I may have become a fan of Michigan State after this.


It turns out, the love for WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan is getting some outside of the wrestling world. A big thanks to offensive lineman Travis Jackson, who is of course, a wrestling fan, for first doing it in a game against Michigan and getting the entire arena to do it on Tuesday night.

This video is pretty awesome. Enjoy.

Also, fuck Ohio State.


35 Responses to “I may have become a fan of Michigan State after this.”

  1. chucky Says:

    More proof of just how badly Vince and company have dropped the ball with Daniel Bryan. Sometimes Vince can be a genius, other times he’s so damned stupid I want to kick him right in the balls. What he did with Bryan was beyond stupid, so he gets two kicks.

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    Absolutely. There may be some rumors that he is just doing this so it comes down to the Rumble where they want him to eliminate himself and he doesn’t do it. I am not betting on it. Vince is an idiot. Maybe this is a wake-up call?

  3. Cubs Bears Bulls Sox Suck Says:

    Speaking of Idiots, Guess who wants to put the SuperBowl in fucking London?

  4. Pie in the Sky Says:

    …And he wants to expand playoffs to 14 teams by next season. Geez.

  5. chucky Says:

    But he IS concerned with concussions in the league. What a dickbag.

    Just what will it take to remove this shitstain from his “job”?

  6. Fro Dog Says:

    Oh my. What a moron.

    I can’t really put it any other way. That guy is just, a moron.

  7. genrebuster Says:

    Goodell is another Selig.

  8. Cubs Bears Bulls Sox Suck Says:

    Oh Shit now the CheeseHeads want the Nature Boy dead….
    You better fear the wheelin dealin kiss stealin limo ridin jet flyin son of a gun. WWWOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  9. Fro Dog Says:

    Something tells me that Jimmy D. is responsible for starting that. Haha. What the hell is going on with the people up there in the Green Bay/Appleton area?

  10. chucky Says:

    It’s not just up in Green Bay. I read that Flair has been getting threats from Panther fans too. Most of this entire country is fucked up beyond repair.

  11. jimmy d. Says:


    Yep, I think most of the threats are coming from Panther country. Apparently they’re not too pleased that he basically set it up in his pep-talk that the 49’ers will go into Carolina this week and take care of business there, too. Death threats against a washed up Pro Wrestler? Hardly the kind of thing that someone should get that worked up over! Really!!! Get a life, people!
    Now, on the other hand…I’m ALL FOR making death threats against that FUCKING QB that beat us for a 3rd straight time! Son of a bitch!!! OR, against our useless defensive coordinator who allowed that QB to pull another one out of his ass!

    Jimmy D.

  12. chucky Says:

    Jimmy….Glad to see you didn’t freeze to death out there last week! How bad was it there? I mean the weather. I have to be honest, there isn’t enough money in the world to get me out in weather like that. You’re one tough guy my friendt!

  13. Fro Dog Says:

    I think next year, for a game in December, I am going to Mundelein to drag Chucky with us for a game at Soldier Field. YARRR!

  14. jimmy d. Says:


    It really wasn’t that bad. I think it was definitely colder for the NFC championship against the NY Giants 6 years ago.
    First, I had all the right clothes on. Second, I went as a corporate guest for a company that I do a great deal of business with and the tickets were for “Outdoor Club Seats”; meaning that we were able to go indoors at any time to get warmed up, to get something to eat/drink, or whatever. Lastly, the wind did not kick up like they thought it would…not until after the game. Holy Shit did it get nasty later on after the game. Had they played that game on Monday instead of Sunday, there may have been casualties on the field. It was 20 below (ambient temperature) with wind chill factors in the 50 – 55 below range.

    Jimmy D

  15. chucky Says:

    No way Fro!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One thing I place a premium on is my own personal comfort. Given the choice of watching a football game in wind chills reaching -20, or watching it in the comfort of my living room at 74 degrees, there will be only one choice.

    By the way, did you guys see why Ric Flair isn’t going to the Panthers/49ers game this weekend. It seems the state of North Carolina has an arrest warrant out on his ass. It for a contempt of court charge for not paying his 5th ex-wife Jacqueline $33,000 in legal fees and support. He’s been living in Atlanta with girlfriend, the former “WCW Fifi the Maid”, and in Tampa Florida with…….get this, JOE GOMEZ!!!!!Remember that guy? He’s been in Tampa to be close to his daughter Ashley while she trains in NXT.

    What a dipshit.

  16. Fro Dog Says:

    Oh my. Haha. That’s hilarious. Can’t he be arrested though in another state and extradited back to North Carolina or is that only for felonies? Regardless, if you don’t learn after your first wife not to get married again, you probably won’t succeed with wife number three, four or five!

  17. genrebuster Says:


  18. chucky Says:

    Fro….I’ve never had to be extradited for anything, so I don’t know anything about that. If he can be extradited on a misdemeanor he should go into hiding. He’s too easy to recognize.

    Nice Homer Simpson there genre. Sounds just like him.

  19. Cubs Bears Bulls Sox Suck Says:

    Along with the great matches with Sting and Luger in the old WCW this was my favorite Ric Flair moment of all time…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVU0MW-IGrM

  20. MadCityMac Says:

    Chucky, Jesus H. Fucking Christ, Flair’s FIFTH ex-wife? Anybody who gets married that many times has most definitely taken waaaaaay too many folding chairs to the head. Fucking moron. I would probably get married a second time but with the crazy fucking broads I’ve ended up going out with (and remember, ALL redheads are fucking crazy, even if they’re dynamite between the sheets!) it isn’t happening anytime soon. Fro, I should have stayed with the ex-Des Moines Register sportswriter; she was easily the sanest of the bunch, but my stupid anxiety and depression messed that up, dammit! Jimmy, glad you survived the game my friend; fucking ‘niners. Scott, Goodell is just another greedy slimeball fuck, just like good ol’ Barry Alvarez here at the UW. Bottom line only, fuck the fans, and I wonder how much both of these twatwaffles are lining their own pockets at the expense of everybody else. Dirty fuckers…. And have I been drinking? Maybe….

  21. Fro Dog Says:

    Mac, it’s all good buddy. I have a FEELING that Jimmy D.’s favorite, Erin McElroy isn’t one of those crazy ones. She’s a rare form of the red head bunch. She’s sane and dynamite in the sack. And it turns out, she’s a damn good dancer too.

    May I present to all of you once again, the fantastic lady herself.

  22. MadCityMac Says:

    Fro, I have a feeling you’re correct about Erin McElroy; oooh baby… Yeah, my 2 redheads were a GF I went out with for over 2 years who never appreciated me, and the other is a girl I went to high school with who was a blond then, but when we went out 3 years ago, she had dyed the hair red (I think something in the dye soaked in and rusted her brain). Some serious self-esteem issues at work with this one. We actually met up again last Saturday, both thinking something might come out of it. She decided after 4 days that she didn’t “feel it”, even though she felt bad about it. Her loss! 🙂

  23. jimmy d. Says:

    “Fire in the hole”

  24. chucky Says:

    Hey, I just read that A-Roid is suspended for all of the 2014 season.


  25. MadCityMac Says:

    Jimmy, LOVE IT! Chucky, love it also!

  26. Cubs Bears Bulls Sox Suck Says:

    Wow the Red Hot Chili Peppers got the SB Halftime Gig! I personally like the Chili Peppers and am glad they got someone who actually plays their own instruments this year and write their own music. I still wish they had John Frusciante in the group.. I havent even learned the new guys name lol

  27. genrebuster Says:

    HA HA HA HA HA HA Fuck A-Roid! Mac, you’re on a roll…”twatwaffle”…excellent!

  28. dvxprime Says:

    Chili Peppers aaaand…BRUNO. FUCKING. MARS.

    Setting the SB halftime show on “ignore” this year…

    BTW, how the hell are the Bulls gonna ‘tank’ when they have shit on their schedule like Charlotte and Milwaukee AND they play in the JV division of the NBA (Eastern Conference) and Thibs coaches like he ACTUALLY WANTS TO WIN AND MAKE THE PLAYOFFS?


  29. Fro Dog Says:

    “BTW, how the hell are the Bulls gonna ‘tank’ when they have shit on their schedule like Charlotte and Milwaukee AND they play in the JV division of the NBA (Eastern Conference) and Thibs coaches like he ACTUALLY WANTS TO WIN AND MAKE THE PLAYOFFS?


    And you know what’s worse? He will fuck it up in the playoffs like he usually does by not resting starters and refusing to use the bench.


  30. dvxprime Says:

    Hey Fro, just a thought…Thibs probably believes his job is in jeopardy and is in desperation mode (or he should be) I need to look at his W-L record to this point, and we need to take the temperature in the Bulls’ locker room (does the rest of the roster support him or are they ready to revolt?) If GArPax hand him down an ultimatum to “throttle back on the starters’ minutes and quit burning out the roster or your ass is gone”, that would be grounds for him to get his pink slip at the end of the year.

    Even if the Bulls do go into “tank mode”, there’s no guarantees that it’s gonna amount to much. Thibs is not the type of guy who will fall on his sword and mail it in, and the Jay-Vee (Eastern) Conference is loaded to the brim with tanking candidates all vying for the 2014 draft/free agent bonanza.

    Finally, there is our Bulls front office. Cap space and picks notwithstanding, do we trust that GarPax 1) has the brainpower to rebuild this roster or 2) will even be around to help rebuild? What if Herr Reisendorf has had enough of the current front office/coaching and goes for a makeover from top to bottom?

  31. Fro Dog Says:

    There is no way that Foreman and Paxson are getting axed. If this was any other franchise in sports, they would have been fired a long time ago. With Reinsdorf, he never fires his friends (i.e. that fat fuck Jerry Krause). This is one of the main reasons why the Bulls have been in turmoil since Jordan left.

  32. chucky Says:

    The Bears have dumped two defensive coaches, but are keeping Mel Tucker.


    I’ve really been on the fence about whether or not to retain Tucker. I don’t know the right answer here. The defense this year was the worst I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. Yet, Tucker was told before the season started to retain Lovie Smiths defense. Add to that, he had a lot of injured players to contend with. Is this all Tuckers fault. I don’t know, for sure. So, I need your help in deciding on this one guys.

  33. Fro Dog Says:

    I really don’t know what to say about this. The only reason why I would think it would be a good reason to get rid of him is because, (cue the stat geeks), his defense with other teams in the past have sucked too. Now, teams like those were the Browns and Jaguars, but still. So, maybe he’s a victim of bad personnel?

    Even before the injuries, in the first three games, the defense still sucked ass. I think this comes down to Emery fixing the defense and if it still sucks next season, then Tucker will get canned.

  34. dvxprime Says:

    Chucky, I gotta say that Tucker should’ve been fired as well. Every football team from the Pats to the Texans has had to deal with injuries; it’s the smart coaches who can train the backups to go in when the starters go down. The Bears defense was a record-setting epic fail this year, and Tucker (if he’s been around long enough since Lovie) should have seen this train wreck coming.

    That being said, let’s see what happens when Emery gets some fresh blood over the coming months.

  35. chucky Says:

    Good stuff there to think about guys. Thanks for answering my questions. I think I’ll just wait until Emery does something on defense and see how it plays out next season.


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