Will ThomASS ever be fired and replaced by someone who is actually a coach?


Some stats (cue Yeti) from last night’s game between the Bulls and (Super) Lakers:

Bulls free throws: 17/24 – Including a missed free throw by Bozo at the end of the fourth quarter. Game promptly goes into overtime with a Nick Young jumper afterwards.

Cartier Martin – DNP (Coach‘s decision is a dumbass)

Don’t worry guys, I am getting to my main point. Stick with me.

Erik Murphy – DNP (Coach‘s decision is a dumbass)

Kirk Hinrich – 19 minutes of playing time

Alright, last but not least:

Jimmy Butler – 49 minutes

Are you fucking kidding me? This game goes into overtime, which results in a 53-minute game. And according to the stats (where is our dear Yeti?), Butler played 49 minutes and 41 seconds which left him with 3 minutes and 19 seconds of rest. The Lakers are a terrible team. Thanks to horrible free throw shooting (again), the Bulls found themselves in another overtime game. Yet, this “great” coach continues to run his players into the ground by playing ridiculous minutes. Jimmy Butler, I believe, had turf toe early in the season. That stuff, like most toe/foot injuries, only heal by rest. I am sure someone already told ThomASS that, but he’s too busy worrying about winning a regular season game rather than pacing his players for the playoffs.

If the Bulls don’t want what happened to Derrick Rose to happen to Jimmy Butler, they will do the right thing and fire this PATHETIC excuse for a head coach. Let him go be some other team’s problem. There was an idiot on The Score last week who said if Butler didn’t want to play 60 minutes in that last overtime game, then he should have said something. Little did the idiot know that players aren’t going to bitch to the public or even to the team about minutes played. They do what they are told because it’s their jobs. It’s no different from our jobs.

Because the NBA is a joke in general, thanks in part to the dildo himself, David Stern, the Bulls can be mediocre and still grab the #3 seed in the East. Last thing I’ll mention is this: I am not saying Erik Murphy and Cartier Martin are the second comings of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, but for the love of God, what is the point of having them on the team if they are not playing? Murphy is a rookie and really, with any player, they don’t get better sitting on the bench. Put those two guys in a game with significant minutes and see what they’re capable of.

13 Responses to “Will ThomASS ever be fired and replaced by someone who is actually a coach?”

  1. chucky Says:

    Fro….has anyone ever confronted this dumb bastard ThomASS about why he runs guys like Butler and Noah and the other starters into the goddamned ground while guys like Martin, Murphy, and Teague(when he was here) sit on the bench and do nothing? I mean really call his ass out about and demand some answers. I haven’t heard one reporter do that. That could be a press conference that turns into one ugly-ass war. And I’d love that!

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    I think it happened last week after the game against the Magic. I forgot who asked him the question but he didn’t go on a rant about it, but he told reporters that they don’t know what goes on in practice and that the players are prepared or some bullshit like that. After that, he went on to say how Jordan and Pippen played a lot of minutes during the their years.

    Well, I checked some box scores of random games during the last three-peat. Even during close playoff games, Pippen and Jordan would play about 39-42 minutes of rest in those games. That means, they would have at least 5-8 minutes in some of those games. That’s more than Butler had in the last two overtime wins. In wipeouts, Jordan had some games where he only played 30-35 minutes. Meanwhile, ever since ThomASS reared his ugly head in Chicago, when the Bulls would be 30 (and just last Saturday), the starters are still out there rather than sitting out the fourth quarter instead of the bench getting playing time. Even though it’s a small sample size, I think it’s enough to show the type of coach Phil Jackson was compared to the turd that is on the bench right now. It’s fascinating what happens when I throw stats at the idiots and they stay silent.

  3. Cubs Bears Bulls Sox Suck Says:


    Check this out Chucky, You can hire him for the day and ask him yourself. Says here we can call and check his pricing and availability.The lowest budget amount is $5,000 up to $100k plus. Maybe we can take up a collection from everyone we can find and just grill the fucker for as long as they let us.

  4. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Roger Goodell is at it again…


    WHY???????????????????? Does this guy have nothing better to do than fuck up every single aspect of the game?

  5. Cubs Bears Bulls Sox Suck Says:

    Vincent Kennedy McMahons defunct XFL didnt have PAT and I didnt mind it, I think they should get 6pts. for a TD and a chance at a 2pt conversion. I also liked the “Kickoff” in XFL, line your fastest guy up in each endzone, place the ball on the 50 and say GO! I also like the current kickoff/return as well.

  6. dvxprime Says:

    (Everybody) Sucks, that is the funniest idea ever! Might I suggest renting out your favorite Chicago area sports bar for a day, schedule Mr Thibs, and then after he gets done speaking, everybody in the house let him have it? And make sure somebody’s getting video for YouTube!

  7. Fro Dog Says:

    1. Roger Goodell is a fucking idiot. The football universe will be better off if gets hit by a semi today. I prefer today so he doesn’t think of any more asinine ideas.

    2. Oh, the XFL. I thought I was the only one who loved it. I remember a Chicago Enforcers fitted hat when it started up. For whatever reason, 15-year old Fro Dog threw it out shortly after the XFL went out of business.

    3. If that thing with ThomASS is true, I say we all gather and go to that interview.

  8. Cubs Bears Bulls Sox Suck Says:

    Thanks Prime! That would be great all we need is someone with a shit ton of money and a dislike for Thibs. Shouldnt be hard in the Chicago area, maybe we can put a ad on Craigslist for some sponsorship.
    It’s for real Fro, theres all kinds of public speakers you can hire, If I won the lotto I would pay Woody Harrelson to hang out with me for like 3 days.
    Back to the point! We would have to fudge the paperwork, I dont think the truth would fly ….

    Name: FroDog and a bunch of Guys that dont like you.
    Organization: Fire Tom Thibodeau
    Budget: .76 cents , a 2 dollar scratch off winner, and a 1978 Ivan DeJesus rookie card with a 2 bent corners.

    Hey it might work…

  9. chucky Says:

    OK, this is off topic, but I need to get this out. Masahiro Tanaka signed a 7 year, $155M contract with the New York Yankees today. Anybody else besides me see this guys arm falling off in 3 years? For the naysayers out there, remember this. His pitching coach is none other than Sir Lawrence of Rothschild. He’ll have him in towel drills in to time at all!

    Tanaka is doooooooooooomed!!!!!!

  10. Cubs Bears Bulls Sox Suck Says:

    I think most of the Japanese players suck, I can think of a handful that actually panned out. Most usually have a few decent outings early in their American baseball career then blow dick when people get some film and figure them out. They cant seem to adjust and go back home.

  11. Cubs Bears Bulls Sox Suck Says:

    P.S. I’m surprised your giving him 3 years lol

  12. Abram Says:

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  13. steven anderson Says:

    Thibs gets a pass from media because they are afraid to ask the stubborn fat azz any tough questions. Why is Mirotic and McDermott and Moore and Snell not getting the minutes. Rose is regaining form but absolutely dogs it on D. No D Rose. Ask Thibs why a crafty player like Mirotic sits so much… Thibs will give us anal look like you dare question the God of coaching….way overrated.


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