What did I tell all of you? Also, power outage thoughts.


Preface – I am referring to this article. I know. I’m such a genius!

Ray Lewis garbage aside, congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens for winning the Super Bowl and making Colin Kaepernick look human for once. According to Dan Bernstein, apparently myself and millions of others are idiots for thinking that there might be some type of conspiracy for thinking something was odd when the lights went out. I put nothing past NFL commissioner Roger Goodell these days. That guy is a scumbag and whatever spews out his mouth is 100% bullshit. I am not saying it’s a fact that he or someone else had something to do with that situation, but did anyone else find it interesting that it happened when the game was getting out of hand?

Now onto that article that I wrote in December. It was clear now, that the Ravens made the right choice. When they weren’t producing on offensive, John Harbaugh made a gutsy move and fired his offensive coordinator in favor of Jim Caldwell who had success with Peyton Manning. Why am I writing this? Because I am still pissed off with what happened with the Bears this season. It was clear that Mike Tice wasn’t getting the job done. The fact that Lovie Lee Smith was stubborn and thought that Tice was the savior was a load of crap. I am not saying this always works but if Lovie had half of a brain, something would have changed in attempt to fix things.

Instead, the Bears offense continued to spiral into the ground. Yes. We are all happy now with how the Bears are running things because there is a new regime in place. Finally. But to think that we wanted the Bears to fail isn’t true. We all want the Bears to win. I wanted Lovie Smith to take his foot and shove it up all our collective asses by winning the Super Bowl. Instead, we’re watching two other teams fight it out for yet, another year.

I have optimism for once. It seems like Emery has the right coaches in place. If anybody knows what kind of changes Trestman made with his CFL team, then it’s even more reasons to be excited. The draft is in two and a half months and I am ready to see what will be done.

6 Responses to “What did I tell all of you? Also, power outage thoughts.”

  1. Tony Cossio Says:

    I don’t buy the conspiracy theory although I do not dismiss it.

    The referring I thought was not “that bad” although it could be better if the NFL actually sent the best refs, not a politically correct affirmative action one. I also read Goodell is thinking of changing the Rooney Rule – IDK how he could possible change it unless he forces teams to take minority coaches which would make me sick.

    People bitch and whine about the littlest things, I the 49’ers would have scored that last drive (WTF – they should have ran it in) we would all be talking about the Raven’s blown plays.

    But to the victors go the spoils. Out of those two teams the 49’ers have the best chance of getting back to the dance.

    I think the cast that CBS has is horrible, unwatchable. Shanon Sharpe is a blithering idiot and cannot speak in complete sentences.

    I’m tired of singers adding extra shit to the banner song.

    Harbaugh can bitch about that no-0call all he wants, but Crabtree pushed as well.

    That’s all my bitching for now.

  2. Tony Cossio Says:

    Also fuck the score. I do like listening to them but they have been getting too political (i.e. Gun-Grabbing Gay Friendly Hipster). And they yell at people who have legitimate questions like the guy who called about the PGA Rules bifurcation. They made fun of him, but it was a legitimate issue.

  3. Fro Dog Says:

    I understand that you do not dismiss it. But the report I heard earlier was that Goodell “launched” an investigation to figure out what happened. If the people who work there have no idea what’s going on, then who knows. It just seems odd that Goodell is taking this action to see who did this. Or maybe someone that works there is a 49ers fan. I am not sure.

  4. chucky Says:

    I wouldn’t put anything past Goodell, but I don’t know if he’s smart enough to pull something like this off.

    I have to be honest, I’m really pissed that the Ravens won. And it all has to do with Ray Lewis. I’m so fucking sick of this shit-for-brains neanderthal that I can fucking scream. Do humanity a favor Ray, just fade into oblivion. Jim Harbaugh really screwed the pooch on that last drive, but he was correct about the holding (non)call that basically ended the game. For those of you who think that it shouldn’t have been called, and that the officials shouldn’t decide the game, that theory works both ways. Which means that if they don’t call the penalty the Ravens win. If they do call the penalty, and the 49ers get a ew set of downs and ultimately score, they win. In other words, the officials decide the game either way. The 49ers got screwed, period. First by their head coach, second by the officials. This game was one of the worst called games I’ve ever seen. There were blown calls all game long.

    On a happier note, this will hopefully be the last time we hear from the insufferable assclown Ray Lewis. That is, until that idiot gets inducted into the Hall of Fame.

    Fro…speaking of Halls of Fame, did you hear who got announced last night? Never thought it would happen, considering how much he hates Vince.

  5. Fro Dog Says:

    Yes I did. Bruno is going in finally after years of waiting. I was never Triple H’s biggest fan but at least he is doing something with the relationships of past wrestlers who have pretty much distanced themselves from McMahon. It’s sad to say that Vince burned a lot of bridges. It was almost if you don’t agree with something he does, then you are against him and it’s been like ever since he became larger than life.

    It almost makes me want to go Madison Square Garden in April to see the induction and the emotions that everyone will have when his name is called. He should be the last person to speak but knowing Triple H’s ego, the rumor of the nWo or DX getting in would prevent that.

  6. chucky Says:

    Fro…the anger and hatred between Vince and Bruno was all one sided. Bruno was royally pissed at McMahon for the cartoonish direction he took the company in the 80’s. Vince just did what he thought was right for business. Who can argue with him. Look at his empire today. Bruno said recently that much of his distaste for the company was the drug use and steriods that the wrestlers were on. My bullshit detector went on tilt with that line of crap. Three words for you Bruno:

    Superstar Billy Graham

    Graham was THE biggest roid-head on the roster, and he didn’t seem to have much of a problem with dropping the WWWF title to him back in 1977. You’re right about HHH managing to mend fences with Bruno enough to the point that he convinced him of being inducted. But the fact remains that Bruno just turned into a bitter old man. Part of his problem was also that his son David sucked goat balls, both in the ring and on the mic.


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