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Exhausted: Bears 16 Broncos 14

September 15, 2019

13-3 Bears with one quarter left. Bears intercept the Broncos near the goal line. No problem, right?


Matt Nagy did it again. He was out there calling timeouts to “stall” the Broncos and instead, it gives them more time to get a play and convert on fourth downs to continue drives. Before we know it, the game is about to be tied.

Then, the Bears were given a gift of a delay of game. The Broncos are about to try an extra pont.

Then, Buster Skrine jumps offside with the Broncos MISSING the extra point.

It was divine intervention that the Bears were going to lose this game after the Broncos converted the two-point conversion.

On a fourth-and-ten, Trubisky threw a huge pass to Allen Robinson and in the nick of time, fell to the ground and called a timeout. ONE. SECOND. LEFT.

Eddy Pineiro nails a 52-yard field goal to win the game. HOLY SHIT.

After all of that, the Bears finally win a game that they blew. And Matt Nagy should be fired before the press conference. Fuck him.


The Bears can’t clinch a playoff spot in September, but they can certainly lose one.

September 11, 2019

It’s a fact. Teams that start 0-2 aren’t likely to make the playoffs. The stats (cue Yeti) show that only a tenth of teams to start that way still get a playoff spot.

I would say that this Sunday against the Broncos is a must-win in every sense.

The season opener pissed us off. As I look at other games around the league, the Bears weren’t the only team to look awful.

I still feel this is an easy fix. Sadly, it won’t happen because Pace and Nagy are married to this for years to come. Matt Nagy is a fraud who thinks he’s an offensive wizard. In reality, he’s an offense to legit coaches. Again, a 2nd and 1 and he calls a passing play? Then, last week, a “trick” play to Cordarelle Patterson? GIVE IT TO A RUNNING BACK OR DO A QUARTERBACK SNEAK.

I feel this is it for the Bears. Win this or Sunday or be eliminated from playoff contention.

1st and 40: Packers 10 Bears 3

September 6, 2019

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 1st and 40 in a football game before. Same goes for 2nd/3rd and 40 as well. Maybe I saw it on television, but never in person.

It’s late. Here’s your recap:

Matt Nagy is a fraud. This game furthers that evidence. Just keep passing on 2nd and inches. That will show them!

The defense couldn’t stop Rodgers when it mattered the most. The stars don’t look that great, but he made great plays when they were needed the most.

Next week, the Bears go to Denver. Yay?