Sunday, Monday, Happy Days…


Well, it’s official. Lovie Smith is out. I have been saying for the last year that if he didn’t win a Super Bowl this year, that he would be gone. He even failed to get the Bears to the playoffs. Not many teams miss the playoffs with a 10-6 record in my memory but the fact is, the Bears did. And for it to happen on the last day of the year. This is better than the time I went to a massage parlor and received a happy ending at no extra charge.

Everyone is saying how Lovie Smith is such a “nice guy”. The regulars at this site have heard it all. I am sure he is a nice guy. Even Phil Emery said the same thing. But being nice isn’t enough. Jay Cutler is an asshole and I don’t give a shit. He’s the greatest quarterback to ever play for the Bears and if he would just have some half-ass linemen to block for him, his numbers would have been much better in these few years in Chicago. I don’t give a crap if the next guy is nice or a douchebag. BRING ME A FUCKING SUPER BOWL TROPHY TO CHICAGO. That’s all I care about.

Now, the process begins. Who is at the top of your list as head coach? For me, I’ve wanted either Brian Billick or Bill Cowher but now, more names have came up as possible choices.

This site will stay at Fire Lovie Smith for the mean time. We aren’t going anywhere (sorry Lovie lovers!). We’ll stay as a Bears site as well for the regulars, anything else sports-wise. There isn’t any hockey and the Bulls still suck so we’ll be football heavy for a little while longer.

Happy New Year everybody.

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  1. chucky Says:

    I’m hearing that Broncos OC Mike McCoy is a leading candidate for Phil Emery. I can live with that. But with that being said, I just can’t believe it actually happened. Thank god this nightmare is over!

  2. genrebuster Says:

    I wasn’t really expecting this to least not so soon.

    Hallelujah! It’s about time. Nice way to bring in the new year, for sure.

    Nice post, Fro.

    Is it still ok for me to occasionally post about the Cubs? That is, assuming that they play better in 2013…

  3. chucky Says:

    Memo to Lovie Smith

    RE: On your way out….

    Lovie, when you pack pack your bags to leave Halas Hall for the final time, please pack your whiney, crybaby litlle bitch son Devin Hester. A sniveling little bitch like him is no longer needed in Chicago, especially since you singlehandedly destroyed his career. Thank you.

    Sincerely, All normal thinking Chicago Bears fans everywhere.

    Did you guys hear this little crybaby bitch this morning? Goddamn, somebody needs to change his fucking diaper! You want to retire now that Emery fired your daddy? Fucking go, you little sniveling bitch!

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    I just saw on Comcast SportsNet that Hester was crying and he had his hoodie on away from the camera. I thought he would be the last guy in that building to be in that state of mind after hearing the news. WHY ARE YOU CRYING? HE RUINED YOUR CAREER YOU IDIOT!

  5. chucky Says:

    He’s talking about retiring Fro. I had no idea he was such a crybaby. Grow a set of fucking testicles, dipshit! This is the fucking NFL!!!! People get fired. Players get cut. It’s a fucking fact of life. Your not in kindergarten any more. Grow a set or put on a fucking dress.

  6. Robert Says:

    Supposedly the NHL is going to announce a settlement within the next couple of days one of the things they are going to do is give center ice free for the year

  7. Fro Dog Says:

    Robert, don’t get ahead of anything you hear. It’s all a bunch of bullshit.

    Scott, I forgot to mention this to you a while back but you can write anytime you want on anything. I am going to be taking a hiatus in the next few weeks so feel free.

  8. Tony Cossio Says:

    In the beginning of they year I stated that if he made the playoffs he would be safe, Super Bowl or not. (I think the Super Bowl or bust argument was weak).

    A good argument would be if Minesotta did fail (and the Bears would be one and done) whether Smith would have still had a job.

    I switched side lately. I felt these last two weeks even if they did make the playoffs he should be fired. This is based on the collapse that they had.

    It is funny though, in retrospect the Seahawks and Vikings turned out to be better than their record at the time facing the Bears.

    Cautiously optimistic. I would love the Big Chin in Chicago, but don’t think he is giving up his plush job. I think Emry will go Offense for sure.

    That said, I think they should keep the Defensive side of the ball alone. Don’t fix what isn’t broken. Buffalo fired their entire coaching staff.

    Which means fro, that Dave Wannstedt has been fired as well the same time Lovie was.

  9. Tony Cossio Says:

    LOL. I am reading some of the cry-baby shit from the players:

    “Kick returner/receiver Devin Hester told reporters Monday that he isn’t sure he wants to play for the Bears anymore and might retire. Linebacker Brian Urlacher, meanwhile questioned “how could you do it to this guy” during an interview on ESPN 1000 and reiterated that “I don’t want to play for another head coach.”

    A few minutes later, however, Urlacher said, “I’m a Bear and I want to be here.” He added: “We’re all mad right now. We just left our head coach right now. They fired him and we’re going to say things that we don’t mean.”

    Hester claimed to have retirement papers in his pocket while speaking to reporters at Halas Hall. We noted earlier how unproductive his season was, both on offense and special teams, and that he is now 30 years old. But you have to assume Hester will cool down on the retirement issue. ”

    Oh boo-hoo. I got news for Soldier Boy, nobody cares. His ass is cut anyway next year. Honestly, how big is your head Devin Hester you over-hyped jerk. As far as Brian goes, well thanks for the memories.

  10. genrebuster Says:

    Ha ha, you guys meet me to it…

    “Return star Devin Hester was so upset he said he was considering retirement, adding, “I’ve got my workers’ comp papers in my pocket.”

    Is he hurt?

    “Not physically, but mentally,” Hester said.”

    Give me a break; dude! Do you know how much money you make and how fortunate you are? Just do your job, you’ll be fine. Maybe a new coach and some new direction will do you good.

    waaaaaaaaaaaaah waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  11. genrebuster Says:

    …that should have been “beat” (me to it)

  12. genrebuster Says:

    Fro, I won’t have have much time in the the weeks ahead but I’ll check in occasionally and try to post something to keep things moving a bit. How long a break are you taking?

  13. Fro Dog Says:

    I don’t think Hester is over-hyped in any way, shape or form. He is the greatest kick/punt returner in NFL history and Lovie tried to destroy that. He is one return touchdown away from tying Deion Sanders for all-time at 19. Keep in mind, Sanders played defense too and Hester did it all on kick/punt returns. He didn’t get any this year and that was, in my opinion, because Lovie continued to stick him on offense. Remember in 2010 and last year where Hester was finally taking back kicks? He wasn’t on offense as much as he was in 2008-2009 and this year. It’s PATHETIC.

    Scott, not that long. I just know all of this Bears stuff has kept me exhausted. I am heading to Toronto for a vacation sometime in mid-late Jaunuary for a week or two but I will an open thread posted throughout time to keep things going.

  14. genrebuster Says:

    I hope Hester stays…have enjoyed watching him return kicks and will never understand Lovie’s handling (mishandling?) of him.

  15. Fro Dog Says:

    I think I am changing this site to Fire Tom Thibodeau after today’s glorious performance against the Charlotte Bobcats. Despite his record, the Bulls are still, a mediocre basketball team with no consistency. It’s inexcusable to lose to a team that has lost 18 games in a row (they didn’t even lead in this game).

    For the six years or so we have all been a group, we have, as Scott said, received results. I am not stopping until every shitty coach, manager, general manager and player in this town is disposed of. I fear that may take a while but as we have seen in the last two years with the departures of Angelo and Smith, better late than never, right?

  16. Fro Dog Says:

    Just to show everyone how serious Phil Emery is, he isn’t taking a day off from his job. He’s holding a 10 a.m. press conference New Year’s Day to discuss everything that his happening with the team. Jerry Angelo would have probably taken the day off while telling media members to “Whistle Dixie” in the process.

  17. chucky Says:

    Lovies dismissal has made me happier than the day Dustfuck left town. I don’t know what the future holds for the Bears now, but I do know this. They just got a lot closer to getting back to the Super Bowl be shitcanning Mr. Chinscar.

    Fro…can you believe that 4 teams have contacted Smith about their head coaching vacancies? I guess insanity isn’t just confined to Chicago.

    Good riddance Lovie. I’m happy you’re gone. I never wanted you here in the first place, you miserable cocksucker.

  18. chucky Says:

    by shitcanning

    Sorry, typing too fast.

  19. montanabearsfan Says:










    BEARS FAN FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!


  20. chucky Says:

    Dude, I want to party with you man. Fro may be right. You are taking my title of “fire and passion”.

    Well done sir. My compliments. And please, please, please, DON’T STOP!!!!!!!

  21. Fro Dog Says:


  22. Ed Says:

    Oh glorious day. FINALLY the incompetent inept imbecile that is Lovie Smith is out. I can not however hope this team takes a step back. To hire Gruden, Cowher, etc is to hire has beens. There are lots of quality coordinators ready to take that next step, as well as many quality collegiate coaches ready to step up. That is where the focus should be, the future, not the past. We finally have a GM, a real GM, why on earth would we want to bring in a guy that is going to want to take some power/control away from him? The Bears should have bounced Lovie some time ago. Jim Harbaugh wanted to coach in Chicago, a collegiate coach that is tearing it up in the NFL. There are others. You know hiring a head coach is a 50/50 proposition. The candidates that have been leaked so far indicate Phil Emery has the right focus. I have confidence that Phil will make the right choice. I have confidence that the new coach will be given the power and support he needs to field a consistent championship caliber football team.

  23. DVXPrime Says:

    Glass half full: Lovie gets fired.

    Glass half empty: The Bulls lose…at home…to the 18 games in a row losing, junior varsity squad clling themselves the Charlotte bobcats.

    Okay, look: it’s New Year’s Eve, not April; and I know the Bulls still miss Derrick Rose…but, seriously?

    Fuck the NHL, I’ve got European soccer…I’m good.

  24. DVXPrime Says:

    …and as long as we’re talking firings, I think Marinelli and Tice and the rest of the coaching staff can clean out their offices as well. They can go back to coaching high school football for all I care; they don’t rate another NFL job.

  25. chucky Says:

    I have to say that it is real nice listening to a press conference from a General Manager that actually has something to say, and knows how to articulate it. How refreshing it is.

  26. Fro Dog Says:

    I watched the entire conference on TV and ever since he arrived, he’s said all the right things. Obviously, we’ll know the results in the next year or two of whether or not it was a good hire, but for right now, I am on board with Emery. Unlike Angelo, when he speaks, he doesn’t struggle with what he says next.

    Also, how impressive was it to hear a general manager say that he fired someone because of the inconsistency? Emery stated the next guy will be expected to bring in consistency (in a good way of course) and to contend every year.

  27. chucky Says:

    And not tell someone to “whistle dixie”. God I hated Angelo. Still do.

  28. genrebuster Says:


  29. chucky Says:

    Oh my god! Somebody bleached and shrank Devin Hester!

  30. Tony Cossio Says:

    DVXPrime, I would not fire Marinelli – He should be kept for transition. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Nothing really “wrong” with the Defense other than they are getting old and have some conditioning problems, which is the result of being on the field 24/7.

  31. Joe Says:

    Five years ago, I knew the Bears had to get rid of Jerry Angelo, the anti-Belichick. He was ruining the team. But…they persisted in keeping him. Bad move.
    When Lovie refused to fix the O-line two years ago, I knew it was time to get rid of him. But…….another bad move.
    Finally, after the Bears organization gets their nose rubbed in it like a bad puppy, do they wake up.
    McCoy would be a great choice, even though he never worked with Cutler in Denver.
    The first thing the new head coach will do: fix the O-line. Guaranteed.
    The Bears need new schemes on both offense and defense. They have to work with Cutler’s strengths. And keep Jeremy Bates.
    They need a new defense. The Cover 2 ain’t cuttin’ it any more. You can’t keep an aging defense on the field that long.
    They need modern schemes. They can’t use twenty or thirty year old
    playbooks anymore.
    Let’s see who they pick.

  32. ambrose Says:

    Of the candidates we know they’re interviewing, I’d like to see either Mike McCoy or Tom Clements as our next HC.

  33. jlong Says:

    This has always been the problem with Chicago fans who do not understand or analyze each game properly. The Bears problem was not their head coach Locke has been the best coach since Poppa Bears last pick. If you look at the beginning of the season everyone was harping about offense and the season was lost on that side of the ball. How many games was won with the offence. The passing plays were called, but all you saw was Marshall Marshall Marshall. Who makes that decision? With the talent u have on offense think about how much better they would have been if they would have spread the ball. Cutler has to play in the big games and make quicker decisions when he do show up and stop blaming the line when he’s not making the right decision

  34. chucky Says:

    Are you on fucking dope? Your post is so full of shit it stinks from here. Locke is the best coach since Poppa Bears last pick? What the fuck?!?! His name is Lovie for starters, and what makes him so goddamned great? His shitty record with challenge flags? His IPASS defense in the 4th quarter of a tight game, over and over and over again? The outright bullshit lying in press conferences about injured players and their status? His complete lack of a sense of urgency. The Packer game in December wasn’t a must win? Really? It only clinched the division you dumb fuck! What is it exactly that makes this useless sack of shit so fucking wonderful?

    The passing game only saw Brandon Marshall? Tell me numbnuts, do you feel good about giving Kellen Davis more pass attempts. How about Devin Hester, whose career was fucking destroyed by Lovie. Earl Bennett was invisible this year. The o-line fucking sucks. For fucks sake, even they will admit it! Cutler isn’t the greatest QB in the league to be sure, but do you honestly think for a second that the Bears problems are just him? Put down the crack pipe bitch. You’ve had enough.

  35. Fro Dog Says:

    No Chucky. It’s ok. He’s right. It’s all Cutler’s fault. If they ran the ball more, they would have lost more games. If they threw to Marshall more than they did, they would have lost more as well. 10-6 is a good record. In fact, it’s awesome. He’s right. You’re wrong.

    Seriously, do you know how many games I screamed “RUN THE FUCKING BALL”? 16. When I was at Soldier Field this past season witnessing the garbage offense for a few of those games, I screamed the same thing. Some of the people around me were saying the same thing: Lovie and Tice are morons for not giving Forte and Bush (before he was injured) the ball more.

    There were plenty of examples of Forte getting a nice or run or two in a row and then all of a sudden, it was first down and next up: three straight passing plays followed by a punt or field goal. It was pathetic play calling by Tice and Lovie, if he was a half-ass head coach, he should have put the hammer down and said (I am paraphrasing) “Quit being a fucking idiot and call for more runs”.

  36. chucky Says:

    I guess you’re right Fro. They should have run the ball way more than they did. But when it comes to passing targets, who would you pick?

    Lovie putting the hammer down and telling someone to stop being an idiot? The first person that should have that happen is the asswipe he sees in the mirror each morning.

  37. Fro Dog Says:

    Let me add one thing before Yeti or one his minions comes here to tell me something. Lovie did mention to Martz to quit being a dipshit but never with anyone else like Ron Turner or Mike Tice. Overall, he still did a shitty job.

  38. Tony Cossio Says:

    jlong is way off base. But on another note, I would not label Lovie as a fail coach. His time had just come. His game management is below average, but not terrible. I can name 6 coaches off the top of my head worse (Garrett, Rivera, etc.). He’ll easily find another job, if not a HC then a DC.

    The main reason to fire Lovie is his inability to select a Offensive Coordinator. It would have been his 4th in four years.

    The fact is no OC wanted this job (hey had to settle with Tice) because of the lack of job security with a New GM and Lovie firing EVERYBODY. So Lovie was in a Catch-22, which he put himself in. In a situation like this he should have gambled with a College Coach, instead he gambled with Tice and lost.

    Chicago is a great market and I think we have the opportunity to get anyone we WANT. Phil has his mind on two people, and I am sure if he wants McCoy or the others, he will get him.

  39. chucky Says:

    His game management wasn’t terrible? How many times did they have to call a time out….TWICE ON THE SAME DRIVE BECAUSE THEY COULDN”T GET A PLAY CALLED IN!?!? Whose fucking job is it tighen all that shit up. Yeah, Tice is a moron. Who fucking hired that moron in the first place? How many wasted time outs went to stupid challenges that never should have been thrown? You named Garrett and Rivera. Who are the other four? And let’s just say Lovie ranks number 7, just to be generous. Seventh worst out thirty head coaches makes him lower tier on game management. He talked to Buffalo yesterday, a team that seems to want to hire our wretched refuse. Must be the water up there.

    Over nine regular season games he was 81-63. Averaged out that’s 9-7. He’s 3-3 in the post-season, 0-1 in the Super Bowl. Sorry, that is not a good enough coach to me. He’s had 5 seasons above 500, 4 seasons at or below 500. And when he was off, he was WAAAAAY off. He’s a proven spin doctor who tried like hell (and failed miserably) to spin his failures as something that wasn’t all that important. How many games did that dumb bastard say “this wasn’t a must win”? The last time he did was when the Packers beat the Bears to win the NFC North on Dec. 16. Sure Lovie, you keep on saying they didn’t need that win. It only gave Green Bay the fucking division. ON YOUR FUCKING HOME FIELD, ASSHOLE!!!!!! You win that game and you’re in, assuming that they do go on and beat Arizona and Detroit. They would not have needed the Vikings to lose to Green Bay on the the 30th. No, fuck Lovie Smith and his smug, arrogant, bullshit attitude. He is not a NFL caliber head coach, regardless of what ANYBODY says.

    Good Fucking Riddance!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. genrebuster Says:


  41. Tony Cossio Says:

    Well Chucky, if Lovie Smith was such a fail then why is he being considered (and its not the Rooney rule) for the Bill’s or Chargers job? He is a decent coach, but deserved to be fired.

    First, if you watch any NFL game there are always errors. I agree that getting the play called in was abysmal. But even Mike Smith (fourth down in OT) and Bili-cheat have made game-lossing errors.

    Who’s worse in challenges and game management? That’s a long list buddy.

    Norv Turner last year’s Bears game calling for a Challenge on a fumble when it could have been automatically reviewed?

    Jim Swartz getting a penalty called for throwing a flag on a ply automatically reviewable which canceled out the review?

    Todd Haley last year.

    Fat Ass – making Jaun Castillo as DC

    Jack Del Rio – QB changes.

    Romeo Crennel Romeo Crennel Romeo Crennel Romeo Crennel Romeo Crennel Romeo Crennel Romeo Crennel Romeo Crennel Romeo Crennel Romeo Crennel Romeo Crennel Romeo Crennel

    Did I mention Romeo Crennel ?

    Last year Lovie Smith was in the middle in Coach’s Challenges. Ahead of M. Smith, Both Harbaugh’s, Shanahan, Kubiak, Turner, Del Rio, Crennel, etc.

    “Over nine regular season games he was 81-63. Averaged out that’s 9-7. He’s 3-3 in the post-season, 0-1 in the Super Bowl. Sorry, that is not a good enough coach to me.”

    Well it is. Those stats are good – not great, but again he will be working again soon. He is projected to get a HC job again soon.

    Again, he deserved to be fired, but don’t pretend he is incompetent. He’s no Dick Jaroun or Wanny.

  42. Pie In The Sky Says:

    It’s hilarious when one NFL team fires a head coach… and then a bunch of other teams try to hire him immediately after he’s fired.

  43. Pie In The Sky Says:

    There are a lot of bad coaches in the league though. I think that’s partially why so many teams are winning games despite running a college style of offense with their rookie quarterbacks.

  44. chucky Says:

    “Over nine regular season games he was 81-63. Averaged out that’s 9-7. He’s 3-3 in the post-season, 0-1 in the Super Bowl. Sorry, that is not a good enough coach to me.”

    Well it is. Those stats are good – not great, but again he will be working again soon. He is projected to get a HC job again soon.

    Did you read what I said, Tony? I said that wasn’t good enough to me. Saying it’s good, not great is picking the fly shit out the pepper. And I’m including the total package here. Challenge flags, personnel decisions, everything is on the table. While we agree that Lovie needed to be dumped, I’ll contend to this day that he never should have been hired to start with. I said that 9 years ago, and I’ve been saying it since.

    Why is he being considered for the Buffalo or the Chargers job? (Don’t forget Arizona too) It’s because those teams are dumber than sack of doorknobs. Just look at what those teams have accomplished in the last 10-15 years. Not a whole hell of a lot. Just because a retarded organization like the Buffalo Bills wants him doesn’t mean he’s worth a shit. They also wanted Dick Jauron. What did that get them? Sorry Tony, Lovie is still a substandard head coach to me. If I had a football team I wouldn’t let him anywhere near it.

  45. chucky Says:

    And by the way, there are other teams just as stupid. Kansas City is hiring Andy Reid.

  46. Fro Dog Says:

    Tony, I appreciate you coming here to give us your input. I really do. But you are totally off with the whole “Lovie isn’t all that bad”. Sure, it the scheme of things compared to other coaches, his record may be better. But honestly, zero Super Bowl rings in nine years and one playoff year in the last six. When it comes down to it all, it’s how many Super Bowls have you won and if your team is in contention every year.

    Bill Belichek has three rings in five appearances. I am not cutting him slack, but if it wasn’t for Eli Manning being some type of super human in those two losses, he has a handful of rings. Every year, the Patriots have a legit shot at winning the Super Bowl. I know a team can’t win it every year but they need to have a chance and the Bears haven’t been consistent in that category. Lovie should have been out the door years ago.

  47. Tony Cossio Says:


    There are 32 teams and one Bill Belichek. Sean Paton may be close as far as genius and scheme. But that’s really it. We need to stop comparing coaches to the top 1%. Realistically, I’d be happy with a top 15 coach. There are also many varibles as to why a coach has success. Jimmy Johnson is a good example, what made him “great” was the fact that he walked into a Cowboys team that just traded Herchal Walker.

    I’ll agree that I was suprised about the contract extension, along with Angelo’s, (and the three stooges circle-jerk press conference).

    Again, when looking at the amount of HC vacancies Lovie Smith is a hot commodity. Whether that is right or not is a reflection of the NFL and current coaching talent.

    BTW, I think Andy Ried to KC is a great move. Ried is another example of a good coach whose career in Phily just ran its course. He, unlike Lovie, has multiple NFC Title and playoff appearances.

    KC is more attractive then the Cardinals because Ried will have GM Powers (and actually pick his GM which is wierd).

  48. Pie In The Sky Says:

    Top 15?

    Settling for mediocrity.

  49. Tony Cossio Says:

    Reality. If you are on the upper half of coaches and you have a great GM you will be in good shape.

  50. chucky Says:

    Tony, you’re continuing to bury yourself here. Pie is right. You’d “settle” for a top 15? Guess what? That is setlling. You just said it yourself. Why settle when you have the chance to do better? The fact that Smith is a “hot commodity” is a reflection of a lack of quality head coaches that are available right now. You think Reid going to KC is a good move? I hope to fuck you’re kidding. Reid is completely burned out now. He needs to take at least a year off away from football and get his life back in order. You have heard about his sons, haven’t you? Garrett and Britt were arrested 6 years ago on drug charges, and Garrett died of a drug overdose on August 5 of last year? Shit, he should fucking retire. He doesn’t need the money, and if he needs something to do with his time he can do something else later. He should be thinking of putting his personal life together, not all the bullshit involved with a head coaching gig.

  51. Pie In The Sky Says:

    I’d never want Andy Reid as my team’s HC. The Eagles lost so many conference championships because he’d abandon the running game. Far too stubborn.

  52. Tony Cossio Says:

    I’ll expand on my comments.

    There is more to a football team than its HC. You can be a quality coach but be burned out.

    Lovie was a good coach. He was ranked number 10 in the Bleacher Report. But he could no longer work in Chicago because no OC would want this job due to other factors. It was Lovie’s fault for picking Martz in the first place, that sealed his fate.

    In other words, the HC ‘s ability to throw a challenge flag at the right time, call plays (if he does, usually its the OC) is secondary to picking a Staff and motivating his team.

    It is not the HC’s ability you should concern yourself with. Its his staff. Reid (11), M. Smith (14), John Fox (13), Pete Carroll (18), Pagno (24), Shanahan (20), Wisenhut (19) were rated all BELOW Lovie in August. I think any of those coaches you would rather have than Lovie Smith.

    Which gets to my next point: Ranking HC is bullshit anyway. Only a handful you can say are truly awful (can’t coach any team). A Handful are great, and the rest are OK. But OK can win you the Superbowl as long as the rest of your staff is great and the GM made good moves.

    We don’t need a Bilicheck, we need someone who can call plays and coach up the talent he gets from Emry.

    Reid is choosing to jump in an another opportunity on his own accord. Maybe he wants to bury his grief in work. Maybe he wants Google fiber in KC. Maybe e’s interested in the all you can eat Rib Buffets. I have no idea.

  53. Pie In The Sky Says:

    … You do realize that any random person can post top 10 lists on Bleacher Report. Those rankings mean NOTHING.

  54. chucky Says:

    “We don’t need a Bilicheck, we need someone who can call plays and coach up the talent he gets from Emry.”

    Jesus fucking Christ!!!!!!!! You’re getting yourself into Yeti territory. That guy would a refreshing change from the fucking shit we’ve had since Jauron, Wannstedt and now that moron Lovie.

    Fucking give it up Tony. You aren’t going to convince anyone here about that idiot Smith.

  55. Tony Cossio Says:

    Which is my point, how would you rank a “good” coach in the first place? In hindsight you can say Pete Carroll, etc are better than their initial ranks.

    We could all agree the bottom 5 and the top 5, but everything in between is a little muddled.

  56. Tony Cossio Says:

    Well fine. I stand by my comments.

    Lovie Smith deserved to be fired. But he is a good coach and may, just may, have success with another team. It will be better for him to pick an OC in a new team than the Bears, but again that’s assuming he can do that.

    I don’t need to convince anyone, the fact that he is being interviewed is evidence enough.

  57. Pie In The Sky Says:

    Lovie Smith was 19-38 against above-.500 teams.

    That’s not Top 10. Even if it’s Top 15, it’s not getting you a Super Bowl.

    You already know what you’re getting with Smith. Roll the dice and see if you can find someone better.

  58. Tony Cossio Says:

    “That’s not Top 10. Even if it’s Top 15, it’s not getting you a Super Bowl. ”

    Look, as i said he deserved to be fired, but let’s not pretend that an average coach can’t get you to the Super Bowl or that he was worthless. He’s not any different for worse then he was in 2006.

  59. Pie In The Sky Says:

    Okay… I guess if the conference is as bad as the NFC was in 2006, then it’s possible. But that poor of a conference is very rare. That 2006 Bears team might have clinched a No. 6 seed in 2012. Maybe…

  60. chucky Says:

    I’m done. Obviously, I’m talking to a brick wall. Pie, if you want to keep going, he’s all yours. I guess it never occured to Tony that if Charlie Manson ran for President of the United States as a republican or a democrat that he’d get votes just based on the letter behind his name. Doesn’t mean he’d be worth a fuck. Same goes for Lovie.

    And Lovie still fucking sucks goat balls.

  61. Tony Cossio Says:


    Because that is an analogous comparision. You know, a mass murderer geting a few votes and Lovie Smith getting fired and rehired right away.

    Brilliant comparision!

    I got a better one. In my job we fired 5 managers the last two years. They immediately were rehired by our competitors (another telecommunications company).

    They were fired for work performance, not because they were stupid or lazy (the lowest one had 10 years experience) but because they got complacent and did not discipline their suprevisors.

    Going back to your absurd apples to bananas comparision, Lovie Smith will coach again either as a DC and probably as a HC unlike the other Bears Head Coaches. Unlike a dozen HC I can name off the top of my head.

    You want to compare that to Manson running for President, rather than Obama running for Senate after being beaten by Bobby Rush, then prepared to be ridiculed.

  62. genrebuster Says:

    Yes, as Pie pointed out…Lovie has proven one thing for sure: his teams lose — much more often than not — when playing teams over .500. That is a stat worth noting.

    Good riddance. Loser. Mediocre…at best. In my world, mediocre is unacceptable.

    I can see hiring Lovie as a coordinator..but as a head coach? No way.

    It’s an insult to Bill Belichick, who is a very smart and very effective coach, a WINNER (whether you like him or not) for his name to even appear in the same paragraph as Lovie’s. Sorry Bill!

    Note to any GM who hires him to be a head coach (at this team): you’ll get much less what you pay for.

    Lovie should expect an invite to Dusty’s Thanksgiving dinner…he earned it! PATHETIC.Good riddance.


  63. genrebuster Says:

    oops, “at this team” should be “at this time”.

    ….better have that coffee now…

  64. chucky Says:

    That comparison is stupid only to you numbnuts. Keep in mind YOU are the only one here willing to defend that goddamned shitstain to some capacity. It’s a valid comparison. Just because you don’t get it doesn’t make it stupid. The point of it was to illustrate that some people will go with a certain person, regardless of past history. There are people who will think Lovie is a great coach. It wouldn’t matter to them if he axe murdered babies, they’ll still love the bastard. Maybe YOU are the one who is fucking stupid because you not only don’t understand my point in making that comparison, but you actually believe Smith has any value at all. God-fucking-damnit! He doesn’t! He fucking sucked goat shaft! Get that through your fucking cement head you dumb ass!

  65. Tony Cossio Says:

    Calling someone names and labeling as “fucking stupid” because they disagree with your unfounded and inept opinion is immature.

    Are you an adult? I would not hazard to guess, nor would I be inclined to give an opinion on your IQ based off a sports blog. But since you, Sigmund, believe you to be my superior I will leave you with this:

    I understood your comparision to Charles Manson running for President with Lovie Smith getting phone calls for four NFL teams right after he was fired. I understood it to be the most retarded thing I heard in a while. Since you cannot fathom why anyone would be interested in a coach with a winning record or Superbowl appearence, I will not try to persuade you any further.

    @genrebuster – I would like to see all NFL Coaches with more than 5 years record against winning teams for comparision. It would seem to me that most coaches get their wins from sub .500 teams. I would like to compare Smith’s with Shanahan, Reid, Bilicheck, etc.

  66. Well done Phil Emery-Well Done! Says:

    There can’t be any Lovie Smith apologists still left. There just can’t be. This man should have been fired YEARS ago. I am not a big fan of bleacher report, however stats don’t lie. This will help shed some light on the incompetent inept imbecile that is Lovie Smith for those of you that STILL don’t get it.

    This is an exciting time to be a Bears fan. It looks like the Bears made an outstanding hire last year when they fired the other half of the incompetent, inept, imbecile duo that is Jerry Angelo.

    Lovie Smith has not improved this football team. Lovie Smith is a poor talent evaluator and even worse at developing the talent he has. I could go on and on, fortunately I don’t have to. Lovie Smith has been fired and REAL Bears fans are rejoicing.

    I want a head football coach that fields a consistent championship caliber football team, not one who is just good enough to luck his way into the post season only to make piss poor coaching and personnel decisions losing the big games when they count the most.

    The only thing Phil Emery could have done better was firing Lovie’s ass on the 50 yard line at half time of the Green Bay game. That is precisely what I would have done if I was Phil Emery.

    But I digress. No competent offensive coordinator would come work for this clown. Lovie has PROVEN to have the absolute wrong priorities. Lovie’s dismissal was long overdue. Does not make sense how anyone can actually think firing this man was a mistake. Does not make sense how anyone can actually think firing this man was the wrong thing to do. Firing him was LONG OVERDUE. He SHOULD have been bounced last year, he should have been bounced the year before that, and he should have been bounced the year before that. His shitcanning was long overdue.

    And for those of you that still think it was a mistake…(I still can’t grasp that), there is what 7 or 8 head coaching vacancies to date? I can’t help but notice all the teams that are just lining up to get this clown to come coach for them. Sweet feathery jesus man, the BROWNS don’t even want to talk to him.

    What does that tell you?

  67. Pie In The Sky Says:

    Don’t feel like finding the record of every coach against above-.500 teams. However, here are 10 coaches with good playoff records.

    Bill Belichick: 17-7 playoff record
    Bill Cowher: 12-9 playoff record
    Tom Coughlin: 11-7 playoff record
    Andy Reid: 10-9 playoff record
    Mike Shanahan: 8-5 playoff record
    Mike McCarthy: 6-3 playoff record
    John Harbaugh: 6-4 playoff record
    John Fox: 6-4 playoff record
    Sean Payton: 5-3 playoff record
    Mike Tomlin: 5-3 playoff record

    Lovie Smith: 3-3 playoff record. Since 2007-08 season, his only playoff win came against a 7-9 team.

    Lovie Smith is much like Jeff Fisher. Both scream mediocrity. Both lost jobs after long stretches of playoff failure. They’re both good enough to win Super Bowls if one of their conference’s top challenges includes a Jeff Garcia-led Eagles team. Normally, that isn’t the case.

  68. chucky Says:

    Oh, you win Tony. You’ll have to excue me now so I can go kill myself.

    You bitch about me calling you names, yet sit there and call immature and not very adult. Got it.

    As if I give a fuck about you or your opinion of me. Since you don’t consider Lovie a shitty head coach you don’t exactly demonstrate a lot of credibility.

  69. chucky Says:

    that is “excuse me”

  70. Tony Cossio Says:

    This is what you look like:

    fucking stupid + numbnuts = immature + adult

    Charles Manson + President = Lovie Smith + Head Coach

    See the pattern here? An inability to rationalize and put things in perspective.

    Again yes, he should have been fired. He is not a total failure not to get another job in the NFL. Which is obvious to everyone except a small minority which you belong too.

    Everyone on sports talk and every football analyst agrees Smith should have been fired (except Ditka apparently) but also agree that he was a good coach that will (and should) be given another chance soon.

    Some good stats. But even you can see that those coaches were 1-3 games ahead of Smith (except Bill Belichick who is light years ahead of everyone). Like I said, fired yes. But banned from the NFL? As if the only job he should get is fry cook?

    Also firing a Head Coach before the the end of the season, even if they are horrible, is stupid as it is. firing a Coach when they are still in Playoff contention (i.e. Greenbay) is just crazy.

  71. Well done Phil Emery-Well Done! Says:

    What’s funny about your comments is that you cite the “media” as thinking it was a good idea. Well they kind of role with tide don’t they? What I mean by that is I was saying Lovie should have been fired long ago. Long before it was “cool”. Long before the “media” could get on that train of thought. Lovie was not a very good coach. I look at his overall body of work. I saw this train-wreck we have today coming years ago. It wasn’t hard to see for those who wanted to see it.

    The Irony is, he did fail as a head football coach….again you have to look at his entire body of work. And if you look at his entire body of work, OBJECTIVELY, you draw the same conclusion. I will be shocked if he gets another head football coaching job this year. I just don’t see it. I can not comprehend it. Maybe a DC coach….but even there…there were enough shortcomings on the defensive side of the ball over his tenure as well. You have to look again at his entire body of work.

  72. Tony Cossio Says:

    I think another job as HC is 50/50 if not this year. DC is over 75% IMHO. The chances are increasing as two College coaches (O’Brien and Kelly) have declined NFL jobs.

    Also last Year when Angelo was fired I agreed that if Lovie missed the Playoffs he should be shit canned.

    But I disagreed with the other’s “Super Bowl WIN or bust”. I thought if he at least got to the NFC Title game he would be safe.

    Regardless he is gone, and diservingly so.

  73. Fro Dog Says:

    Look, I appreciate all of you guys posting, but can we just agree that we are all are confident that Emery will find a better head coach? That’s all that matters right now. Lovie is gone. Good riddance as we all have said or implied. Let’s get to talk about what will happen in the draft and free agency.

  74. Tony Cossio Says:

    Sounds good. Any takers on Jake Long if they let him go to FA? Also think moving Shea to LB may be a good move depending on who is available.

  75. chucky Says:

    Fro…Find a better head coach? He sure as hell can’t do worse than the steaming pile of shit Angelo gave us.

    And since you enjoy math so much Tony, here’s some for you to choke on.

    Tony + Yeti + 1/4 of a brain to share = the start of a new 12 step program, dumbasses annoymous.

  76. E=mc2 Says:

    Dear Sirs,

    Very interesting equations…(I’ve always enjoyed math).

    After carefully reviewing extensive data, I stand by my previous findings that Mr. Smith should have been fired a long time ago. I came to this conclusion at the end of 2008.

    Yet another instance of good things not coming to those who wait…fascinating. The heart is a lonely hunter, indeed.

    Back to the laboratory…carry on!

    Fondly, Albert

  77. Tony Cossio Says:

    Wow, fractions. Somebody went to third grade.

    You seem very fond of belittling people’s intelligence….makes me wonder if you’re compensating for anything.

    IDK why it is difficult to understand that some people just need a change of scenery. Not just NFL coaches, but people in general who do well after being fired and rehired in the same industry.

    Think back when you were fired from McDonalds. You made those egg McMuffins flawlessly for years, but somehow you got complacent and were fired. Did that mean you were incompetent? No, you make fries and burgers very well. You took your talents to Burger King and have had great success making Whoppers.

  78. chucky Says:

    Goddamn! McDonalds references now. Guess who’s fucking lame now?

    Just look in your mirror for the answer dipshit.

  79. Fro Dog Says:

    Not to be a dick to any of you guys, but it’s best I close this thread for discussion.

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