Good-bye over-the-air sports.




I am not sure if I am only one who believes this, but is anyone else getting frustrated with all of these new channels, more specifically, sports networks that are being created? With all of these new channels being created, we are seeing our favorite sporting events moving from the over-the-air television to cable/satellite. Call me old-school, but this is sad and pathetic in every way. Let me say first that I am fortunate enough to have cable TV despite the shitty prices (Thanks Comcast you greedy fucks), but not everyone does. I understand that we live in the age of the internet and these events can be streamed free of charge, but the fact of the matter is, it doesn’t cost any money to watch a game with an antenna. We have to pay cable/satellite fees to watch the ones being moved to these stations.

Ever since I can remember, the NHL has been the worst with TV deals. If I was close to or in Canada, it wouldn’t be a problem because most  of their playoff games are on CBC. Here in the states, we are forced to tune to NBC Sports Network for most of the games. Even the Stanley Cup Final has two games on their cable channel. You would think the NHL would be smart and try to get better ratings by having all Final games on over-the-air and instead, they sign a new 10-year deal last year.

In a matter of a decade, we have seen nearly all of the NBA playoffs, including the conference finals, be moved to either ESPN and TNT. In 2012, the entire Eastern Conference Finals were on ESPN and not ABC with the Western Conference games on TNT. They alternate every year for conference finals. This past year, the Western Conference Finals just had one game on ABC (Game 1). Ten years ago, ABC had all the games and NBC did previously ever since the early 90’s.

When I actually gave a shit about baseball, most of the playoffs were on Fox or NBC when I was growing up. Even ABC and CBS had games when I was younger. With what I read, all playoff games will be on either TBS or Fox Sports 1 starting next year. Just another reason not to give a shit. Then, college sports has begun the transition as well. The college football championship is exclusively on ESPN now instead of ABC. College basketball will alternate channels every year for their championship between CBS and TBS.

And of course, you can’t forget about the glorious NFL and village idiot, Roger Goodell. The glorious NFL Network and their Thursday Night Football. Goodell preaches player safety but yet, let’s the NFL schedule games with every team playing at least one Thursday in the season. Yeah. Make players go right back at it after only three days off. WE WANT TO KEEP OUR PLAYERS AS SAFE AS POSSIBLE.

All of these companies think they can profit off of these channels big time and I am not an economic genius, but one would think ratings would be so much better if these games were over-the-air because more people get Fox or CBS than Fox Sports 1 or CBS Sports Network. Companies intend to attract the attention of young viewers and children but that won’t happen all the time because some kids don’t have cable and a portion of them can’t afford it.

In conclusion, all I can say is, don’t be surprised if the Super Bowl, of all games, is on cable in the next ten years. All of these people in charge of the networks are a bunch of greedy scumbags.

One Response to “Good-bye over-the-air sports.”

  1. chucky Says:

    I can understand where you’re coming from somewhat. A lot of these new sports channels suck donkey ass. I know that Speed Channel is cable, but they used to broadcast the races I go to at Road America. Over all, I’d say their coverage was pretty decent. Now, without any warning, all of the AMA motorcycle races are now on CBS sports network. I have Comcast too, and I wasn’t even sure they had that network. I did find it, but damn was I ever disappointed with their coverage! About the only “motorsports” Speed has now is NASCAR, and I’m not a huge fan of that. In fact, about the only thing on Speed that I like these days is the Barrett-Jackson collector car auction. That’s not motorsports! NBC sports network has absolutely nothing worth watching, I don’t think I’ve seen one program on FOX 1, and ESPN has sucked for years. I do have one thing I’d like ask the suits at ESPN though. When did Texas Hold Em poker become an athletic competition?


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