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December 6, 2012
All I want for Christmas is a decent Bears team.

“All I want for Christmas is a decent Bears team.”

Children, what did we learn today?

December 2, 2012

Nothing. It’s the same old shit every fucking time especially against the Seahawks. Can the schedulers please stop making these two teams play each other every year? Russell Wilson lead drives of 98 and 80 yards respectively in a row against this “great” defense that the morons think the Bears have. Let’s not forget what Lovie did on the offensive side of the ball either. Also, fuck Pete Carroll. Looking at him makes me want to punch him in the fucking throat. The Bears sit at 8-4 and while that may not be a bad place for other teams, it is for them. Ten wins gets you into the playoffs. I highly doubt in these last four games that the Bears have two more wins in them. Not after this game.

Offense: Lovie Smith and Mike Tice have to be the dumbest fucking coaches I’ve ever seen and we have had to go through shitheads like Ron Turner, John Shoop, Dick Jauron and Terry Shea. The Bears are up 7-0 and driving, it’s 4th and inches, and what has been the play that I have been screaming about all these years that works 99.9% of the time? A quarterback sneak. How fucking hard is that? Instead, Michael Bush is stuffed at the line and with no attempt to stretch the ball. Even when the coaches aren’t at fault, Earl Bennett drops a wide open pass down the field that would have given the Bears a chance to open up the game. The Bears left at least ten points off the scoreboard. Want more stupid coaching decisions? Before the Seahawks final drive of regulation, it’s 3rd and long and instead of trying to get the first down, Matt Forte is given the ball for about seven yards leaving the Bears to punt on 4th and 10. Cutler and Marshall can’t do everything by themselves.

Defense: This “prevent” defense just does wonders for the Bears. It’s truly pathetic when any team gets two long drives for touchdowns in consecutive positions. The entire defense sucked ass. Russell Wilson took out his I-Pass and tore everyone on defense a new asshole. I am sick and tired of this fucking shit. We’ve had to deal with this crap ever since Lovie took over. How fucking hard is it for the secondary to stay on their receivers? They were wide open the entire game. Can I ask all of you a question? What “great” defense gives up over 459 yards in a game?

Special Teams: Eric Weems is a fucking idiot. First, he fumbles the ball on a punt. Then, on the last drive of the 4th quarter, he takes the ball out of the back of the end zone instead taking a knee and saving seconds. That’s about it for this part.

Technically, the Bears are two games out of first place. I am putting the Packers at 9-3 (They own the tie-breaker anyway) because of that Monday night debacle about two months ago. It is truly pathetic that the Bears are in this position. They should easily be 10-2 right now and instead, they’re 8-4 and  fighting a few other teams for a playoff spot. The Bears pay a visit to the Vikings next week.

One more thing I want to add before leaving to you guys to comment:

One of my favorite coaching figures in Rick Majerus passed away over the weekend with health issues. He left too early. He was a damn good basketball coach with Utah years ago. The one memory I’ll never forget is the following clip when he was an analyst for ESPN. I remember watching this segment live while I was in college as I am laughing my ass off. Just look at the response from Steve Lavin. Enjoy.