“Two thumbs” down; I’ve had enough: Eagles 29 Bears 14



I am sure I will forget some things. If I do, feel free to add it in the comments section.

First, I present this:

2011- Cutler broken thumb against Chargers – Out for season

2015 – Cutler hurts hamstring against Cardinals

2016 – Cutler sprains thumb against Eagles – Out for a while

I was at all three of these games. This is fucked up. I still will argue that no one else is better out there. At the same time, I just feel like it’s time to let go. This isn’t working. Former general manager Jerry Angelo gets a lot of crap and rightfully so for his years of futility. The trade with Cutler in 2009 was one of his best ones. If it happened again, I’d be just as excited as I was then for it. It wasn’t just all of these injuries that has pissed me off. The fact that most of the crap that happens on the field is from his receivers not running proper routes or linemen not protecting him.

Fact: Jay Cutler has been knocked on his ass more than any quarterback since he came to Chicago. That is a FACT. I don’t have the exact stats in front of me (Cue Yeti), but when the “experts” presented those stats last night and today, that’s all I need.

You cannot expect him to succeed when the idiots on his team aren’t protecting him or running the proper routes. Does he do some of this dumb shit on his own? Yes. But, come on. Him not getting any support isn’t helping.

Next up: Injuries. Lamarr Houston has another torn ACL. Surprisingly, it wasn’t from him sacking a backup quarterback with his team down 137 and deciding to do a dance afterwards. He actually did it trying to help his team win a game. Danny Trevathan is out for a while as well with a thumb sprain. If I had to list everyone else that was injured last night, I will be typing their names out for the next hour. I’ll save it.

Connor Barth: Fuck this guy to the ninth degree. And why blame him? Let’s blame Ryan Pace and John Fox. And for the record, I don’t want Robbie Gould back. That was the absolute right move. Now, when the team doesn’t replace him with someone better (that is the point, right?), then I have a problem with it. Fuck this organization.

Speaking of organization, this is all on Virginia and George McCaskey. They are the ones that are hiring idiots like Angelo, Emery and Pace. They are the ones that are allowing those general managers to hire idiot head coaches like Lovie, Trestman and Fox. They are the ones who let the general managers and coaches sign and draft shitty players who have no business being in the NFL (Brian Hoyer). This is the fucking problem and everyone knows it. It’s one step forward, two steps back.

Do you all see a pattern here? Yes, it’s being repeated. It’s been that way since the Bears fired Ditka. And no, I am not a meatball. But the fact that they have had a revolving door of general managers, coaches and players is fucking PATHETIC. Ryan Pace has no idea what the fuck he is doing with his team. There is no fucking plan. You think this 0-2 start is bad? I must say, it will only get worse.

It sucks. We have fans all over the country and even the world. Bears fans are everywhere. Every road game, tons of Bears fans travel or live in the cities of where they’re playing. This coming Sunday, the Bears are playing on the National stage again against the Cowboys in Dallas. I am sure there will be a ton of fans from Chicago there and ones who live in Dallas. You can tell how loyal we all are. I know a bunch of you guys reading all live in different parts of the country/world and have posted on here saying so. It just fucking sucks that we have no prayers for this franchise. They have embarrassed us. Every team in the NFL has a better chance to win the Super Bowl right now than the Bears do.

I am ashamed. I am pissed off. And I am sure it’s safe to say all of you are pissed off as well. This team doesn’t have any sense of where they want to go and when they want to do it. Yet, they want to continue raising ticket prices? For the love of God, why? How about, win a fucking Super Bowl first? My parking, that was once $15-$25 for all of these years was all of a sudden, $35 last night at McCormick Place. Even those fucking turds are getting in on all of this. I’d take a bus, but the amount of time to get out of Soldier Field is so damn time consuming, it wouldn’t be worth saving $20. But, I digress.

In closing, fuck this entire franchise. It is a collective effort to being the laughingstock of the NFL. I am sure Virginia, George and Ted are happy money is being deposited in their bank accounts by the second. I am sure Pace is going to continue to tell the media that everything is fine and they are playing the process out. I am sure Fox is telling everyone his team will “fix this problem” as soon as they can in time for the next game.

This all sounds familiar from previous regimes. And with that, I will repeat what I said years ago with one of the other regimes (it’s so bad, I forgot which one): Flush the toilet.

8 Responses to ““Two thumbs” down; I’ve had enough: Eagles 29 Bears 14”

  1. Fro Dog Says:

    Pernell McPhee yells at Jay Cutler last night. Why? McPhee is out until Week 6/7 at the earliest. What business does he have yelling at anyone?

    Also, Kyle Long should just stop right now and get the surgery on labrum. It’s not worth it. He’s one of the few players on the team that is actually worth a damn. There isn’t a need for him to continue playing this season. Conserve the energy, get the surgery and come back next year 100%.

  2. dvxprime Says:

    Apparently the only good thing about last night was the Eagles postponing their Kapernick-wannabe protest (I didn’t see anything on the press or internet so correct me if I’m wrong).

    Other than that, the Bears are a symbol of everything that’s wrong in the NFL: Goodall does whatever he and/or the owners want without taking an honest look at WTF. The owners are greedy, subhuman bastards. And the players are physically softer, less skilled and trained, and more stupid and willfully ignorant than when I started watching the NFL back in 1981.

    When this team is 0-4 come Columbus Day weekend, I want somebody (Steve Rosenbloom? Dan Bernstein? Fro Dog? The Ghost of Doug Buffone?) to stand up in the post game presser and ask, point blank: “Coach Fox, do you honestly know what the hell you’re doing?”

  3. Cbears523 Says:

    I am putting this loss completely on Jay cutler. He is incapable of leading an nfl offense. Doesn’t matter what weapons he has around him or who is blocking. The rookie on the other team showed more capability than cutler ever has in only his 2nd ever game. He was checking plays at the line and actually executing a game plan.

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    “Coach Fox, do you honestly know what the hell you’re doing?”

    – Maybe someone has asked this question before. However, I would assume most members of the media are afraid of asking these types of questions. Why? Because the Bears have the power to reject that person’s media credentials. Reporters may be punished by their employer because the Bears have that power. That goes for any team in any sport. That would just be my guess.

    I do recall Jerry Angelo telling someone (Brad Biggs of the Tribune?) to “Whistle Dixie” after questions about signing wide receiver Sam Hurd five years ago. Nothing happened to Biggs, but the risk is being taken when reporters ask a critical question.

  5. erniesarmy Says:

    Fro: “Because the Bears have the power to reject that person’s media credentials. Reporters may be punished by their employer because the Bears have that power. That goes for any team in any sport. That would just be my guess.”

    You are correct. I even know of High School reporters being banned from locker rooms because of “negativity” regarding the team. Bad publicity leads to bad attendance leads to less $.

    DVX is absolutely right – greed is what is killing sports at all levels. You want to know why players can rape, assault, or be involved in murder and still be on the field/court playing the game next week?

    Follow the money folks. There are people making big bucks out there and they are not going to let some “whistle blower” spoil their fun by pointing out that the Emperor has no clothes!

  6. erniesarmy Says:

    Part 2: I used to coach lower level flag football and basketball. No more. Parental pressure over their demand their kid play because they just know he’s going to be the next Le Bron takes all the fun out of sports. Greedy parents who want Johnny to sign with Scott Boras so they can be set for life. Greedy High Schools who want the notoriety of producing “big name” sports figures. Greedy Colleges who will do anything to protect their cash cows (cf. Jerry Sandusky), and Greedy owners who want the money spigot to keep pumping. And greedy players that don’t give a rat’s left ear lobe if what they do hurts the team, just as long as they get theirs is all that matters.

    And you think they will allow some wimpy reporter to ask, “Coach Fox, do you honestly know what the hell you’re doing?” and risk casting a pall upon their precious franchise? No way!

    The days when the Bears, Packers, Vikings, Colts, 49ers, etc. actually cared about the fans and the sport is over!

  7. genrebuster Says:


  8. Fro Dog Says:

    Our good frendt, Steven Rosenbloom, has spoken for all of us once again.



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