Open thread.


Your thoughts on anything sports including the Bears signing around ten significant players with nine of them being former busts. Jerry Angelo really loves players like that. In the meantime, teams like the Eagles are actually doing something great by getting secondary players who actually know how to play defense. This is going to be a really fun season…

25 Responses to “Open thread.”

  1. Pie in the Sky Says:

    The Bears look like they’re going to have a good bit of roster turnover. That’s going to hurt their chemistry. Considering the FAs they got aren’t even that good (Roy Williams and Matt Spaeth for real?)…

    And how does Marion Barber fit in Mike Martz’s system?

  2. Fro Dog Says:


    He doesn’t fit because Mike Martz doesn’t like running the ball. Martz also prefers shitty veterans for the backup quarterback position. In addition, with a 4th and inches for either a first down or a touchdown, he likes passing the ball instead of a simple quarterback sneak which 99% of the time guarantees a successful play.

  3. chucky Says:

    Fro…I really don’t think this will be very much fun this year. Kruetz is gone now. I think the only thing that will be entertaining will be Buffone and O’Bradovich after the games. I do look forward to their show each week. But this year they may actually go completely insane.

  4. Jimmy D. Says:

    Pie, Mac, Ernie and I all think it’s going to be a terrific season. GO PACK GO!!!

  5. John Smith Says:

    Fro Dog I need to contact you regarding a post on your blog. Is there a way you can email me. I have provided my email. Please let me know

  6. MadCityMac Says:

    Jimmy, I couldn’t have said it better!

  7. chucky Says:

    Well guys, I’m hoping the Packers kick the living shit out of the Bears this year. Then maybe something can be done about Angelo, Lovie and the rest of this regime.

    I doubt it will happen, but I’m hoping.

  8. MadCityMac Says:

    Chucky, no doubt the Packers will kick the ever-loving shit out of the Bears- oh wait, you meant those guys getting shit-canned; My bad!

  9. Fro Dog Says:


    Do you really have to rub it in to us? We have suffered enough. At least your team doesn’t have dopes running it.

  10. Jimmy D. Says:

    Fro, but we did suffer for a couple of long and tenuous decades. AND, we had to deal with the melodrama of that “Brent guy’s” final years with the team.

  11. MadCityMac Says:

    Sorry Fro, you know it’s nothing personal! And what Jimmy said…. 🙂

  12. MadCityMac Says:

    Guys, you’ll appreciate this….

  13. robert Says:

    this explains why he has interest in the cubs job

  14. genrebuster Says:

    Mac, Thanks for posting: “the no-longer-lovable losers of Wrigleyville”…

    yep. PATHETIC.

    you, too robert: that made me laugh…”Onion-esque”.

  15. Nemo Says:

    Great link, Mac.What a fucking incompetent organization.

  16. erniesarmy Says:

    Football season is almost here and the Cubs can go beddie bye for another year … yippeeee!!

    Maybe Irish bettie can tell us how Hendry is going to make the Cubs contenders next year.

  17. erniesarmy Says:

    That was a terrific link, Mac. I guess I should read that site more often. It’s always a pleasure to read someone who actually sees and understands the thoughts and feelings of the true Cub fan.

    I think it may be getting close to asking Selig to make a move with removing Tom Ricketts in the best interests of baseball.

    Name me another professional sports league that would tolerate a franchise that has been pathetic for over 100 years! I even think Stern (NBA Commish) would oust Donald Sterling of the Clippers if his incompetence and bungling lasted over 50 years, much less 100!

    Come on Selig, have a heart, it’s time to come to the rescue of pissed off Cub fans. We’ve had Frank McCourt owners for the past 100 years. How bout giving us a break?

  18. MadCityMac Says:

    Guys, I think you’d all enjoy some of the articles I’ve read on Grantland. Some of it may come off as a bit pretentious, but all well written. I’m not even sure where I heard about it, but checked it out and liked what I saw. Then I saw the column ripping Moe Hendry. Good stuff.

  19. Nemo Says:

    An above .500 season is what even the worst baseball teams aspire to. You can’t win it all every year, but you at least want the season to be fun and interesting for as long as possible. Here’s how often a few key teams have finished above .500 in the last 40 years:

    Yankees 35/40
    Cardinals 26/40
    White Sox 18/40
    CUBS 11/40

    Now, being above .500 doesn’t necessarily make you a contender-especially in the old 2 division and no division formats-but winning more often than not at least gives you some hope and entertainment. Many times you are in the race until August or September. As you can see with the Cubs they give you a winning team just over 25% of the time-most seasons are over by Independence Day,if not Memorial Day. Considering we have to hear about the Cardinals and the Sox all the time makes us ever mindful of how hapless the Cubs are. Whatta fucking pathetic joke!!

    NB-I am including this season in the totals. The Cards could still finish with a losing record and the Sox with a winning record.

  20. chucky Says:

    I wonder if Brenly is going to hear from Bud Selig about ripping Bob Davidson last night. I thought Davidson had it coming. He was a little quick to pull the trigger on Colvin and Quade. Sensitive little bitch.

  21. chucky Says:

    Jesus, is Quade even paying attention? Lopez is fucking getting killed.

    I swear if this shit doesn’t change next year, I will be done. Hendry, Quade, and Clown Kenney all must go. Why they’re still here is beyond me.

  22. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Well chucky, you can almost guarantee that everyone will stay now that they’ve hit August and will play lights out rest of the way.

  23. chucky Says:

    Yeah Pie, I thought the same thing. I’d kick Ricketts right in the nuts if I thought he had some.

  24. Jimmy D. Says:

    Shit! If we could’ve just won today…I really think we could have made a run at the postseason. But, now….I just don’t like our chances.

  25. genrebuster Says:

    I don’t like our chances either. SOS!


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