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Sunday, Monday, Happy Days…

December 31, 2012

Well, it’s official. Lovie Smith is out. I have been saying for the last year that if he didn’t win a Super Bowl this year, that he would be gone. He even failed to get the Bears to the playoffs. Not many teams miss the playoffs with a 10-6 record in my memory but the fact is, the Bears did. And for it to happen on the last day of the year. This is better than the time I went to a massage parlor and received a happy ending at no extra charge.

Everyone is saying how Lovie Smith is such a “nice guy”. The regulars at this site have heard it all. I am sure he is a nice guy. Even Phil Emery said the same thing. But being nice isn’t enough. Jay Cutler is an asshole and I don’t give a shit. He’s the greatest quarterback to ever play for the Bears and if he would just have some half-ass linemen to block for him, his numbers would have been much better in these few years in Chicago. I don’t give a crap if the next guy is nice or a douchebag. BRING ME A FUCKING SUPER BOWL TROPHY TO CHICAGO. That’s all I care about.

Now, the process begins. Who is at the top of your list as head coach? For me, I’ve wanted either Brian Billick or Bill Cowher but now, more names have came up as possible choices.

This site will stay at Fire Lovie Smith for the mean time. We aren’t going anywhere (sorry Lovie lovers!). We’ll stay as a Bears site as well for the regulars, anything else sports-wise. There isn’t any hockey and the Bulls still suck so we’ll be football heavy for a little while longer.

Happy New Year everybody.

What was your favorite Lovie Smith moment?

December 30, 2012


On the eve of Lovie Smith’s firing (just being optimistic), I am asking you, my loyal readers of how you will remember Lovie Smith the most? Here is just a sample size of the many moments that he can be remembered for:

1. Firing Ron Rivera and hiring his friend, Bob Babich as defensive coordinator after the Super Bowl loss.

2. Trading Chris Harris when he was somewhat decent in training camp and letting Adam Archuleta and others suck on secondary.

3. Ruining Devin Hester’s career by trying to make him a wide receiver.

4. Telling the media constantly that his team “had a good week of practice” and that “we have a good football team”.

5. Refusing to stop Ron Turner from calling pass play after pass play in the Super Bowl loss which led to the Bears losing.

6. 2008 – A 3-3 start that could have easily been, 6-0 but thanks to dumb decisions by both Lovie and his players, it didn’t happen. The Bears failed to clinch a playoff spot on the last day of the season.

I know I forgot many but I’ll leave it to you guys. Entertain (or depress) me.

Squeaking out a victory.

December 30, 2012


This game wasn’t spectacular, but the Bears barely won. They should have won by two touchdowns but I digress at this point. The offense did just enough and the defense nearly blew it but made the plays when needed.

Offense: How many times do I have to say in a recap that Mike Tice is an idiot? Forte gets a nice run or two on a drive and then after, he calls passing plays. RUN THE FUCKING BALL YOU DUMBASS. Instead, Cutler is airing it out like he has the 1999 Rams offense. There were dropped passes all over the place including a would-be Kellen Davis touchdown in the second half. Any coach with half of a brain knows that Kellen Davis can’t catch a football. Marshall was taken out of this game but Earl Bennett stepped up getting a touchdown early in the game to give the Bears the lead. With all of the turnovers the defense had, the Bears should have scored a lot more than they did.

Defense: Despite forcing all of those turnovers, they turned into garbage right before the end of the first half by letting Matthew Stafford drive the Lions down the field and cutting the lead to 20-10 at halftime. To make matters worse, it was 20-3 at one point and it became 20-17 and 26-24 thanks to the defense refusing to cover anybody that was trying to make a catch. Once again though, when it was on the line, the defense made a stop. Tim Jennings did his part and so did Tillman at crucial times. You won’t see them making the big plays against better teams but we all know that. Anyway, enough with the “prevent” shit already. It doesn’t work.

Special Teams: Olindo Mare sucks. A 43-yard field goal indoors with the ball in the middle of the field should be made even by the shittiest of kickers. But here’s some good news: No holding or illegal block in the back penalties.

Next up: ?

Open thread.

December 27, 2012

Have at it folks.

Getting the job done.

December 23, 2012


It wasn’t great, but the Bears went into Arizona and won. Obviously, if the Bears played an actual NFL team, they probably lose convincingly. This game at one point made me wonder if Lovie Smith and Ken Whisenhunt were in a contest to prove to the other, whose team was worse. If I learned anything from this game, it’s that the kiss of death to Chicago sports (Not this time!), Dick Stockton, loves the word “muff”. He mentioned something about a muff at least twice in this game. The Bears didn’t get any help from the Texans and it will come down to the last Sunday of the regular season.

Offense: Boring. Forte had some nice runs and all of a sudden, they started throwing the football again? Why? Because Mike Tice is an idiot. Forte ended up getting hurt and when the game was out of reach, then they ran for the most part. You know what I saw odd? Kellen Davis caught two passes and held onto the ball both times! Why Cutler was throwing to him in the first place is another discussion but wow. I am impressed. Cutler led the Bears on a nice drive before halftime that led to the Marshall touchdown. Nothing fancy once again. I’ll take it.

Defense: They gave up zero touchdowns. At the same time, the Cardinals have zero quarterbacks. They scored two touchdowns. Julius Peppers kicked ass getting three sacks. Larry Fitzgerald had over 100 yards receiving, but it didn’t really matter. The Cardinals didn’t even get it in the red zone. It seems like the Bears only force turnovers and score on defense when they play shitty teams. You never see this kind of play against teams like the Packers or 49ers.

Special Teams: Zackary Bowman sucks. Also, what’s with the special teams as a whole this year? The Cardinals block a field goal late in the game. Before that, another illegal block in the back penalty. Do the Bears lead the league in penalties on special teams? Well, at least the Cardinals sucked so bad, that their fake field goal didn’t work on the Bears.

Next up: The Lions. A win by the Bears along with a loss from the Vikings and they are in the playoffs.

Open thread.

December 20, 2012

Fake wrestling fans, there is a new article up at Falls Count Anywhere.

For everyone else, fire away.

Bears lose. Again. And again. And again.

December 16, 2012

Honestly, I don’t have the energy to post a recap. All you have to do is read all of the other recaps from every other loss, replace the team and players with names on the Packers and just go from there. It’s the same shit every fucking week. I am sick and tired of this crap. The Bears have dropped out of the wild card spots and now, need to win out and get help just to get in. The only good coming out of all of this is that Lovie Smith is finished as head coach of the Chicago Bears two weeks from tomorrow.

We cannot sit here and expect other teams to lose just to help the Bears. That was my problem these last few weeks. I was sitting there, praying for other teams to lose just so the Bears can hold onto a playoff spot.

Next week: Arizona Cardinals.

Open thread.

December 14, 2012


The Ravens and Colts get it. The Bears don’t.

December 10, 2012

Now that we have proved all of the idiots wrong in the last few weeks by witnessing the Bears flush the season down the drain (again), I wanted to give more reasons why the McCaskey family isn’t doing what it should be with this franchise. When the Bears were 8-3, you figured that with the five games remaining, that they just need to win two of them to get into the playoffs. Now with three games left, it would probably be certain that they would need to win the next two games, if not all three, to just get in.

Even though I want Lovie gone, the players should be held accountable too. Receivers are dropping passes, the defense is falling apart and Jay Cutler nearly had his neck ripped off on Sunday. I hate to say this, but it’s only a matter of time before his career ends because the offensive line can’t protect him. For all of this crap to stop, changes need to be made. I am about to give two prime examples of teams that are making changes and why it pisses me off that the Bears don’t take notice.

Baltimore Ravens: They fired offensive coordinator Cam Cameron today and that is what gave me the idea to write this post in the first place. The Ravens realize that what they have right now calling the plays isn’t working so they replace him with someone else. Their loss on Sunday was the first time, they lost two in a row since 2009.  This isn’t a guarantee to work but that isn’t the point. They know if it isn’t going to work now, something needs to be done differently. Well, when it’s the Bears you are talking about losing a few games in a row or a big game, you’re rewarded with a raise and/or contract extension.

Indianapolis Colts: They are 9-4. You read that? 9-4. Why? Because they cleaned house after a two-win season. Did owner Jim Irsay give a shit about whether or not Peyton Manning was there? No. Injuries are never an excuse. Good teams have players ready to go. If not, a franchise should do something about it. They fired their general manager and coach. And even though it was a money situation, they declined to keep the greatest quarterback of the last 15 years. They draft Andrew Luck, they protect him with a good offensive line and they bring in the right players to surround him. Now, they are on their way to the playoffs. How far they go is yet to be determined but I’ll say this, they are in much better position to win a championship than the Bears.

Of course, the Bears organization isn’t going to do anything similar to the examples I have provided. I mean, they did fire Jerry Angelo but getting rid of some players that have sucked for a while? Not a chance. Fire Lovie? That would be insane!

These guys suck!

December 9, 2012

I am going to make this quick because to be honest, it’s the same shit every week. I wrote after the loss to the 49ers that the clock struck midnight on this team and that is holding up. The Bears are quickly dropping out of the playoff race.

Offense: Fuck Mike Tice and his shitty play-calling. Fuck Kellen Davis. Devin Hester has no business being on offense. Lovie Smith is a fucking idiot for continuing to throw this guy out there. Cutler sucked all game too. His first interception set up a touchdown and the second one was returned for another one. He also overthrew his receivers all game.

Defense: Adrian Peterson ran all over the Bears today. Chris Conte sucks too.

Special Teams: Robbie Gould had a hamstring injury I believe during warm-ups. The Bears didn’t need him in this game anyway.

The Bears have the Cardinals next week on the road. The only good news coming out of all of this is that we are one week closer to Phil Emery announcing the day after the regular season ends that Lovie Smith has been fired.

Correction: The Bears play the Packers next week at home. Ah fuck. That just makes things so much better.