Leaving points off the board: Bears 16 Vikings 6


Boring? Maybe? Frustrating? Yes. Annoying? Indeed. That’s how I felt during this game. The Bears were given every chance to stomp all over the Vikings and yet, it was no more than a two-possession game. How did the Bears not score at least ten more points? I am not going to be confident about this team until they play four full quarters of a game without any stupid decision-making.

Mitch Trubisky – Awful injury. As soon as I saw the replay, it looked like a broken collarbone. That’s at least six weeks off. At least. Chase Daniel stepped in and did a really great job. He’s going to need to step up.

Matt Nagy – How stupid is this guy? How many fucking times do I have to watch Cordarelle Patterson take a snap and run for one or no yards? It’s 3rd and 2. GIVE IT TO A RUNNING BACK YOU STUPID FUCK. Yeah, I’ll blame Nagy for leaving points off the field. Like last week, this game should have been a blowout.

Running game – Non-existent. The PATHETIC excuse of a head coach is to blame for that.

Defense – Two turnovers and a ton of sacks. Great. Again, too bad the offense made that go to waste for most of the game. But what still frustrates me is the way they give up a ton of yards and points when another team is in a hurry-up offense. We saw that late in this game. It needs to stop.

Eddie Jackson – Okay, the Bears got the ball back on this drive I’m going to talk about. But they could have had much better field position after the Vikings were stopped deep in their own territory. Jackson pushes a player in the end zone after a dust up with other players and instead of a 4th and long, it’s a fresh set of downs for the Vikings. Undisciplined. Stupid.

The Bears are now tied for first place with the Packers (Packers hold the tiebreaker as of now) with a record of 3-1. The Raiders are up next in London.

2 Responses to “Leaving points off the board: Bears 16 Vikings 6”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    No running game. QBs can’t find the end zone. Both teams punting 10 times.

    THIS shit is what we’re sending to London?

  2. Sebastian Hawks Says:

    Uh oh, OB was comparing Chase Daniels to Johnny Unitas on the post game show yesterday. I basically saw a competent back up quarterback performance, but that’s about it. He did look to know his craft better than Turd Biscuit though. In essence Pace has been exposed as hyping 3rd stringer talent at best this elite QB. Big trouble for the Bears is if Turd Biscuit is out on IR for a long time he won’t get to stink it up on the field and remove all doubt. So when his contract extension comes up Pace is gonna give him $100 million. Just watch, Pace’s continuing employment is based on getting the public to believe in the Emperor’s nonexistent clothes. I remember how Lawrence Holmes was mocking Pace right after the John Fox firing when Pace was claiming the Bears were the premier coaching opening because “You get a chance to work with Mitch Turbinsky” and Holmes noted that he wasn’t buying Pace’s notion that Turd Biscuit was this elite quarterback. Well, now we’ll just have to see how “Johnny Unitas” does next week in London.


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