A whole bunch of PATHETIC: Bears 31 Redskins 15


How does this defense get five turnovers and yet, still nearly blow it? How does the offense basically get spotted a 28-0 lead and blow it? How does Matt Nagy on first and goal call for a pass play that appropriately gets intercepted at the goal line?

We’ve seen this before. Shades of last year against the Dolphins? Why pass when the ball can be easily ran?

It’s because Matt Nagy is a sad excuse for a professional football coach. We’ve seen this before. Shades of last year against the Packers in Green Bay? 28-0 lead and before you know it, the Redskins are marching down to get within one score. Thankfully, Case Keenum tried to jump for the first down only to have the ball knocked out of his hands.

Penalties. Bad play-calling. We saw it all.

The defense? Again, great for five turnovers. But fuck. What’s with giving up big plays on drives late in halves for points? We saw it in Green Bay last year and in the playoffs. We even saw it last week when they blew a ten-point lead in the second half. Only a miracle in the final seconds saved that. And we saw it tonight before halftime.

It’s time for Matt Nagy and his playbook of trickery to take a hike. It’s time to bring in someone who actually knows how to give the ball to a running back instead of CORDARELLE FUCKING PATTERSON. HE’S NOT A FUCKING RUNNING BACK.

What else am I missing? I don’t know fucking know. Sure, if someone told me the Bears were going to win this game 31-15 without even watching it, I’d be happy. But damn. This is really painful to watch and will be all season. This is a very bad offense and the defense is very bad when the game is on the line. The offense is to blame for most of it.

The Bears play the Vikings next Sunday at home. The injuries are piling up. I need to go buy some Pepto Bismol.

2 Responses to “A whole bunch of PATHETIC: Bears 31 Redskins 15”

  1. Fro Dog Says:

    Had the Bears lost this game, it would have been the worst in franchise history with how much they lead by.

    2002 – Lost after leading by 20 against the Saints
    2002 – Lost after leading by 21 against the Patriots
    2018 – Lost after leading by 20 against the Packers

    This game – Up 28 and were a mere play or two away from it being 28-22 with plenty of time left in the fourth quarter. How ridiculous is this? There is no excuse for a professional football team to blow a substantial lead. This team has been known for doing this throughout their entire history. That is a sign of a poorly-run franchise.

  2. dvxprime Says:

    I missed the first half of the game because I was expecting Customer Appreciation Week, with a pre-MNF party at the apartment complex clubhouse…instead of EMPLOYEE appreciation Week.

    I turned on the game just in time to see Trubisky’s first half stats…nice (for once).

    Bears third quarter:

    -Ha Ha Clinton Dix INT #2
    -Pinero’s missed FG
    -70 yd TD drive by the Skins
    -Trubisky throws an end zone INT
    -Skins punt
    -Bears punt

    Apparently, the Bears took their collective foot off the gas. Sorry, that’s not watchable football. Called it a night before the third quarter ended.

    Trubs, Matt Nagy, and Ryan Pace have about two more years steady employment with the NFL, but unless some changes happen…and soon…nothing beyond that.


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