Exhausted: Bears 16 Broncos 14


13-3 Bears with one quarter left. Bears intercept the Broncos near the goal line. No problem, right?


Matt Nagy did it again. He was out there calling timeouts to “stall” the Broncos and instead, it gives them more time to get a play and convert on fourth downs to continue drives. Before we know it, the game is about to be tied.

Then, the Bears were given a gift of a delay of game. The Broncos are about to try an extra pont.

Then, Buster Skrine jumps offside with the Broncos MISSING the extra point.

It was divine intervention that the Bears were going to lose this game after the Broncos converted the two-point conversion.

On a fourth-and-ten, Trubisky threw a huge pass to Allen Robinson and in the nick of time, fell to the ground and called a timeout. ONE. SECOND. LEFT.

Eddy Pineiro nails a 52-yard field goal to win the game. HOLY SHIT.

After all of that, the Bears finally win a game that they blew. And Matt Nagy should be fired before the press conference. Fuck him.

4 Responses to “Exhausted: Bears 16 Broncos 14”

  1. Sebastian Hawks Says:

    Well, the good news is that Eddie Pinhero can play Pro Kicker. Our top scorer and the bright spot on the offense. Really makes that decision last week to go for it on 4th and 10 instead of kick the field goal look absurd.

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    I can’t believe I didn’t include the following in the recap:

    The Original Kiss Of Death To Chicago Sports, Dick Stockton, was calling this game. This entire game had the makings for a loss.

  3. Sebastian Hawks Says:

    Even though it’s very early in the season and a lot can still happen, it may well be that both wildcards come out of the NFC West. So the road to the playoffs require taking the NFC North division title, and Aaron Rodgers looks like the best horse to place that bet on.

    I can pick up AM 700 out of Cincinnati downstate and spent the early afternoon listening to Jimmy G. tear up the Bengals. Now there are questions as to if he can stay healthy, but Lynch in SF clearly outclassed Pace. By passing on the Turd Biscuit he got two extra 3rd round picks, a 4th rounder and halfway through the season picked up Jimmy G. for a pittance. He’s clearly able to play the game and a top 15 QB.

    Heck even Case Keenum looks better than the Turd Biscuit and I’m sure you could have brought him in here to manage the game for less than “The Mike Glennon Experiment” cost. Turd Biscuit looks like one of those smiling guys you see on ESPN during the draft, and then notice two years later is already out of the league. But to be fair to Nagy, he has to play Turd Biscuit, I suspect it’s a “political decision” like in Russia or China, Pace put his ass on the line with that blunder and I bet Nagy has absolutely no choice on who is under center. “Party Line” out of Pace is that Turd Biscuit is an elite quarterback, and even though Nagy may know the Emperor has no clothes and want someone else, the deal he made to get the job was probably that Turd Biscuit was forced on him. His game plan is obviously for a quarterback of a different caliber than the Turd Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich he was forced to eat.

  4. dvxprime Says:

    Meanwhile, Joe Maddon goes thru TEN FUCKING PITCHERS in the loss to the cardinals.

    Why? Goddammit…WHY???


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