The Bears can’t clinch a playoff spot in September, but they can certainly lose one.


It’s a fact. Teams that start 0-2 aren’t likely to make the playoffs. The stats (cue Yeti) show that only a tenth of teams to start that way still get a playoff spot.

I would say that this Sunday against the Broncos is a must-win in every sense.

The season opener pissed us off. As I look at other games around the league, the Bears weren’t the only team to look awful.

I still feel this is an easy fix. Sadly, it won’t happen because Pace and Nagy are married to this for years to come. Matt Nagy is a fraud who thinks he’s an offensive wizard. In reality, he’s an offense to legit coaches. Again, a 2nd and 1 and he calls a passing play? Then, last week, a “trick” play to Cordarelle Patterson? GIVE IT TO A RUNNING BACK OR DO A QUARTERBACK SNEAK.

I feel this is it for the Bears. Win this or Sunday or be eliminated from playoff contention.

2 Responses to “The Bears can’t clinch a playoff spot in September, but they can certainly lose one.”

  1. Erniesarmy Says:

    I think that’s a fair analysis, Fro. Pro Football only has 16 games, so unlike the NBA or the marathon MLB season, you cannot lose 2 in a row and expect to do well, or even make the playoffs. That of course is a generality, and I’m sure there are exceptions.

  2. dvxprime Says:

    Same old shit. Bears offense can’t score, so the defense gets gassed, then can’t stop the other team’s offense so they blow a late 4th quarter lead and lose.

    Fuck this team.


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