PATHETIC: Cowboys 17 Bears 0


I am done with this shit. It’s not even funny how this season has started. The Bears look like a high school team going up against the #1 ranked college team in the country.

I already was going to go with this recap before the Cowboys scored the last touchdown. This is fucking atrocious. The Bears went three and out on their two drives while the Cowboys were a shitty non-call away from being up 21-0.


7 Responses to “PATHETIC: Cowboys 17 Bears 0”

  1. genrebuster Says:

    …my eyes, my eyes, my eyes, my eyes, my eyes, my eyes, my eyes, my eyes, my eyes, my eyes, my eyes, my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  2. Fro Dog Says:

    Hey, it’s all good. John Fox has this team in the right direction. I mean, he’s had the Bears start off 0-3 his first two seasons as head coach. Marc Trestman? 3-0 in 2013. Oh, sure, he sure fucked up the rest of the season. But John Fox has the Bears in a much better position!!!!!!!!

    You can see how stupid this organization when they hire a head coach who had been fired by two previous teams in his career. The Broncos tossed him and won the Super Bowl the next year. Gary Kubiak has them 3-0 to start this year.

    They showed Virginia McCaskey on TV during the game. She looked absolutely lovely. I didn’t see George or Ted anywhere. Maybe they went to the bathroom together.

  3. dvxprime Says:

    Game Trax says:

    1) Nice of the O-line to show up tonight to help keep Hoyer off the turf, but maybe if you could run block better as well?

    2) You’re not fooling anybody with those garbage time yards and scores, Brian. Waiting until you’re down twenty isn’t going to cut it; you don’t have the skills to pull massive double-digit comebacks.

    3) No Roger Staubach or Troy Aikman, but Dak Prescott kept his RB-by-committe in the game. Once again, a junior QB de-pantses the Bears defense.

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    I have some stats for all of you (Cue The Yeti Monster):

    Here are the other shitty head coaches the Bears had after firing Ditka. This shows what their records were after three games in their first two seasons as head coach and how it compares to John Fox’s start.

    Dave Wannstedt
    1993: 1-2
    1994: 1-2

    Dick Jauron
    1999: 1-2
    2000: 0-3

    Lovie Smith
    2004: 1-2
    2005: 1-3 (Went 10-2 after to go to the playoffs)

    Marc Trestman
    2013: 3-0
    2014: 2-1

    Now, for John Fox:

    2015: 0-3
    2016: 0-3

    As you can see, John Fox has been worse at the start than any of the other coaches. And since the only stats that are important are wins and losses, this shows that John Fox is a shittier head coach than any of the other past coaches. How PATHETIC is that?

  5. Cbears523 Says:

    Bears for kizer 2017! He’s the best qb in the draft coming out

  6. Fro Dog Says:

    I am cool with Kizer. The Bears will have him or DeShaun Watson to choose from. LaMar Jackson from Louisiville isn’t eligible for next year’s draft (I don’t believe anyway).

    Kizer is a better pocket passer and can still be mobile. Watson, while pretty damn good now, scares the shit of out of me in the NFL. He likes to scramble around more often than not and that puts him at a higher risk to get injured.

    Regardless, the Bears need a quarterback badly. That’s where the first pick should go.

  7. Cbears523 Says:

    Anyone at this point would be better than pouty face cutler. I’ve noticed that cutler doesn’t spread the ball around as he should. He locks into a wr. If we keep him I think white will be a bust. Whites best game has been with hoyer under center. Ever notice that when cutler is in all he does is throw to jeffery


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