Finishing strong.


Well, that was exciting. It’s good to know that the Bengals are still morons by sealing the deal late with a dumb penalty. The Bengals dug themselves a large hole by committing quite a few dumb penalties as well as using their timeouts because they either had too many or too few men on the field on defense. Anyway, maybe it was because of the garbage we have seen the last decade (or even the last two), but you would assume that the Bears would just fold it up after being down 21-10 in the 3rd quarter.

Well ladies and gentleman, these aren’t your ordinary Bears.

Alright, that is probably a bit over-the-top but I will say that the Bears didn’t quit. The defense had their “I-Pass” moments and I will get to that eventually. The offense took a while to get into a groove but at the end of the day, the Bears came back and beat the Bengals. Let’s dissect this victory, shall we?

Offense: After the first half, the fans were booing pretty loudly. That’s because the Bears only had 97 total yards on offense at the time while the Bengals had about 250 yards. Martellus Bennett made an amazing catch for the first touchdown of the season. Then, the second half arrives and the offense wakes up big time.  Brandon Marshall made some key catches and totaled up 108 yards receiving. Five different receivers caught at least a pass in this game.

Matt Forte had a touchdown along with 50 yards rushing on 19 carries. That stat (cue Yeti) doesn’t look amazing but Forte had four catches also including one where we jumped up to get the ball. Forte is a better receiver than what the Bears have had over the last few years. Anybody remember idiots like Johnny Knox or Roy Williams. My oh my, have things changed. Back to Marshall, he had the game-winning touchdown on a catch where the ball was bobbling in his hands. Awesome. I was so much in a frenzy over how they came back that I almost forgot to mention the offensive line. Kyle Long and Jordan Mills did an excellent job in this game. One game at a time but I like what I see so far. Can you believe that the Bears didn’t give up any sacks? That’s right. Zero sacks. Yeah, I am shocked too.

Defense: It was up and down for these guys all day. Let me start off with what went shitty for them. Andy Dalton had no problem on three drives going 90+ yards on two of them and 80 on the other. The worst part of those drives was that the Bengals scored quickly on all three. I think the longest drive only went five or six minutes. There is no excuse for that. The defense has to play better than they did in this game. Yes, three turnovers resulting in ten points is great and that includes the game-winning drive but letting teams have three quick drives with them deep in their own territory isn’t good. When the fourth quarter came, the defense shut them down including a forced fumble by Tim Jennings. Charles Tillman is the player of the game in my opinion with two interceptions.

Special Teams: Robbie Gould nailed a career-long 58-yard field goal right before halftime to get the Bears to within four. Obviously, that was key as the difference in the game was a field goal. Also, why is Roger Goodell an idiot? They might as well get rid of kickoffs because just about everything was a touchback today. Player safety my ass. They should get rid of punts too. What a turd.

The Bears play the Vikings next week. Well, another “must-win” game, right guys? Win this and the Bears put the Vikings two games out of first place. Your thoughts in the thread.

3 Responses to “Finishing strong.”

  1. chucky Says:

    Fro…I had a thought about yesterdays game, which really hit home with me while I was listening to Doug and OB. There would be no way in hell the Bears win this game if Emery hadn’t unloaded Lovie Smith. Think about it. If he was still coaching, the changes in player personel that the Bears made would never have happened. Hell, we might shave still had that turd JaMarcus Webb! Plus, we would not have seen all the upgrades on the O-Line that were so desperately needed. Add to all of that, there is a head coach roaming the sidelines that can see where he is going because he doesn’t have his head shoved up his ass. Jay Cutler is probably estatatic at the fact that he didn’t get sucked off the Soldier Field turf with a blotter. I’ll bet he’s never felt better after a game. ZERO SACKS!!!!! When was the last time THAT happened around here? I’m really looking forward to the rest of the season. I haven’t really been able to say that in a long long time.

    Feels pretty damn good.

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    Let me tell you something, coming to this site feels much better when the Bears actually do something good. Yes Chucky, it wasn’t perfect but as you said, the Bears don’t win that game if Lovie Lee Smith is on the sidelines. Everytime I see Trestman on TV, it’s a smile on my face because it’s so damn refreshing.

    Can you guys believe it? Jerry Angelo couldn’t fix the offensive line and he had a decade to do that. Phil Emery fixed it in one offseason. Yes, they still need to add some depth but it’s a good start.

  3. chucky Says:

    Holy fuckin shit. I’m listening to Trestmans Monday afternoon press conference right now. What a massive difference! For one thing, there’s ZERO arrogance coming from this guy. He sounds very articulate, and not at all condesending in the least. No excuses, no bullshit, just straight forward answers to the questions being asked.

    This is unbelievable. I’m stunned. And I like it. What the hell took so long to do this?


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