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Why the Bears will suck this year.

August 30, 2010

I have seen all I need of the Chicago Bears this season. I know it’s only the preseason but judging from last year’s preseason, the average fan indeed can tell how their team will do just by watching the third game of the preseason. Now before I get to anything else, I want to point something out before fuck tards like Irish Yeti come here (The worse site on the internet) to point out certain stats. One stat that I think he will point is the 1985 Bears team that was winless in their preseason yet went to win the Super Bowl that year.

The response I have to say to that is those two teams are totally different. The 1985 team had a better team. This 2010 team could be the worse we have seen since the 2002 team that went 4-12 in my opinion. Even last year, myself along with the guys over at Fire Ron Turner (Now Fire Mike Martz) were saying that this team just doesn’t look like a contender even with Jay Cutler at quarterback. We were worried about the offensive line which turned out to be shitty. We worried about the secondary. That turned out to be a disaster. And we worried about the defense as a whole which once again turned into a shit fest. Yes. Brian Urlacher was a factor in that shitty defense. But even with him, they probably win one or two more games which puts them at the bubble of the playoffs.

Just like last year, the same questions are there for this 2010 Chicago Bears team:

1. If Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith knew the offensive line sucked the last couple years, why haven’t they tried to make it better? Yes. They draft Chris Williams though they knew he had back problems. That was a bust. They signed Frank Omiyale and that hasn’t done much. So I can’t say they aren’t trying but unfortunately, they haven’t signed the right players. Due to the lack of a decent offensive line, we will not know how well Jay Cutler can be on this team.

2. Will Charles Tillman ever learn how to actually play cornerback? This guy has won some games for the Bears. No doubt about it. He can cause fumbles and get the occasional interception. However as I stated in the past, if you ask him to actually cover a receiver, you are basically fucked as a team. Football is a simple game to figure out. It’s 11 on 11. A player should be able to pick someone on the other team and play defense.

3. The defense as a whole. Is Brian Urlacher finished? It sure looks like it. Even before his injury last year, he looked slow on reading the offense. How about the rest of the linebackers? Lance Briggs always seems to bring it but will guys like Hillenmeyer and Tinoisomoa help out? Julius Peppers gets signed to big money does that mean he will do well when no one else on the defensive line is great?

4. Special teams. Let me continue to beat the dead horse on this issue. Devin Hester will be good being a third wide receiver. Forget him winning two or three games alone taking back kicks and punts. Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo think he’s the next Jerry Rice. This is for a lack of a better term, pathetic. The ineptitude and lack of football knowledge by Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith will prove to be costly once again this season.

So buckle up Bears fans. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. I would love to be totally wrong on all of this but I don’t see it. I want the Bears to win and win a lot. I just don’t see it with this team. Too many questions and no answers to go with any of them. I would like 11 or 12 wins but I think at best, 8-8 sounds just about right.

Thoughts on the Bears.

August 20, 2010

First off, my apologies to all for not getting a new post up in the last couple weeks. Things have been a little hectic at home and at the office.

For those living under a semi, the Bears will play their second preseason game Saturday at 7:30 against Oakland. Some things I am noticing is that the wide receivers are looking better. It seems like Johnny Knox and Devin Aromashodu could both have a really good season.

The defense is still going to be a big question mark. Yes. Urlacher is back and ready to go but is he still able to perform at a higher level? Will the defense for another season let offenses install the infamous “I-Pass” on them?

Finally, will Devin Hester finally be just a kick/punt returner? I still to this day think that the Bears organization ruined his career by putting him a full time wide receiver.

If these problems continue to occur, then I must say it’s time to clean house. Angelo and Lovie have had plenty of time to fix these problems and unfortunately, nothing has changed. As of right now, the defense as a whole sucks and the offensive line is awful.

So let’s pray that this whole fiasco turns around. I don’t like many of them players or coaches but I am rooting for them to do well as we all should. It’s time to win. If not, I will once again be waiting another month for basketball and hockey to start.

Open Thread.

August 5, 2010

Next week: Bears first preseason game and the release of Madden NFL 11. I downloaded the demo for the PS3 and I must say, it’s a huge upgrade and a lot less complicated from last year’s. Two thumbs up.

A final word on Antti Niemi.

August 5, 2010

The other day, Chicago Blackhawks general manager Stan Bowman decided to let go of Antti Niemi in favor of 35 year old Marty Turco to be the new goaltender. I have to say that this is utter bullshit. The Blackhawks had the money to resign Niemi. The difference was $1 million between contracts. That is not a lot in sports.

I understand fully the problems of the salary cap but there was enough cash to sign him. I don’t think it makes sense to let go of a goaltender who just helped his team win their first Stanley Cup in nearly a half of a century for a goaltender who is pretty good but also is ten years older. I won’t sit here and say that Niemi is the best goaltender out there because he clearly wasn’t. However, he did the job and he was a big reason why the Blackhawks won the Stanely Cup.

So as always, we will find out during and after next season what the right choice was.

Happy Birthday Fire Jerry Angelo.

August 2, 2010

The toilet: Where every comment posted shall go.

Phew. Fire Jim Hendry/Fire Jerry Angelo has reached it’s second birthday at this residence. And for all of you stat whizzes out there (Cue Irish Yeti), we have reached a total of five years as a group at both the old site and this one. Who would have thought?

If it wasn’t for any of you guys, this place does not exist. We don’t have all of the crew we use to have as recent as a year or two ago but I still very much appreciate the few who have stuck around. Thank you.