Bears lose. Again. And again. And again.


Honestly, I don’t have the energy to post a recap. All you have to do is read all of the other recaps from every other loss, replace the team and players with names on the Packers and just go from there. It’s the same shit every fucking week. I am sick and tired of this crap. The Bears have dropped out of the wild card spots and now, need to win out and get help just to get in. The only good coming out of all of this is that Lovie Smith is finished as head coach of the Chicago Bears two weeks from tomorrow.

We cannot sit here and expect other teams to lose just to help the Bears. That was my problem these last few weeks. I was sitting there, praying for other teams to lose just so the Bears can hold onto a playoff spot.

Next week: Arizona Cardinals.

42 Responses to “Bears lose. Again. And again. And again.”

  1. genrebuster Says:

    This situation reminds me of the Cubs/Dusty.

    If Lovie Smith returns as coach next year, I am finished with the Bears until further notice.

    Lovie is a detriment, a liability, a loser…a lousy head coach. TRULY PATHETIC.

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    Did anybody see the last sack (I know. I lost count too) on Cutler? It looks like he was feeling his collarbone.

    Just let this guy go somewhere else. Seriously. It’s not fair to him.

  3. chucky Says:

    And I won’t be surprised at all if he does return. And can someone tell what the fuck Alshon Jeffrey was doing in the second half? He obviously had his goddamned head up his ass.

    God-fucking-damnit this team and coaching staff fucking suck!!!!!!

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    So what exactly do the Bears need going in the draft and free agency? Here is my list:

    Five offensive lineman
    A running back
    Two wide receivers
    Two defensive lineman
    Three linebackers
    Three cornerbacks/safeties

    Am I insane for thinking this?

  5. chucky Says:

    Fro….Only for forgetting to list a tight end.

  6. Pie In The Sky Says:

    Jay Cutler was holding his collarbone even before that final sack. I saw him start doing it sometime in the third quarter.

  7. Fro Dog Says:

    My bad. How stupid of me to forget that position. I’ll take two of those as well. I am guessing my tab will be much higher after that.

    Forget the nickname Bears, let’s rename them the Dominoes. The Chicago Dominoes. That sounds much better.

  8. chucky Says:

    Or move the team to Manila, then rename them the Vanilla Manila Folders.

    Kudos also go out to Brandon Marshall for calling out the entire offense, and wanting some fucking accountablity. I think that word must be Greek to that asshole Lovie.

    Fro….there’s only two guys I want back next year, Cutler and Marshall. Like them or hate them, at least they give a shit! Fuck the rest of this team. Jeffrey was fucking laughing after getting flagged. By the way, Buffone is fucking PISSED!!!!!

  9. Fro Dog Says:

    I don’t hate those guys. I actually love Cutler more than most men do. Same for Marshall. Sure, he holds the ball odd and it creates chances for him to fumble but damn. He’s the only real wide receiver this team has had for years; if not, ever.

    I didn’t listen to the post game and I don’t think I want to. That would just piss me off more than I am at the moment. At least there is WRASSLIN’ on tonight.

  10. chucky Says:

    Are you watching TLC tonight Fro? I’m going to.

  11. DVXPrime Says:

    I follow three Bears/Chicago-centric blogs, and two of them admit to not having the patience to slog through a recap. Must have been some sorry-ass game.

    I was checking the game out on my smartphone and I saw when the Bears were at the Packers goal line in the third quarter.I said to myself, “Gotta get a TD, Bears, it’s only your season.” Ten minutes later, I see the Bears have settled for a FG.

    10 penalties for 91 yards. One third of them to Jeffrey. Nice day to go into newby mode, rookie. You can help the rest of the Bears pack for the offseason (and maybe help the coaching staff pack clean out their offices?)

    I know one other penalty went for defensive pass interference, so I’ll just assume, since Jay took four sacks today, that the other six penalties went to the O-line for holding and false starts, amirite?

    Back-to-back losses to division rivals. Both of those games, plus the Seattle loss, were winnable. All three losses by an average of 21-14.

    As much as the Cards and Lions are in disarray, even if the Bears do sweep the last two, this will be the most hollow ten-win season in the history of the NFL. And ten wins will be just enought to get Lovie rehired, playoffs or not. He’ll probably be shucking and jiving like Herm Edwards saying how close the Bears are, how they just need to catch some breaks, how we need to stay the course…wait, didn’t we keep hearing this throughout the election season?

    And then the bears hollow ten win season will get them a much tougher season in 2013.

    Still, it was nice to not listen to the Worldwide Leader’s race-baiting bobbleheads or not have to deal with the Conneticut shootings for three hours, was it not?

  12. Kevin Hill Says:

    I hope Josh Mcdaniels isn`t taking over as head coach, Lovie hasn`t been offered an extension surprise surprise, Emery needs his own coach not bungelo Angelo`s leftovers.

  13. Kevin Hill Says:

    you know Tom Landry wasn`t an emotional coach but man he was one of the greatest coaches, he coached not just stand there and watch like Lovie.

  14. Fro Dog Says:

    I am watching the pay-per-view for sure. I’ll probably write about that and Raw tomorrow at the wrestling site. Ryback is a joke but I am looking forward to seeing Ambrose and the boys in the main event. From everything I’ve read, Ambrose was touted as a high prospect in the minors. I am excited to see what he is made of.

  15. Spete123 Says:

    Is anyone surprised? It’s the same shit every game. They played the same way that lost them the last 6 to them. Ultra conservative, boring and dull. They think they can run the ball to beat the pack, rogers just lights them up on key moments of the game. If gb needed 30 points to win, they could do it. They just played conservative knowing chicago couldn’t score. Coaches need to be fired asap! Enough is enough!

  16. Vlad_SP7 Says:

    Bears will resolute to better football season next year. What team need is better forward passing, and good running ball. Forte is good runner! I am Russian and enjoy watching the Chicago, USA Bears!

  17. Pie In The Sky Says:

    Though ya’ll might find this interesting. Brian Urlacher calling out the fans again…,0,5307393.story

  18. genrebuster Says:

    You know what? I’ve admired Urlachers’ efforts and he has contributed much to the Bears. That said, his comments piss me off…maybe it’s time for him to go, too. When you play like crap and LOSE…and have an ineffectual coach, the fans will complain..and we have every right to.

    It’s bad enough that Chicago has the PATHETIC Cubs, the perennial losers.We put up with Dusty and Hendry for far too long; Sorry for that digression…but enough is enough.

    I’m fine with Urlacher AND Lovie leaving town…anytime. Bring it on.

  19. chucky Says:

    He wasn’t alone either. Chris Cunte tweeted the same shit.Fuck both of them. Yeah, Urlacher WAS a great player. But he’s done. And he’s sounding like he got racked in the head a few too many times himself.

    As for Cunte, I’ll quote HHH on this one.

    “Those who tweet are twats.” Fuck off bitch. You fucking suck anyway.

  20. genrebuster Says:

    They are all welcome to participate in the circle jerk at the 50 yard line upon completion of this crap season.

  21. Nemo Says:

    Of course the players are loyal to Lovie Smith. He’s a wuss who never criticizes the players no matter how much they fuck up. That’s the kind of coach players like. Whether the players like the coach or not cannot interfere with decisions that need to be made. If their loyalty is to the coach, and not the team, they can leave with Lovie when he gets booted out.

  22. Fro Dog Says:

    I have some different views on Urlacher’s comments.

    I am a bit frustrated that he said he doesn’t care about the fans because we are the ones buying the tickets and all that. We have a right to cheer or boo. Some of us are season ticket holders and others just go to a few games a year. I have spent quite a bit of cash on tickets over the last few years and that’s why I didn’t agree with him. The guys over at Fire Ron Turner spend even more than I do with their PSL/NON-PSL seats and I am sure they are pissed off too.

    I understand he’s on the team and maybe he sees things differently than us. That’s fine and everything. At first, I was wondering if he was just defending Lovie because he wants another contract or if he really, feels that way. If he feels that way, he still shouldn’t say that about the people that put money in his pocket.

    With all that being said, Chris Cunte for sure, has no room to speak. He sucks in every part of the game.

  23. Fro Dog Says:

    Guess what people? Lovie Smith said at his press conference today that yesterday wasn’t a must-win; however, the must-win games begin now.

    Lovie Smith: Football idiot.

  24. Pie In The Sky Says:

    It’s only a must win if they win that game.

    Therefore, they’re 8-0 in must-win games. And Chris Conte would like to tell you that if you don’t agree with that then PISS OFF.

  25. chucky Says:

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The only games that aren’t must win are pre-season games or when you have won the division and home field advantage in the playoffs. I’m so goddamn tired of him saying that the game they just lost due to his ineptitude isn’t must win. Just the same bullshit coming from a dumbfuck without a sense of urgency. HEY DIPSHIT……THEY”RE ALL MUST WIN!!!!!!!!

    And some people want this jack off back.

    I swear I want to kick this ignorant motherfucker right in his chin scar. What a stupid fucking moron.

  26. Nemo Says:

    But now, the Bears can win their two must win games and still MISS the playoffs. A little late on the must-win pronouncement, Mr. Smith.

    My theory is that he doesn’t want the embarrassment of losing a must win game, so he waits til we play a crappy team like the Cardinals to call “must-win”, figuring they can’t lose to them.

  27. chucky Says:

    But Nemo,,,what happens if the Cardinals beat the Bears. They should not think that this will be a romp in the park. Look at the Carolina game for example. The Bears proved then that they are more than capable of losing to a shitty team. Yeah, they won it, but just barely. It’s not a stretch at all to think they can lose.

    And how goddamned stupid has this shit about “must-win” games become? Now they have all this added pressure to win, even against a shithole team like Arizona. If they played better and had a head coach that doesn’t have his fucking head up his ass in just one or two of those losses they would be planning for the post season, not scrambling to just get the fuck in. If they played with a sense of urgency like most here have said they could have rested a few guys so they could maybe heal up before the playoffs. This team is really beat up badly, and now they have the added pressure of knowing one lousy, stupid mistake will cost them the season. Great job of coaching Lovie, you stupid bastard.

    Something yesterday that Dan Bernstein said has really stuck in my mind. He said the Bear-Packer game was just an ordinary, nothing surprising, typical Lovie game. THIS IS WHY LOVIE “BAKER” SMITH MUST BE FUCKING FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GOD-FUCKING-DAMNIT!!!!!! He’s as fucking stale as a month old loaf of bread that has has sat out that entire month. There was even talk that if Lovie was fired, would he be able to win the Super Bowl with another team. C’mon Phil, pull the trigger on this one.

    Fire Lovie Baker now.

  28. Spete123 Says:

    This team is fucked for many years to come if we don’t get a reputable head coach. If this year doesn’t wake up the McCaskey’s then nothing will. Unfortuneately we’re stuck with lame owners, but if they could allow emery to make all critical decisions for the team then maybe this team can rebound relatively fast. Let’s see what happens, we should know soon after the season finishes. I just hope we’re not stuck with a situation where we get a new head coach but he’s a nobody. Anybody’s better than lovie, but that message will tell the fans that ownership doesn’t have the urgency to win now. I fear that the most. With a new head coach that has proven experience winning IMPORTANT games in the nfl, we’ll get rid of mike tice and the rest of the dead weight on the team. Then we can develop new schemes on d and o. Saying that, it’s gonna still take a few years before we can be championship callibur. I feel our qb is good enough to win, he’s not great but i feel he can win. We have a great reciever, a pretty good rb in forte, again not great but decent. Who really knows what we have on d, they played that stupid cover 2 for the last 10 years so it’s hard to know if this d can play better under a different scheme. I hope so because better than average teams always move the ball rather easily on it. I guess time will tell how good this team will be under new coaching, maybe a lot better or maybe still the same sub par team. If that’s the case then it’s going to take years for new players to come in, I hope not! We’ll see soon bears fans, everyone knows what needs to be done as far as obvious changes. Let’s just wait and see if this owner will do anything about it.

  29. Yeti Says:

    “He said the Bear-Packer game was just an ordinary, nothing surprising, typical Lovie game. ”

    Slightly correct, but you have what he said wrong. It wasn’t a typical Lovie game. He said it was a typical Lovie Smith-Jay Cutler era Bears-Packers game.

  30. Nemo Says:

    Chucky, I actually think the Cardinals CAN beat the Bears. In terms of added pressure? It’s been building up for 6 weeks and I don’t think that Smith’s pronouncement will have any real bearing at this point. Do any of us really think the Bears fear the wrath of Mrs. Howell if they don’t win this “must-win” game?

  31. chucky Says:

    Yeti….I was wondering when you were going to crawl out from your rock to start picking the fly shit out of the pepper. Well done. Now get the fuck back under your rock bitch.

    Nemo….I think Lovies head is buried so far up his ass that he will lose this game too. If they do win in Arizona I’ll bet they do lose in Detroit. And Tice doesn’t even know his ass from a challenge flag.

  32. Fro Dog Says:

    Yeti, seriously. Everything you say is wrong on just about every level. While we’re giving our opinions on who should stay and who should go, the reasons for them are facts. Here’s the fact: The Bears were 7-1, albeit playing shitty by exposing flaws and they were still finding ways to win. Fine.

    Then, they lose five out of six. Why? Because eventually, those problems turn into losses. Those are the facts. You still defend Lovie and the players all you want. You then, nitpick certain comments made by the readers and that makes you look more like a classless prick. You think you’re smarter than everyone else here but when the Bears continue to lose, your arguments look weaker and weaker. I mean this sincerely: Get off the crack.

  33. Yeti Says:

    I didn’t say I was defending Lovie. Just correcting what Chucky said

  34. Fro Dog Says:

    No. But you do defend Lovie at times. You and your minions will throw at us Lovie’s win-loss record or something along those lines. You’ll fail to mention though that he has zero Super Bowl victories in two legitimate chances (2006-2007 and 2010-2011) or how he cannot beat good teams; especially when it matters the most. You said it yourself two weeks ago that you think the Bears are decent. You think an NFL team losing five out of their last six is decent? Come on man. You’re better than this. I think.

  35. chucky Says:

    Here’s a couple of stats for your sorry, stupid ass Yeti.

    1) The Bears are fucking winless in December this year and last year.

    2) Since the loss of Super Bowl XLI to the Colts the Bears have gone 42-38 in regular season games.

    2007 7-9, no playoffs.

    2008 9-7 no playoffs

    2009 7-9, no playoffs.

    2010 11-5, beat a substandard Seahawks team in the divisional
    game, lost conference game to Green Bay(at home too)

    2011 8-8 no playoffs.

    Do you honestly think Smith should come back? If you do, you’re fucking dumber than I thought. That record sure as hell doesn’t inspire confidence with me in his coaching abilities. And before you counter with a bullshit injury excuse, tell me first how many players Green Bay had on IR the day they won the goddamned Super Bowl. As far as what Bernstein said is concerned, I’ll listen to the podcast and see if you were just being a stupid retard as usual. Until then, never, ever think you’re smart enough to fucking “correct” what I say here. You aren’t even close.

  36. DVXPrime Says:

    So, let me get this straight…last Sunday’s game against the Packers…our oldest and most bitter rival…essentially playing for the division title and a playoff berth…was not a “must win” game.

    Wow. This is what we call “lowering our standards”, folks.

    If you have a football coach who suddenly doesn’t give a damn about games against a division rival (a long-time rival, no less), what does that say about the man? I mean, Bears-Packers is the longest running rivalry in the NFL, and now Lovie says it wasn’t a “must win game?”

    Can you imagine Mike Tomlin blowing off a loss to Baltimore or Dallas, saying it wasn’t a must win game? What would be the over-under on fans signing a petition to have him fired? About 100,000?

    I agree…Lovie’s gotta go, regardless of how this season shakes out.

    BTW…the Cards just thrashed the Lions at home last Sunday…suddenly that game’s not so winnable anymore.

  37. Pie In The Sky Says:

    ARZ has a tight defense. They’ll keep it close…

  38. montanabearsfan Says:

    Fuck Earlickker….pathetic punk calling out us fans, play ball asshole
    YOU received what 9 million this year ,,,what a fucking waste.
    sorry this ass is done!! Slow ass cheerleader,
    Take that Punk ass bitch Smith with ya. and your worthless tightend Davis,you fucking ruined Hester!!!
    No talent , punk ass Smith Same Ol shit!!!!!
    I grew up in Chicago, inner city Damen /North ave..
    20 blocks from the Bulls …
    Damn Im gonna get sick, No talent coaches ,

    The clock is most likely why people were booing, even though they have nothing to cheer about..








    MERRY XMAS ,,,,,,,,,BAH HUMBUG REALLY!!!!!!!!

  39. genrebuster Says:


  40. Fro Dog Says:

    Chucky, you have been replaced as the fire and passion of this site.

  41. chucky Says:

    That’s OK Fro. I like his style.

    But don’t ever count me out of the game.

  42. Kevin Hill Says:



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