Ready to go.


While I have mentioned countless times that it doesn’t matter who wins in the preseason, I cannot help but be excited about what could happen with the Bears this year. This year feels different and maybe I am drinking the Phil Emery/Marc Trestman Kool-Aid but with what we have seen so far, this team is much better on paper.

The Bears will have their first and fifth round picks in Kyle Long and Jordan Mills starting on the offensive line Sunday against the Bengals. The line will feature four new starters with the others being Jermon Bushrod (by Cracky) and Matt Slauson. I was one of the many bitching over the last few years that the reason why Cutler has been “terrible” is because he’s had less than two seconds to throw the ball after it was snapped. Other good news is that Aaron Kromer and Marc Trestman are much more efficient with calling plays, that Cutler may not have to burn timeouts early in games like he had in previous years with Lovie and whichever dumbass was the coordinator.

Then, you have the defense. The first-team guys created a lot of turnovers in the preseason and with the drafting of Jon Bostic and Khaseem Green, the depth at linebacker is being built. D.J. Williams seems to be still hurt so it looks like Bostic is starting at middle linebacker. Fine with me.

It’s important to know, however, that the depth at other positions like the secondary or even the offensive line is still a concern. Emery cannot fix the entire team in one or two drafts but rather, three, four or five. That’s how teams are built. Sure, any team can go from shitty to a playoff contender the next year, but to build a team that can contend consistently for years to come takes time. The Bears are doing it right now. As I have shown above, three draft picks from this year will probably be starting Sunday. Emery is getting rid of Jerry Angelo’s garbage in a timely manner but getting rid of most the guys he has drafted.

In two years, we have went from Angelo saying “We like our guys” and that “We believe that Devin Hester is a number one wide receiver” to Emery telling everyone that is a business and for example, he will not negotiate any contracts until after the season ends. He is showing that if a player wants to get paid, they better perform in a positive way or the team will show them the door. That’s how any business should be ran.

It’s time to be excited as a Bears fan again.

4 Responses to “Ready to go.”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    A little late here, Fro, but I couldn’t help but comment on what you said about the NFL Thursday night games. Last year, Baltimore opened their season with four games in 19 days…that’s too much physical abuse for the players and not enough time for game-plan for the coaches. Guess who won the Super Bowl, with their recently retired star LB bitching about the “lights-out conspiracy?” Now Goddell has precedence to pull shit like that (bang-bang schedules) on the rest of the league. Motherfuckers.

    Also, IRT the growing Sports Network Monolith, my favorite channel for watching the Sport That Must Not Be Named went off the air in a most undignified manner (yes, it was only Fox F’N Soccer, but REALLY? Fuck.)

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    Yes. I heard about that. FXX? Seriously? They are moving some of their original series from FX and to their new station, FXX. Too many channels on cable. I pay a shitload of money and only watch a few channels. If we could get a choice and pick our channels, then this would be much easier and probably cheaper.

  3. ambrose Says:

    Webb’s gone!! Praise the freakin’ lord, he’s the Viking’s problem now!! Hope you like watching Christian Ponder eating shit every half minute Vikings fans!!

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    Webb was terrible. I don’t know why the Vikings wanted him. I already mentioned this to our friends at Fire Ron Turner, but if he plays any significant time, Christian Ponder is going to be on his ass more than usual. Well, division rivals, so that’s fine with me.


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