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Open thread.

January 24, 2014

Will ThomASS ever be fired and replaced by someone who is actually a coach?

January 21, 2014

Some stats (cue Yeti) from last night’s game between the Bulls and (Super) Lakers:

Bulls free throws: 17/24 – Including a missed free throw by Bozo at the end of the fourth quarter. Game promptly goes into overtime with a Nick Young jumper afterwards.

Cartier Martin – DNP (Coach‘s decision is a dumbass)

Don’t worry guys, I am getting to my main point. Stick with me.

Erik Murphy – DNP (Coach‘s decision is a dumbass)

Kirk Hinrich – 19 minutes of playing time

Alright, last but not least:

Jimmy Butler – 49 minutes

Are you fucking kidding me? This game goes into overtime, which results in a 53-minute game. And according to the stats (where is our dear Yeti?), Butler played 49 minutes and 41 seconds which left him with 3 minutes and 19 seconds of rest. The Lakers are a terrible team. Thanks to horrible free throw shooting (again), the Bulls found themselves in another overtime game. Yet, this “great” coach continues to run his players into the ground by playing ridiculous minutes. Jimmy Butler, I believe, had turf toe early in the season. That stuff, like most toe/foot injuries, only heal by rest. I am sure someone already told ThomASS that, but he’s too busy worrying about winning a regular season game rather than pacing his players for the playoffs.

If the Bulls don’t want what happened to Derrick Rose to happen to Jimmy Butler, they will do the right thing and fire this PATHETIC excuse for a head coach. Let him go be some other team’s problem. There was an idiot on The Score last week who said if Butler didn’t want to play 60 minutes in that last overtime game, then he should have said something. Little did the idiot know that players aren’t going to bitch to the public or even to the team about minutes played. They do what they are told because it’s their jobs. It’s no different from our jobs.

Because the NBA is a joke in general, thanks in part to the dildo himself, David Stern, the Bulls can be mediocre and still grab the #3 seed in the East. Last thing I’ll mention is this: I am not saying Erik Murphy and Cartier Martin are the second comings of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, but for the love of God, what is the point of having them on the team if they are not playing? Murphy is a rookie and really, with any player, they don’t get better sitting on the bench. Put those two guys in a game with significant minutes and see what they’re capable of.

A picture for Genrebuster and Chucky

January 16, 2014

I was reading some Bears websites to get opinions from other fans on what the Bears should do in the draft and free agency. While doing that, I found this gem. Enjoy.

Open thread.

January 13, 2014

Some topics to discuss:

1. AFC/NFC Championships

2. Bears retain Tucker

3. The Bulls still suck

4. The Blackhawks

5. Erin McElroy

I may have become a fan of Michigan State after this.

January 7, 2014

It turns out, the love for WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan is getting some outside of the wrestling world. A big thanks to offensive lineman Travis Jackson, who is of course, a wrestling fan, for first doing it in a game against Michigan and getting the entire arena to do it on Tuesday night.

This video is pretty awesome. Enjoy.

Also, fuck Ohio State.

Let the tanking begin.

January 7, 2014

Alright Bulls fans. Luol Deng has been traded to the Cavaliers and this will save the Bulls about $15 million in cap room. Good news is, Andrew Bynum will be released today and three draft picks will be coming back in return. This is good news. The Bulls, as usual, aren’t going anywhere anyway so they might as well get what they can before players like Deng become free agents.

Like I said, the Bulls get three draft picks and and one of those is for this upcoming offseason which will give them two first round picks. The other two are anywhere from 2015-2017. Assuming the idiot for an head coach is gone by the end of this season, one of these picks might actually turn out to be pretty good. This cap space will also include the Bulls using the amnesty clause on Carlos Boozer which will save them even more money next year. All I know is that Carmelo Anthony is available and Kevin Love wants out of Minnesota after this season but teams in the West may have more to offer. It’s up to the village idiot, John Paxson to do something because Derrick Rose will not be the same player once (or if) he returns.

It’s time for the Bulls to wipe the slate clean. It will be painful but it’s the NBA. They will need to suck for a while before finding gems in the draft. It doesn’t help that a lot of players come right out of college with only playing a year or two. That’s another reason why the NBA has sucked big time the last decade or so. A lot of these players only go for one year and they don’t develop into an NBA-caliber player.

It all started with this trade. Next up, trade Noah or whoever else they can and try to get some quality players back or just trade them to free up cap space. The Bulls need to build a team through the draft and add someone such as Kevin Love or Carmelo Anthony to help out eventually. Last but not least, the PATHETIC excuse for a head coach needs to be tossed after this season. The risk of him injuring more players is not worth winning some regular season game when they are up 30 and the starters are still out there. Someone like Jeff Van Gundy could and should be a top choice if the Bulls are serious about contending.

He’s baaaccckkk!

January 2, 2014

I have a FEELING that our good friend Genrebuster loves this photo of Lovie Lee Smith. Well, he becomes the problem of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers now.

Rumor has it (and this isn’t a joke), that their new general manager may be, you guessed it, Jerry Angelo. It looks like the band is getting back together. You cannot make this shit up!