I’m so glad Matt Nagy told Ryan Pace to trade Jordan Howard. That bum only scored three touchdowns Thursday Night!


Stat time (cue Yeti): 15 carries – 87 yards – two rushing touchdowns; three catches for 28 yards and a receiving touchdown

I thought he was on his way to a fourth late in the game as well.

The more success Jordan Howard has with the Eagles, the more Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy show that they are the biggest frauds in football.

Fuck both of these guys.

3 Responses to “I’m so glad Matt Nagy told Ryan Pace to trade Jordan Howard. That bum only scored three touchdowns Thursday Night!”

  1. Sebastian Hawks Says:

    I didn’t get it last year, Howard was one of the few bright spots during the John Fox era and for some reason he was never on the field last year. It’s not like Turd Biscuit was lighting up the field in ’18, why wasn’t Howard on the field instead of a Midget RB? I’m not saying Howard was the greatest, but definitely a serviceable running back and better than a 5’6″ gimmick player. But hey, what can you expect for the guy who brought us Kevin White, Shaheen, and traded a King’s Ransom to move up ONE SPOT for Turd Biscuit.

  2. chucky Says:

    Turd Biscuit? I love it. Thank you Sebastian, My compliments sir. Keep it up. I have a feeling you might have some more in the can. I want to hear more.

    I have a feeling Turd Biscuit is in for a real bad day tomorrow. Final score: Minnesota 38, Bears 6. In the aftermath of this train wreck Dan Hampton will completely blow an artery, OB will have to be restrained from killing Ryan Pace, and it will be business as usual for Mark Carmen.

    Your thoughts men? Give them to me.

  3. dvxprime Says:

    So finna get pissed about this shit:

    1) Why can’t the Bears find the goddamn end zone more than once a game?
    2) Why can’t the Bears’ defense play four fucking quarters?
    3) Why don’t the bears have a running game?
    4) What blind-ass bat picked the fucking Bears’ uniforms for this game?
    5) How is it that Bears’ games are the most unwatchable shit on the NFL TV schedule?


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