Open thread.


Have at it folks.

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  1. chucky Says:

    Fro….this may be a topic for Falls Count, but I’m going to ask you here. Have you given any thought about who may be selected to the WWE Hall of Fame yet? I’ve seen three names so far, but they are far from certain.

    1) Owen Hart. I read that WWE recently reached out to his widow Martha to see about a possible induction. I’m inclinded to say no to that happening. I don’t know the status of her lawsuit against the WWE, and I think if she could, she probably still wants to rip Vince McMahons throat out.

    2) Bruno Sammartino. HHH has called him too. I know that they have an open line of communication between them, and they have no issues between themselves personally. But I think Bruno is still extremely bitter towards Vince, so doubt this one too.

    3) Randy Savage. From what I have read, Lanny Poffo is the major roadblock here. He’s claiming that Savage wanted himself, Lanny, and their father Angelo Poffo inducted at the same time. WWE just wants Randy, and that’s justified. Lanny should not be considered at all. I read that a lot of wrestlers didn’t want him as a manager because they felt it lowered them by being with Lanny, mainly because he was a mid-card guy. And does anybody even remember Angelo?

    So Fro, who would like to see go in? You already know I want to see Brody in. Why wouldn’t he be considered, especially since Abdullah is in. (Superstar Billy Graham is pissed about that too, but that’s another story) One guy I think is worthy is Wahoo McDaniel. He was one tough, awesome guy. Stan Hansen would also be a great choice. And I’d love to see Larry Zbyszko get in. Nobody was better at getting people to just hate his guts.

    I think that might be a pretty good start.

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    I would like to see Owen Hart get in. He earned it and was one of my favorite wrestlers growing up. While I can understand the lawsuit and all that, accidents do happen.

    I heard about Sammartino and Savage and the issues that are involved. Both should go in as well. Lanny has no business being inducted and I had no idea until you told me that his dad was a wrestler at one point either.

    One person that I do not like but will probably get in is Kevin Nash. I never liked the wrestler nor the person because of all the stories we have heard about him being a jerk backstage and how he would throw up a fit if he wasn’t picked to win a certain match or how a storyline was going.

    That being said, I believe he was the first wrestler to sign a contract above $1 million per year in 1995 and at the same time, the first guy to get guaranteed money. Hulk Hogan made millions but it was more with endorsements and media and not in his actual contract if I am correct in that aspect. Hogan’s money was never guaranteed (insert divorce joke here). Every sport has that certain guy that opened the floodgates for huge contracts and Nash was the one in professional wrestling so that’s probably why he will get in.

  3. chucky Says:

    Shit, I forgot about Nash. He’s rumoured to go in too. That’s a massive brain fart by me. Nash is probably a lock because he’s friends with HHH. But they’ll have to be a little careful. I’m not sure Scott Hall should go in, and Nash may lobby on his behalf. Same with Waltman. Does anyone really think he should go in?

    I don’t think Owen is getting this year. He deserves it, I agree, but Martha is out for blood. Savage and Bruno should be in too, but politics may prevent it. I’d love to see Vader get in as well, along with that big-ass, smoke spewing head thing he used to wear. Lanny is a moron, plain and simple. Taker isn’t going in for another year or two. It’ll be after he retires. Another guy I’d love to see go in is Ray “The Crippler” Stevens. He was another guy who was doing things in the ring that 20 years ahead of it’s time. And if they’re worried about “The Crippler” moniker because of he who shall never be mentioned again(Benoit), he was known as the “Blond Bomber” on the West Coast.

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    If the Bears lose this game, Lance Briggs will be the one to thank.

  5. genrebuster Says:

    I haven’t been watching…regardless, I’ll continue to thank Virginia McCaskey for allowing a mediocre at best head coach to hang around for too long.

  6. genrebuster Says:

    Bears win, Bears win, Bears win!!!!!!!

    Go Bears, go…..Go Bears, go…..Go Bears, go…..Go Bears, go…..Go Bears, go…..Go Bears, go…..

    ooops, sorry guys, wrong sport!


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