Can Ryan Poles please fuck off now? The worst quarterback in history was re-signed.


Nathan Peterwhacker is back.

How stupid is Ryan Poles? Is drafting a quarterback in the later rounds not a better option? Because 99% of fans would say it is. But instead, let’s bring back the statistically worst quarterback in NFL history!

This is fucking rotten.

2 Responses to “Can Ryan Poles please fuck off now? The worst quarterback in history was re-signed.”

  1. Fro Dog Says:

    For our good friend, Chucky:

    “Vegas has this shithouse team pegged at 6 1/2 games this season. I’ll go with half of that. This team sucks ass.”

    Do you know you made that prediction last year on August 28th? I saw it in the archives to see what we all were talking about after the last preseason game.

    You were right. The Bears only had three wins. Now, I know you wanted to be wrong. We want the Bears to win every game. But reality is exactly that and the Bears are fucking trash.

  2. chucky Says:

    Thanks for the flashback Fro. I’d actually forgotten about that prediction! Let’s see if I can nail this years win total.

    I’m going with four wins this year. Not much of an improvement. Matt Eber-LOSE will have one more season to demonstrate that he is NOT an NFL caliber head coach, Ryan Poles will prove he’s a shit-ass GM, and Hampton and O’Bradovich will let loose an obscenity on-air which the censors would be unable to screen on time. Buckle up boys. We’re in for a real rough ride for the foreseeable future. The Bears have finally become the next Detroit Lions.


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