Thoughts on the Bears.


First off, my apologies to all for not getting a new post up in the last couple weeks. Things have been a little hectic at home and at the office.

For those living under a semi, the Bears will play their second preseason game Saturday at 7:30 against Oakland. Some things I am noticing is that the wide receivers are looking better. It seems like Johnny Knox and Devin Aromashodu could both have a really good season.

The defense is still going to be a big question mark. Yes. Urlacher is back and ready to go but is he still able to perform at a higher level? Will the defense for another season let offenses install the infamous “I-Pass” on them?

Finally, will Devin Hester finally be just a kick/punt returner? I still to this day think that the Bears organization ruined his career by putting him a full time wide receiver.

If these problems continue to occur, then I must say it’s time to clean house. Angelo and Lovie have had plenty of time to fix these problems and unfortunately, nothing has changed. As of right now, the defense as a whole sucks and the offensive line is awful.

So let’s pray that this whole fiasco turns around. I don’t like many of them players or coaches but I am rooting for them to do well as we all should. It’s time to win. If not, I will once again be waiting another month for basketball and hockey to start.

16 Responses to “Thoughts on the Bears.”

  1. Yeti Says:

    Guest, your presence is requested at Fro’s dad’s bathhouse

  2. Fro Dog Says:


  3. ksmc2000 Says:

    I watched the first pre-season game (thanks to Fro’s link), and was less than impressed with the Bears play on both sides of the ball. But you really cannot put too much stock into the first game. My MVP of the defense was the rookie Major Wright at safety playing well despite having a fucked up left hand. The Bears need somebody to step up in the secondary, and Wright could be the best the Bears have had since Mike Brown.

    The offensive MVP goes to Devin Aromashadu for making a few nice catches including a touchdown. He has the height and nose for the ball that could help Cutler under the new Martz system. Chester Taylor looked good also. I like his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. It should be a decent tandem with Forte and Taylor.

  4. fallscountanywhere Says:

    Ugh, I have to agree about Hester. He was SO good and so fun to watch, and then he got scared of getting hit and stuff. But Chicago is largely bad at sports, so what can we do. I’m hoping they look better in the regular season. I couldn’t even get through watching a whole game.

  5. Mike D. Says:

    Due to others quoting Fro Douche somewhere else, it compelled me to wittingly reply in earnest to each and every one of you basement dwellers.

    For starters, the Bears did not ruin Hester’s career. He held out out of training camp two years ago which forced the Bears to sign him to a ridiculous amount of money. They no longer had to justify him to just a specialist.

    Fro, stop writing. You are embarrassing and everything you post doesn’t have any logic. The only ones who would understand what you write are 5th graders.

  6. genrebuster Says:

    Uh oh, must be time to change those urine soaked diapers.

  7. chucky Says:

    Who the fuck let Mike D(ouche) out of his jail cell?

    Don’t be making fun of 5th graders dipshit. Especially since you’ve had 4 shots at passing the 5th grade.

    Shut the fuck up and leave, bitch. Especially if you think we’re all 5th grade basement dwellers.

  8. Fro Dog Says:

    Good to see our old friend Mike D. check in. Now to my rebuttal.

    The Bears did ruin Hester’s career. I remember very well after they beat Minnesota to clinch the division in their Super Bowl losing year, Lovie Smith said in the press conference “We have to try this guy on offense”. At the time, I was ok with that because he was only doing it for a few plays a game. Not an issue.

    In the 2007 season, Hester was still only doing a few plays a game and at the same time, winning games by playing special teams. Once again. Not an issue. That wasn’t until Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo were saying in the middle of that season and during the next offseason that Hester is good enough to be a number one wide receiver.

    Then came the 2008 season. There was Angelo and Smith, yet again saying how Hester is a number one wide receiver. That is what led to his hold out. It got in his head. He did get his money that season and was put on offense full-time. Now how has that worked out?

    Due to the stupidity of Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith, Hester is now a mediocre number three receiver. He doesn’t even return kicks as much and when he does, he isn’t as explosive. And I am not the only one saying this about Hester. A lot of sports talk hosts, writers, etc. are saying the same thing.

  9. Yeti Says:

    Fro is just pissed because those 6 Returning TDs he had in 06 and 07 are now replaced by only 3 offensive TDs in 08 and 09.. Those 3 TDs over the course of the season have been losing games for the Bears. I assume that those 3 TDs equate to, what, 4 more losses?

  10. genrebuster Says:


    You can do better…please try harder. Or, perhaps Irish Yeti should take a crack at it. The “new” Yeti is disappointing.

    BTW, Yeti…how are the Cubs doing this year? I guess we’re all idiots here, huh? Ya think? Haven’t seen enough baseball.

  11. Yeti Says:

    You think I’ve watched them? I check the score and then see how many hits Castro got

  12. genrebuster Says:

    OK, Yeti…fair enough. Even with the errors, Castro is one of the few bright spots.

  13. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Now now Genre. Fear not. Irish Yeti will be more than happy to present you with stats from certain players saying it’s a good season. He then will also make the argument that Kevin Gregg is a serviceable pitcher and that Hendry should resign him in the offseason.

    We can always argue back that this team will 20 or even possibly 30 games below .500 next year. He then will call us idiots just like the rest of the sheeple. Too bad they haven’t came around much this year. I wonder why?

  14. genrebuster Says:

    Matt Stairs. Alas, I fear that the “Irish Yeti” has abandoned us forever, only to be replaced by the “new” Yeti. boo boo boo….

    (baaaa baaaa baaaa)…. Yes, most of the bleating ignorant sheeple seem to have wandered away from this site…I suppose the truth hurts.

    Now, if they would just stay away from Wrigley Stadium perhaps Hendry would be shown the door.

  15. Mike D. Says:

    I was only brought here thanks to the HJE lurker in the ShoutBox but so everyone knows, the Mike D. above is not me.

    I mean, it sounds like something I would have said–and in fact, may have said somewhere else, just not here; but if that’s the case then someone copied them and pasted them. What am writing right now here in this space are the first words I have typed in the comments here in over a year. Fro–you’ve been punk’d, apparently.

    Frankly, I’m humbled that someone would go to such great lengths to portray me but seriously, whoever you are,…get a life, troll.

  16. Mike Dee Says:

    Pay no attention to the imposters.


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