to go out there and get it done.

    The only thing, in my mind, that can throw a monkey wrench in the whole thing is the “curse.” Do those players have the kind of iron strong mental toughness to overcome the fact that this team hasn’t won squat in over one hundred years? They definitely have way more talent than the 69 club, or the 84 and 2003 clubs. But, can they keep their minds focused like a laser beam when all they need is just two or three more outs for the win? Or, like in 84 and 03, one error, one misplayed fly ball, one bad pitch, will cause doubts and second thoughts, and the walls come crumbling down!

    That is the only thing I am not sure of.

  19. Dave Says:

    In today’s late innings the team showed killer instinct, great situational awareness, and put on an offensive clinic without use of the long ball. Pair that with our solid pitching and you have a team built to make a deep playoff run. The Baez bunt to an uncovered first base was simply awesome.

  20. genrebuster Says:

    Well…..thx to Hammel, solid pitching went out the window (tonite).

  21. Dave Says:

    Hendricks is gonna throw a No-no someday. Damn his stuff is nasty. He should be the ace for the playoffs even though he will probably be starting 2 or 3. Hopefully Hammel can redeem himself and throw a good game tonight.

  22. erniesarmy Says:

    Dave, Hammel is way too inconsistent to trust in the playoffs. He just melted in the fourth tonight. I can’t blame him too much – 3 hits in a game isn’t going to beat anybody! This team had better wake up offensively, or this great regular season is going to come to a shattering conclusion in the first playoff series.

  23. erniesarmy Says:

    Milwaukee 5 Cubs 4 in a game that would have clinched the division. Russell with 2 throwing errors, which was the difference in the game. Grimm must never be allowed to pitch in the playoffs!

    Cubs have the talent to go all the way, but do they have the mental toughness? Russell’s throwing errors tell me that their mental toughness is still not there. That, more than anything else, will sink them come playoff time.


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